Friday, August 3, 2018

Meals Out, Seeing Granny Jan, and Fun Time with BIL and SIL

The Goat, Mount Juliet, TN

Busy day yesterday.  But some outings really made the day special and brightened the week.  Was taken to lunch to Darfon's by our broker.  She is transferring to another department and was introducing the new person to me.  We had a nice lunch and good conversation.  Then back to the office and then I met a potential "vendor" for some human capital resources and had to do a tour of our plant.  George left a message around Noon asking if we could go out for the evening with my BIL and SIL after a visit with Granny. I didn't even get to answer until back at my desk at 4.  Just a busy day.  But a delightful one as it was different. 

We went to see Granny Jan (George's Mom) and much to my surprise she was very alert. Not talking but using her eyebrows to acknowledge.  So sweet.  Touched by her looking at George and Susan and Aunt Gwen and myself as she lay in bed taking it all in.  We are unsure of how much she understands or is able to think.  But she must know she is loved.  Before we left, I asked if we could pray.  And we held hands and gathered around her and prayed.  

Then we left.  I waved bye to her and she actually raised her hand and waved bye.  It's always hard to leave her.  I was hoping she would allow herself to go while we were there - her family.  But she keeps holding on.  Yesterday was Day 13, no food, no water, no intravenous fluids.  Amazing woman.  Strong even in her death.  No call so far this morning - and we begin day 14 under Hospice Care.  

So the pic above is at the Goat. As is the one below.  We played shuffleboard after dinner.  It was nice to visit and we had good conversation.  

Then home and to bed.  

And here we are on a Friday morning.  TGIF.  Not really sure of how to proceed with my weekend.  But I suppose I will proceed with all of my plans until I know otherwise.  We have a team dinner tomorrow night which is the first thing and then the Global Celebration starts Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  My hotel room is booked for Sun night and Monday night.   So who knows.  

I am ready to have one less thing on my mind.  And totally ok with getting some rest this weekend.  I've had to put the nutrition business on hold this week b/c of everything going on.  Not enough time to focus on anything but getting to and from work, getting ourselves fed, seeing Granny, taking care of doggies, talking to family, and then trying not to think about it too much.  So I am looking forward to getting back into a routine when all of this is over.  

For us all being "planners" this has been interesting.  I guess I'm kindof the same way about George's job.  You just want to know so you can plan.  

One thing I want to do is take a fall trip to a log cabin somewhere.  Not sure if it will happen this year, but perhaps.  I'm hesitant to take 3 dogs though.  So perhaps not. I'm not even sure that would be allowed.  lol 

Well, I am hoping for a quiet day today after such a busy work week.  I have a lot of things that need some serious desk time and with me being gone next week for who knows how long.  It would be nice - but it will be what it will be and that is that. 

I'm going to go ahead and get off of here and go get more coffee.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  

I can say this.  I'm looking forward to retirement.  lol  I could really use the day off today, and next week and the one after that.  But we've not made our million yet, nor won the lottery so off to work we go.  


  1. It's wonderful that you have family around at this difficult time to help you both to get through it all. You really do need to go through with your plans unless you cannot. Take it one day at a time. Life goes on and no matter what's happening it's up to each of us to keep on doing as long as we can, the best we can with what we have. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !

  2. Sorry I didn't get a coment in yesterday, however I was out all day. We left at 6.45am tone rive to Blenheim Palace near Oxford. Peter was driving so he soon got up onto the M4 the main Mway between London and the fact it goes all the way over the river Into Wales and on for another 100miles or so....Oxford is East of us about 100 miles maybe a few more. We were going to a show called Country File live. Country file is a TV prog. That has been running thirty years every week. It's mainly about farming but includes everything about the countryside. They have this yearly get together of everyone who has been on the programme plus hundreds more. People who might produce best milk to cheese, to pies, there are also animals, not many but a few cows, horses etc etc...we got there about 9am and left around 4.30 home by 6.30 three very tired but happy people. We had been in the sun all day thankfully Mary had a hat but Peter and I forgot we both have rather red foreheads ! Or in Scotland we call that part of our face as our. ... as how 's....!!!....anyway I was just to tired to think. I'm so sad that Granny is still with us, it's so hard for you all...she sure has a strong constitution....I pray that you manage to get through the weekend but we just have to leave everything in Gods hands, knowing he is in charge, Night night dear Sonya, hope you get a good nights sleep...God. Bless

  3. Our prayers your You,, George and the family.

    I enjoy my retirement my way. I work seasonal, and enjoy my clients. I see many of them when we are out and about in our little area and on the island. I am on Facebook with a lot of them. I will probably call it quits when Ken decides to retire.

  4. retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be without unlimited income. saying prayers for george's mother.


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