Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Fall Walk, Buying Smaller Sizes, and The Business

We went for our walk yesterday and I did not get any pictures.  I did a LIVE on Facebook but have nothing to show for it in pics.  Guess I was just in the moment.  

We went to run some errands afterwards.  I had suggested Good Will and George suggested Bargain Hunt.  And we did a couple of other errands.  

I found some jean leggings and some brand new with tag (really cute) winter gym pants.  The fat is coming off and more muscle being built.  I keep hovering around the same weight but I'm losing inches I think and muscle weighs more.  They say you can't tell by the weight.  And I have not been good at measuring but of course you have to at the end of the next challenge, so I'll know soon.  

At Bargain Hunt I found new with tags jeans to wear for the winter.  So I'm so happy!  I'm set pretty good now I think.  It's possible I may need some khaki pants that fit better or I can try to shrink mine but I think I've already tried that.  I guess when we Christmas shop I'll try to find those.  I'm good with black pants and with jeans now anyway.   

We came home and the doggies were glad to see us.  They did not get to do the walk with us.  "No pets".  

Of course we had been running around all morning and walked probably close to 3 miles or more with shopping included so my legs were tired.  I opted to sit and watch a couple of YouTube's for an hour or so.  Then back up and at it.  

I bought several baskets and Containers at Good Will and so I changed the way I had my makeup in the bathroom.  I did a little bit of laundry but had kept up with it all week so had minimal to do yesterday.  Changed the sheets, put up my new $20 coat from last week's Bargain Hunt purchase in Hendersonville. And I read a bit and sipped some wine, while dinner was getting ready.  

George is getting good at fixing fish.  He fixed Cobia that he had obtained from Houston's butcher shop.  He also has a seafood freezer.  It was a big fish in our freezer.  

The couscous was amazing.  It had a bit of vinegar and oil in it so it was more like a salad.  He tossed in some fresh herbs and some carrots.  Also had some cheese in there.  The cheese was chunks (not melted) like feta but it was not feta.  It was really good.  The baked beans were not the best compliment to a fish dish but they were really good.  The frozen green beans is what I would have fixed with it.  I think George forgets about our frozen veggies sometimes as they are usually in the kitchen freezer instead of our meat freezer in the laundry room.  But an excellent dinner.

All day yesterday I kept thinking about us being in our RV and touring around.  I want that life so bad for us.  I really don't want to wait.  I want to go now while our health is good.  Right now I'd sell everything, buy an RV - we can do consulting work on the go.  And travel til we get tired of it.  Then settle wherever we wanted.  However, that is not what we'd do.  We'd have to have to sell this house, find a small place somewhere for the storage of simple things we'd want to keep.  And have a home base.  But anyway, I just can't stop thinking about it.  It won't go away.  As I shop I'm already shopping for the RV I don't have.  "Those plates would be great for the RV"  - "That strainer that closes in and lays flat will be great for the RV".  That basket, that container.  Looking in my closet I'm thinking of which clothes would be going and which would not.  I'm so obsessed with this.   I don't know when, but I want it to happen.  I see us and the dogs getting set up in our camp and then heading out for a walk and then coming back and going into town with dogs in tow and scouting out the place.  We could find dog friendly places to eat and visit.  Shop in places where we can exchange holding the dogs while each other pops in.  We'd visit new grocery stores and I imagine that we would take turns doing the shopping according to who was cooking or who had the most things to get.  We'd go back have a "sundowner" lol, and fix dinner.  Then we'd settle down and eat our grilled or stove cooked dinner and we might sit out for a while but we'd probably come in and watch a movie on the RV TV.  And/or read.  George wants to have a good stereo (or way to play music) on there and room for a musical instrument - maybe talking ukelele here, lol.   Anyway, I keep looking at Class C's or the larger vans with more room.  I know that one couple that has a Hymer van ended up joining a gym to take their showers in - and they travel to cities that have a planet fitness, lol.  They do their workouts each morning and take their showers.  They no longer have a dog though.   I want to be able to shower in the van, but that is not a bad thought.  Personally I think it is good to dream through our scenarios because we'll be better prepared when it happens.  We have to think about - how to have enough power to leave the a/c on while we are gone, to have a system where we can check it on our mobile apps (or not) or if we just always only go places where we can take the dogs.  There are lots of things to consider.  But I'd certainly want to have my dogs with me for the trips - we just have to figure out how to handle it properly.  You can leave them in the RV if the temps are ok or if you are able to make sure the a/c can still run.  Anyway, I find myself thinking of these things all the time.
And when I look around the house I think - "we have way too much stuff".   lol

So anyway we ate last night and watched a movie - We started watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with John Cusack.  And I fell asleep at 8:30.  lol  So we didn't finish it.  I've slept really good the last two nights.  George said maybe it was barometric pressure.  I've slept great since I've been on this system, and have been eating nutritious foods and when I don't sleep good it's been when I've eaten something with enriched flour or something that is not good for me. 

Well, I feel bad that I have not done more with the business in the last week or two.  But then when I look back at what I've done over time - I always feel so much better.  I was making myself miserable working all day and then coming home and working every little open minute without time for myself  or to read or to think.  It was making me a grump.  So I know that I can't just do that every night.  I'll get better and more confident as time goes by and I certainly am better when I can plan my week on Sunday for the week ahead.   I'm still working on what the schedule and the routine needs to look like.  I have a lot on the to do list both personal and with the business.    And now we are heading into our "even busier" time of the year with the shopping and all that.  So I'm giving myself a break at beating myself over the head with to do's before I get any down time.  I'm plugging away but have waves of it.  That honestly seems to me to be a good way for me b/c some weeks are busier than others.  This is our busiest time of the year as if the other times of the year are not busy enough!  So I have to be delicate with myself and not beat myself up for not getting more done than I do and for not making more progress.  It's all good though.  I'm so excited about my business and the nutrition.  It's a gold nugget.  I willing to share, and I'm willing to go out and find others like me that want to feel good and meet their dreams too.  But I have to do this at a slow pace b/c there is very little time left in my day.  It's an "on the go" business and I have to work at that.  I'll get better but til I do - I'm not going to beat myself up.  I try to see just how far I've come since March.  I've learned so much, I've turned consultant.  I've met most of my goals.  I always meet my goals and I didn't meet the goals I didn't set.  So perhaps I should be more specific with my goals.  But - we do have a lot on our schedules in the next quarter and a lot of shopping to do.  I will plan and tweek and see what I can get done as I can do it.

Ya'll have a great day.  We are going to church this morning and connect with fellow followers!


  1. It's always great when you can find a bargain. Your picture looks great ! Yum! on the good food too. Dinner at your house is always a treat ! I too am off to church a little later here. Sundays are always great !

  2. you're getting skinny. looking good.


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