Thursday, August 9, 2018

Turning Bitterness into Sweetness....Somehow!!!

No rest for the weary here and you know what?  I'm pretty sure no one cares but me. lol

So up at 3:30 before the rest of the household to get my shower, and get it out of the way.  I ended up having a bit of blog time.  I will need to be on the road by 6.  If two hours and 15 minutes (double time) doesn't get me to Dickson, TN by 8 then I will be late.  I don't want to be late, but if it takes over 2 hours to get there from here, then I just will be.  I'm giving myself twice the time. 

I am not happy about working today.  George wanted me to take my 2nd day of bereavement like everyone else on the earth does.  I probably should have listened but don't want to have to deal with what I would have to deal with to be able to do that so I'm giving in and going in and interviewing in Dickson.  I don't have the interview list nor the resumes, but hoping I have them before I get there.  I absolutely REFUSED to work on funeral day.  I drew the line there. All I did was send one text to my asst to please send the schedule and the resumes so I'd know what I was doing.  And I looked on line to see where I was going.  

I really if anything need to be back at the office as I have a lot of stuff going on there.  But I'm just a robot taking one day at a time.  I was looking forward to the weekend where I could get some time off to at least do laundry and unpack and get some rest.  However, we have plans through like Tuesday I think.  It's ok.  I am thankful that rest and sleep have been good so that I could meet everyone's obligations - and my time is coming later.  And OH is it. I'm trying not to be bitter about working today - but today had to happen today - heaven forbid - it can't be next week  - it had to be today.  So I'm doing a devo for God to take my bitterness and turn it in to something sweet.  I realize I'm tired.  We have had a stressful week but yet in some ways a fun week.  At some point whenever that is we'll get to decompress and take it all in.  

And yes. The coffee is good. And flowing nicely.

So yesterday we got ready - and in my effort to try to be the Proverbs woman, I made boiled eggs for everyone - but Katy and I had shakes (lol).  So not all the boiled eggs were eaten. I put them in a lunch snack pack with an ice block and then we started out with a beautiful sunny day and a drive over.  We could see the storm clouds coming waaaaay off.  We enjoyed seeing everyone at the visitation and then it became time for the funeral.  As we went to view the body, before the funeral, I told George if he felt like he needed to cry just remember I had boiled eggs in my purse.  He laughed out loud.  lol.  

It was a wonderful funeral and a wonderful tribute to who she was.  It was not your ordinary funeral.  It was with a lot of laughs.  Just like Granda's was.  

I am so pleased that it went well.  Afterwards we had a nice brunch at the Gallatin Church of Christ where we used to go to church a long time ago.  

And we came home and had 3 hours in the afternoon to be home.  George and Katy and Cody went to get ice cream - I did laundry while I could, and took one of the larger arrangements and made them into individual arrangements so we could place them about the house.  I made one vase of flowers for the next place we went - to Cody's grandmother's.  They invited us over for dinner.  How I loved that.  It was like Nanny's.  Fried chicken, squash casserole, apple dumplings (OMGoshGood), lima beans, potatoes, slaw, tomatoes, pork chops, corn and cherry cheesecake and sweet tea.  Wow! 

Then home again and off to bed.  George and the rest stayed up to learn how to play LCR game.  I could not!  I'll have to be forgiven later.  I was tired. 

So gotta go and get ready to leave.   I'm going to try to enjoy this day.  It is another day the Lord made and there is no reason to be bitter.  It's my choice.  I've chosen to please another instead of myself for not taking the day.  It was truly my call.  I chose not to cancel the plans.  I knew when making the plans that it was not going to be good timing for me - but I would be the one inconvenienced.  I knew it going in.  And I think that is why I was so upset going in b/c I knew I didn't have the backbone to stand up and say no.  I usually do.  But I was trying to please everyone.  So I know I am easily manipulated sometimes into doing others "things".  I can manipulate too so I get that. 

Anyway, I'm going to go do this day b/c I chose to do it.  I will honor my commitment and then come home and crash - unpack, and do laundry and try to catch up on life tonight.  

Hope you have a wonderful day!  I'm gone for more coffee!

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  1. Hope your day is a sweet one. Our choices have to be honored. Everything we do is a part of who we are and I'd say you are definitely committed. Glad the funeral was a good one. Celebrating the life of loved one is a great way to show our love. Truly God does make everything beautiful in His time.


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