Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Our Goat Day! Harmony Lane Farms!

Well, I decided in my head that today was "Goat Day" as I began to set up the blog entry for the day.  It's my Goat Day b/c I'm sharing with you all my goat experience on Sunday.  When George sets up an adventure for the day......he does.  And you know you are in for a fun day.  What a gem of a place at Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery in Smithville, TN.  

Honestly I was intrigued but I don't like goat cheese, or so I thought.  So I figured a quick visit to let everyone look at and buy cheese if they wanted and then back in the car for the next thing on the tour.  Oh no!  This was a "let's stop and visit a while" place.  The lady that owned the farm was so excited to show people and share.  So we bought quite a few things.  She let us do tastings of an unusual amount of things so how could you not in support of their farm?  There was two kinds of cheeses for us, some country sausage, and some ground beef, and butter.  

Lisa has always loved goats.  (Friends Don and Lisa were with us.)  And the goats just thrilled her to death.  And me too.  We were so excited and probably b/c we bought a few things, they let us in to pet and visit the goats for free.

There were chickens too.

When I was little, goats scared me b/c they chased me around the pen and tried to eat my shorts.  I was about 4 and so I never liked goats since then.  But now that I am quite a bit bigger - I see that I can control them better and not be afraid (as much, lol).  They did try to eat my purse handle but I caught them! 

They each have names on their collars.  That was cute.  

You can see here I'm just not quite sure of her and she not quite sure of me.  This one was running around in our seating area.  Was cute and harmless and very much like a dog and loved to get petted.

So we warmed up to each other and she discovered that I had a purse and probably smelled my Isagenix snack bar inside, lol. 

Lisa gets her fix.  

George meets them too.

Lisa gets some sugar!  I love this pic of Lisa and the goat.  

George meets a new friend.

The cheese we bought which I discovered that I love.  I'm eating it sparingly.  I'm sure it is over the moon in calories.

So one is spicy and one is sweet.  I like to have one of each!

You can check out their website here.  We enjoyed our Sunday excursions, but I'm not thru sharing yet.  More tomorrow on our next stop!

So, last night George and I and friend Diane went to the movies to see Mama Mia.  It was great.  I liked it better than the first one I think.

There is a movie coming out about Queen - looking forward to that.

Anyway, I'm going to get off of here and get ready to go in.  I'm glad it is Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have to be in Dickson, TN so if I do not get to post - you will know why.  I have
 to get up ridiculously early so I can get across town before the traffic gets bad.  It is several counties away and I have to get across to the other side of Nashville to get there.

I'm trying to be happy with life right now but honestly getting pretty frustrated with the lack of time to do things I want to do.  I love our life and we have fun.  But we have been on the go non stop and I'm ready for things to slow down.  We have something every night.

Tonight I'm going to an RV open house right after work before they close it down.  And then on to the grocery store to get a few things.  We have Saturday and I told George not to book anything.  I need some sanity.  Sonya needs some free time.  ;-)  It's been nuts lately in nearly every corner of my life.  And very soon it will also be time to decorate for fall!  WOW.  I will also need to do a new bucket list.

Well, better go.  The clock demands.  Retirement will one day be sweet and if I can get enough time to myself to do a few things, it'll be earlier rather than later. ;-)


  1. What a nice place to visit. Those goats are adorable. I don't think I've ever had goat cheese, but since you have, I may be tempted to try it. Your life has been unusually busy, but things will get back to normal and slow down. Keep the faith ! This too will pass. Nothing ever stays the same. Change is a constant. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. Love the goat pics! They are so cute. I use to get a goat cheese that had a caramel flavor. I haven't been able to find it the past few years.
    You will love retirement. :)

  3. What a great day out, full of new experiences. Glad you liked the cheeses. I'm not sure if I have tried it, must look next time I'm in a cheese shop. Thanks for sharing your days with us, the good and the bad. Keep smiling love if possible!! Now get night. God Bless. Xxx

  4. i love goats. goat cheese. goat soap. looks like a fun time was had by all.


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