Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday Morning Blab Time over Coffee

Saturday Morning coffee is the best.  Love that feeling of waking up in the morning and realizing "It's Saturday"!

I have a shower to go today and then to the store for the makings of slaw for tomorrow.  I'll be gone all day tomorrow.  Church, Sip and Savor, and then a cookout with Lisa and Lou tomorrow after the Sip and Savor.  George is not going.  He says he will be doing yard work.  I really think he just doesn't want to go.  He's afraid he will be bored at the Isaevent before hand.  lol

So yesterday was Friday.  It was more of a relaxed day but I had a lot of critical things to attend to and just still pretty behind on some things.  I have realized a few things and have stepped back to assess a few things.  It's been quite a liberating process in my mind to sort things out.  Not quite as confusing as before.  Maybe it was the brain boost.  Sorry code talk there.

Went for a walk at work before I heated up my lunch.  I spilled half of my already small lean cuisine lunch on the counter when it came out of the microwave as the plastic tray did not hold and it buckled backward on to the counter.  At least it missed the floor.  I had followed the instructions.  It's been a messy food week with the shake explosion the day before and then this.  At 2 in the afternoon my assistant went to McDonalds and got us both a double cheeseburger.  lol  I have been due a good cheeseburger.  So I'll endure the bloat now for having eaten it in my hunger. Then when the burger arrived someone was in my office and I thought I'd eat my left arm salivating til they would leave and I could get to my burger.  lol  Cleanse day is coming.  I'll hit the reset button.  But I have indeed eaten too well this week.  Back on course I hope for the weekend.

So George has been off the last two days b/c of the mine's computer systems have been down in the office - a world wide virus has hit their computers. So he cannot work as none of them can be on the computers.  However, it gave him a chance to do a lot of things he has not been able to do.

Once home, Lisa and I did a 3 way call with Mom and she bought some essential oils.  My first customer.  So it was a learning experience.  It was pretty easy though - just filling out a website like you do anything else when you order on line. There were a few bumps. But with Lisa there I had confidence and it kept everyone in check so we moved right along.  Thankful for Mom being my guinea pig on the first one. And now I know what to do.  There is an ordering system on your phone as well.  I'd like to learn how to do that. It's a little different.   So you can enroll people what they want, on the go.  It feels good to have my first customer under my belt so I can at least be independent of Lisa if need be.  I think she'll still help me if I need it of course and will help me with my first pack system enrollee.  I want to find someone that wants to lose weight and be on the system as a way of life.  I can't wait to have someone join me in this effort.  It seems like a big commitment but it is so much more and such a blessing in my life.  All the people you meet, all the growth, and so forth.  Just amazing. 

George fixed a wonderful dinner last night - steak and squash casserole and rice.

We watched Micheal Palin's last video of his 80 days around the world.

Then I tried to read a few pages but my mind kept drifting off and my eyes kept closing so I finally gave up.  It's hard to read in bed.  My body was telling me the day was over.  I still did my sit ups and leg lifts though!  I do this right in the bed.

So today I'll be diving into laundry, packing up Monday's cleanse box, changing some things on my autoship for next month.  I am going to eliminate the strawberry and pick another flavor.

I am going to clean up a bit, work on the Target order and get that placed.

I have a lot of things that I want to do for Nutrition Expedition - which is what I've called my group as I build it.  Laughing as nothing is expedited at this point.  So what is next with the business?

____Finishing the last of the Mind and Body Program in the next 10 days

____Sip and Savors - with Lisa - in Portland and then here.

____The Fall Sip and Shop with other vendors in Oct

____Continuing Education and Training:  Isagenix Business Training Center

____My marketing plan for customers

____My business building marketing plan

____Index card Cheat Sheets on a little ring

____Buy a White Poster Board for Photos/Marketing Shots

____Getting my schedule set for what my daily IPA's are (I lovingly nicknamed my income producing activities as IPA's!)

____Print out receipts for the taxes.

____Set up Transformation Tuesdays

____My own transformation Shots

That is enough for now.  lol 

We have a group session Monday night on line and another one Tuesday night.  It's ok if I can't do it but I'm going to try.  You can do this at your own pace.  It's been a busy year and for me it's been try here and try there.  Mostly a watch and learn process for me.  But it's been hard to spend much time on it.  I have come a long way though with what time I've had.  My vision is real.  I've been through the 90 day plan and done the Mind and Body.  I've been soaking up info like a sponge and went to an event.  And now have enrolled my first customer.  It's very exciting.  I will go to the event in Phoenix as well in January.

I've plateaued on my weight loss though as one does but continue to lose the deep fat and my muscles are stronger now.  I feel fabulous.  I feel wonderful.  No pain anymore.  No lethargy.  Lots  of energy.  But I am setting some more weight loss goals and will push forward for that.  I want to include Yoga into my week and some more exercise and weights with my arms - nothing big but I do need some muscle back.  In light of these things I will have to figure out what goes out of my life.  It's already packed full.  Reading has been pushed out quite a bit and I've been stubborn to keep blogging - even on the bad days which is perhaps when I need to blog the most.  When I'm not happy - every one knows it.  lol And I will not stop til things are like I want it.  I am thankful for the drive I have but it's relentless sometimes.  But this is something I want to push for, that I believe in and want to go with.  However long it takes and then at the end - there is the RV life and working from the road if necessary and all that goes with that before I get too old to do anything and go places and see and do.

Loving this.  Love the products.  Love the company.  Love the business.  Takes 2 to 3 years to build to a certain level of income.   I am methodical, careful, and overcautious and busy- so it will take me 3 to 5, lol. Maybe not but we'll see.  Time is an issue and it's really been hard and has really damaged my mood that I have been unable to do everything I want to do in a week.  It's really frustrating.  That has ALWAYS been a frustrating factor for me - that I've always had a list of things longer than the time to do them.  And then I become unhappy as I've not been able to do what was on my mind to do by the time I wanted it done. 

Any way off to it!  Wasting time talking about time.  lol. Gotta go work on the house and get started on the weekend. Or it will roll on by and I'll be once again frustrated.


  1. Sounds like a great plan for a wonderful weekend. Busy but filled with good things too. Happy Saturday !

  2. I am truly amazed at how you have coped these last few weeks, if we look back to a few months ago there is no way you would have been able to cope with all that's has been going as the only thing that has changed is your new lifestyle/eating etc you truly are a wonderful advert for the Isogen way of life....if you ever need a reference I can provide it for you !!!......oh to be able to enjoy it with you, but I must just be grateful that my God has answered my prayer that you could become calmer and had better health......just please love don't go doing too much. Remember to keep a look out for George he will still be grieving his mothers death and men find it more difficult to speak about these feelings sometimes......night night love...also don't forget your lovely wee dogs they need to see you a lot more I'm sure ..night night bGod Bless bxxx

  3. enjoy the Sip and Savor and then the cookout tomorrow. a shame george isn't going. sounds like you have your goals all laid out and things will fall into place.


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