Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Transition From Celebration to Bereavement

Started out the day yesterday with a devotion from James and a k-cup coffee in the hotel room.  
Had to be at Lisa and Lou's room at 6:30.  I have had early mornings and late nights.  But the sleep has been awesome, what little there was. 

On the way out yesterday, I enjoyed the architecture on the walk to the Bridgestone Arena for our last session of the day. 

The session was really great.  A lot of good material, good speakers and excitement at Global Celebration.    

The event was over at 12:40 ish and we headed back to hotel.  I had put my bags in Lisa and Lou's room since I had to check out.  So we went back to the hotel and then I called an Uber to take me home to Mount Juliet.  About thirty something dollars but my family did not have to come get me.  

So I showered (it was sticky walking around downtown) and got ready for visitation.  We left around 3:30 to get to funeral home to set up pics for the visitation.

Here's a few pics of George's Mom (far right) and her three sisters.

I love this little nook in the funeral home.  I wish I had that in my house.  ;-) 

George's Mom.

The "sisters" went and got their glamour shots...

                                                          Loving the pointed toes.

More recently - perhaps about 4 years ago?  

Katy and her Sister in Law, Brianna who we all call "Breezy"

Cody (far right) and his two brothers.  I love this picture.  

The funeral home has such a nice facility.  Here is the family area. 

Whoever brought the chick filet nuggets needs a big thank you.  And someone brought basil chicken salad.  Those nuggets - I'll have to remember that.  It's perfect to nibble with those here and there at a funeral home.  Once I popped down there for a quick nibble and back up the stairs again.  lol

And there is a big beautiful magnolia out front.  I took a pic of a bloom as we were leaving and this is now on my lock screen on my phone!

Afterwards we went to my SIL Susan's (and Kevin's) for a lasagna dinner and salad.  Someone had brought it to her house.  So we had a nice time with family together.  Another late night but we came home and went to bed.  Again sleep was good.  

Pretty flowers in my SIL's kitchen.

So we are going to head out around 8:30 or 9 I think.  Visitation and funeral is today.

It was good to see so many last night from our old church.

Back to work tomorrow even though George wanted me to take off.  But I'm not comfortable being able to use my normal allotment of bereavement of two days.  I am fighting with myself trying
 to let go over a few things and how I felt when trying to take off for just two days of vacation and possible family time knowing this funeral was coming soon.  A lesson on priorities was immediately given when vacation and bereavement time mentioned, and of course I felt like I was supposed to feel guilty for taking off. I couldn't help but feel manipulated whether intentional or not. So I have been afraid to take my allotment of time due out of fear things would be harder if I did.

 We were a bit floored and overwhelmed by the pressures this past week.   And yes, I sat in the arena yesterday working - going through resumes of my flippin' vacation day when I was supposed to have been enjoying my day b/c I have to be interviewing out of town tomorrow and the only way I could do that was if my assistant set interviews and the only way she could that was if I went through emails and sent them to her.  I'm about as put out as an old wet hen on a hot summer day at this point.

My family, however, has been wonderful. They were insistent on my continuing with Global Celebration.  They knew how important this was to me. And George wanted his day by himself.  I also knew that people would be judging me for not being home with George the early part of the week during this seminar but we spent the evenings together and I was still with family at times during it.  But this was a decision that we made together.  So it's really no one's business if they did judge.  But  you know they do judge.  So let them waste brain cells on doing so.

I will say that I am about over the stresses of this week that have unnecessarily been put upon us during a week in which we needed less stress.  And THAT will take some time to get over and quite frankly I'm not sure I ever will.

And I will leave on that note.  In the mean time.  My house is a wreck.  But my family stands firm and we will ROCK whatever we decide to do from here.  But I do not take this week lightly - NOT AT ALL.


  1. Hope the coming day is one of remembrance and love. Praying always

  2. I hope that as the days pass your stress levels will slowly get back to normal.....remember you MUST give yourself's just sad that everything should land in this one week.. it is clear that our loving God has been with you and will remain with you just hang on

  3. Ii am glad that this day is over. I do like the photos of granny, she was a beautiful lady and deserved a lovely send off. Funerals are so completely different over with you, they sound and look lovely. I hope your day of interviewing has gone to plan....just one more day then you will have the weekend to enjoy, when do Kate and Cody have to go back ?...night night. Xx

  4. prayers for your family during this difficult time.


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