Friday, August 17, 2018

Holy Hallelujah it's Friday!

Let's hear one "hail" of a holy hallelujah....come on let me hear ya! It's Friday.

Yesterday morning was sortof quiet in the office and I was able to do a few things.  My stack is getting a bit lower. I was not particularly feeling good yesterday.  Was having some pretty concerning tummy issues and at one point also felt light headed.  I almost called everything quits and headed home for bed.  Knowing people were counting on me, and I needed to drive out to Dickson, TN,  I just went to the girls room, prayed for energy and strength and to feel better.  God provided.  I went - we only had one interview but we had time to talk and I also explained the "process" and "paperwork" to the person recruiting and helping us, who was very nice.  I enjoyed meeting her very much.  I was needed for some other issues in lieu of interviews and also set up drug testing in Dickson, on the phone on the way home.  Quite the day. And quite the long drive back home.  And quite the gas sucking event in my SUV with today's gas prices.  I'll be turning in an expense notice.  I don't usually do that for company errands but I'll be doing it from now on with the gas prices the way it is.  I do not want to pay that extra expense every month, especially with no increase in pay in almost 3 years (Jan 2016) and everything going up around us and has been for a while.

Once back home I did a few mind and body sessions - still trying to catch up as the last two weeks have just been non stop.  George had an emergency at his plant and was late coming home.  We thought he was going to miss his own birthday dinner.  It seems everything is always an emergency every where.

We went to eat with my SIL and BIL and had a great time at Catch22.

Hoping Friday is good.  To be honest, if things were not so crazy I'd take that 2nd bereavement day I'm due to recover from last week and have a grieve day over the loss of Granny.  A day just to say good bye to her in my head.  I would really like to do a special blog entry on her.   If today were not Friday, I'd be making it such. I'll get through the day but I'm looking forward to unpacking suitcase from two weekends ago and blessing my house and doing some things I want to do and catching up around here and having a rest day.

I really feel like I have been tied to a tree the last two weeks.  lol  The coffee is good this morning and flowing fine.  I'm going back for a 2nd cup.  I need to go chop onions too.  We are having a taco bar!  I may cook some in a skillet too and have some raw.  We'll see how much time I have.  I got up a little bit earlier to deal with it all.

It was raining cats and dogs this morning.  I fed Maisy and Tugie first before taking them out.  I knew it would keep them busy and occupied til the rain slowed a bit.  I could see it was going to be in waves.  So it was still raining when I took them out but not as much.  They went without me going out too.  I stood on the porch holding the leashes.  I was proud of them for going in the rain.  Often you have to go with them and drag them out there.

Maisy is scared of thunder though.  She has been by my side and during my shower hid behind the toilet as much as she would fit.  Bless her.

Well, need to go get more coffee and chop onions and get ready for the day.  Several issues to solve, wrap up and coordinate.  And then tonight we have some fun plans.  More on that later.
But thank goodness nothing tomorrow!

If I have misspellings I'm sorry.  I'll be typing along and all of the sudden I'll be typing elsewhere in this post amidst some other sentence instead of down here where it needs to be.  Somehow it jumps around.  Drives me crazy.  Not sure how long I can put up with this set up.  I don't know what it is doing. Ya'll have a good day.


  1. Hallelujah! Yes, finally it is Friday! I know this has been an incredibly long week for you. It's no wonder you are looking forward to Saturday. I do hope it is good day for you and what ever is coming your way this evening. Tomorrow you get to have your ME time. YAY!

  2. I would love to see a post on Granny Jan. I think it would help you in your grieving process. You did a great job on her visitation post. I liked her glamour shot. She was very pretty and just looked like a sweetheart. I'm sure you miss her.
    Take care, Monica

  3. You sure sound busy and glad to know your tummy issue resolved enough to get you going. My typing will jump around like that too. I use a laptop or iPad so I think its where my hands will rest at times that jerk it around. Taco bar sounds awesome!

  4. Well I am already into Sunday ! Sorry I missed your yesterday LOL...I had quite a busy day for me....nothing like your busy days....
    Must go it's 8.30 and Mary has arrived so it's breakfast time. NGod bless. Xxx


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