Monday, August 27, 2018

Quite the Sunday


We went to Church yesterday.  Here it is!  

Afterwards I went to Lisa and Lou's.  I love their house.  And their finished garage where they are able to have an extra room with a big tv and a place to share the nutrition.

It makes a beautiful display doesn't it?  I'm collecting all my "empties" as well.  I'm not sure where I'll be setting up my display.  I guess on the dining room table.  And will have to break it down and set it up each time.  I do need to get an Isagenix banner eventually. 

This is the biggest pack we have.  I'm so blessed to have been introduced to this because it has helped me in so many ways.  Weight loss, no more inflammation, no more pain, no more mental brain fog.  And it's making me reach for what I want in life.  I no longer have to stay stuck in a box.  

This is 5 lbs of fat.  I love Lisa's five lbs of fat.  I need to get me a big thing of fat for my tool box!  I held it like a baby to show the size.  

So life is busy and I'm not going to worry about finding another woman's earring in my laundry yesterday. But I will say that it IS still on my mind.  I had a dream about it.   I hope that it was swept up somehow with the clothing from the used clothes I bought as mentioned yesterday. As the day wore on I was kinda thinking I'd seen the earring on someone at the funeral. I kept having flashbacks of it.  I think I complimented them. I  remember thinking how I liked the silver against the wood.  And I remember who they were on now.  I don't want to say.  But then the mind (devil) is probably playing tricks on me.  Perhaps it was or wasn't, but it is all coming back a bit clearer each time.  But how it would get in my dryer?  Just an odd occurrence for sure and probably not the same earring. But yet silver and wood together is not very common I suppose that two people could have the same one.   I do like them though. And for fun (and annoyances sake) I may just find some like them and begin wearing them myself.   I don't want to blame anyone certainly if it is just a fluke.  But it is certainly an interesting fluke and if there are any more odd occurrences I guess I'll be asking more questions--- or just saying "bless her heart".  lol  Right now I'll keep the peace and hope for the best.  I'm a believer of not making anyone love you. And as I said God takes care of me.  So hopefully all is good.  I've prayed away "problems" before. lol  There was a time that this would eat me alive - and while it is bothersome, at least now I'm strong enough to know that if there WAS something to it, God is looking out for me and will see to it that I'm taking care of and that I will be happy.  But one can only pray and hope it's an innocent thing.  George just said "it's not mine".  Well of course not, but whose is it? Someone you know? I failed to ask the correct question.  Matter of fact I didn't ask any question really - I just showed it to him.  "It's not his" he said. So no lies there.  lol  But whose is it?  Why is it in my dryer? 

Had a great time at Lisa and Lou's.  We did our training.  No one showed up for the Sip and Savor event.  I had invited 40 people that I hardly ever see any more.  And who likes to think about nutrition on the weekend.  lol  I'll be having one at my house though on Sept 9th and I know more people around here.  I will invite and we'll see what happens.  So we ended up doing the session as if someone had arrived.  

This is looking from Lisa's back porch to their pool. 

Love their grape vines.

Love looking at the farm land.

I forgot my bathing suit but needed to get home anyway.

I got in bed at 8 so I could read until 9.  I never do this.  

So what happened.  George came to bed early to sleep - so then I was either gonna have to get up and go read somewhere else or just go to sleep.  So I just went to sleep. I never get to read in bed. And the night I try.  Go figure.

Before George came to bed, I did have another guest. 

And I never got around to buying curtains for this bedroom.  We are rarely in it except for when we are sleepy so I never notice it until I see pics later.  

Maisy is a mess! 

And I'm off to get this week going.  I noticed it was a full moon.  Or was yesterday.  At least it is over.  

A lot going on this week for ME.  

More on that later.  


  1. Try to keep a positive attitude and think about the good things and start this week off on the right note. Each day is a fresh start and Monday's even more so. At least you had an early night and the rest should help you get off to a good beginning to this new week. Happy Monday!

  2. Any chance someone hugged you at funeral and earring came off on your clothes?

  3. You have a large space in your downstairs den. Why not make it your area for the product. You can set things up and leave them

    1. Maybe one day but the downstairs is cold in the winter. And way too much of a project to clear the area out. Too much storage for now. I live with a pack rat. Maybe one day.

  4. a shame nobody showed up. maybe they just forgot. hopefully more will show up at your event in september. don't make too much out of the earring. just a coincidence.

  5. Glad your Sunday started with church, a good way to start a new week....I hope that you can throw the earring thing out of your mind. I don't understand why you immediately think George is up to something, you have been together, for what is it 24 years or ther about I'm quite sure he would have wandered off long before this if he had the inclination.....I also thought the same as Jean, it's a much more sensible thought. There is one lady who I hug every week as she is coming into church ( I am the greeter at the door of the church) and we often clash our heads together and one day her earring came out, thankfully she felt it......anyway. Have a good week ahead don't let the old devil man play games with you xxx


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