Friday, August 31, 2018

Taking a Catch Up Day!

A little bit of Thanksgiving.  We had bought a smoked turkey and had it in the freezer since the holidays.  We always like to have one summer meal of a turkey.  And so George fixed it and we ate on it for two days.  There is still some left.  I hear that Turkey pot pie may be our next dinner!  

Well yesterday I had decided that if the day went well and I got a lot done that I would try to take off Friday.  I knew mid-morning though that my mind was set and determined.  I knew in my heart that I needed the day.  And I would be doing it and would be willing to fight for it if I had to.  But no one was putting up a fight so it is a good thing. lol  It is GOOD for all of us at this point that I get a day off.  Most of the days off I've had this year were not really my own to be at home and get things done.  So I am so happy to have today!  I have a lot I want to do.  

Tuesday after the holiday will be a nightmare though.  But I'm not thinking about that until Tuesday. 

I had my hydrate going yesterday.  It's good stuff.  Love the orange but I'm ordering grape next.  I will add to my auto ship I think.  That and the chocolate decadence meal bars that taste like a brownie. 

On the way home thundershowers were all around.  They seemed to miss me though.  Rainbow ahead. 

So I went home and took the dogs out as George and his sister met with our financial adviser on how to handle some things with Granny's accounts.  So I fed the dogs and then settled in with a big bowl of home popped pop corn with coconut oil and watched all my You Tube shows that I have been behind on.  Keep Your Day Dream, Gone with the Wynns, Have Wind Will Travel, and MJ Sailing.  
It very nice to even have an hour and a half of no one calling tabs on my time. Sometimes it is nice to have an hour of your own with the TV and I enjoyed mine.  

George came home and we had leftovers of Thanksgiving dinner again!  

We also watched the Rest of RV with Robin Williams.  

Then it was time for bed.  Pretty much I was up at normal time. I slept in maybe 45 minutes as my alarm did not go off.  But I was awake so I got up and fixed coffee for us.  

I began the laundry and rebooted the dishwasher and then began setting in to "fall up" my blog.  I struggled.  I have changed the format a bit and it calls for a large photo.  Most of my photos are taken with the iphone and while they are pretty good quality, sometimes they are still grainy if you blow them up too big.  So I've had to use multiple photos along with my Paint Shop Pro to be able to update it.  I can search of on line photos that are released for reuse (google allows for that).  But it's just more ME if I can use my own.  I tried various things this morning but finally got it down to something I'm happy with (as of this date) - a little piece of home!  

Well, I'm ready to be off this laptop.  I am going to work on the house and laundry and work on my fall decor.  Not sure how far I'll get today in decorating.  May focus more on cleaning today.  But I'll let you know tomorrow.  

I just know that I have to have a catch up day and I've needed one for a while. 
Hope you all are having a great day!  


  1. Wow! You took the day off. Good for you.
    I like the new look of your blog. Very homey:)
    Enjoy your long weekend, & take care, Monica

  2. So glad you took the day off. You needed a day to yourself and will be better for it. That turkey dinner looks very good. Makes me want one for my self but all I have is a turkey pot pie in the freezer so that will have to do. Enjoy your free day !

  3. hope you enjoyed your catch up day. the turkey dinner sounded yummy.

  4. like Ma I am pleased you got a good day mostly by yourself...I like the new...fall are so clever to be able to do things like that...
    It's great to have time just to yourself....take care xx


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