Saturday, September 22, 2018

Anniversary Continues with BORNS concert, and Seafood Dinner at Fin and Pearl

Friday was a great day - went by fast.  I had this for lunch and it was really good!  Needed a little more protein.

Just a pic of the Gulch area.  We ate at Fin and Pearl.  I was thinking the prices were reasonable but I must have been looking at the lunch menu.  Everything I wanted had a price tag.  Here was the place below coming around the corner from where we parked.   

Fin and Pearl, 12th Ave, Nashville

Fresh Ceviche, Fin and Pearl, Nashville
 George got the Ceviche Salad and I had the one below.
Crab, avacdo, mango salad with dijon mustard vinaigrette dressing
 Strangely a stray shrimp cocktail made its way to our table with confidence and hurried off.  lol  I said to George "Did you order that?"  He said "no we didn't order one? But we'll let that be our anniversary present."  A manager soon came over.  Not sure if he noticed our confusion or if someone had discovered the shrimp cocktail delivered to our table.  I told the manager that we wanted him to know that someone brought us that but we didn't order it - we like it but just wanted them to know.  George said "how did you all know it was our anniversary?"  He started to take it but said "well it's already been set on your table so you can keep it if you like shrimp cocktail and we typically do a free dessert for anniversary.  So you will get that too."  Swwwweeeeet.

Shrimp Cocktail, with a very special cocktail sauce, Fin and Pearl, Nashville
 I got the scallops dish with potato cakes and Brussels sprouts.
Scallops, potato cakes and brussel sprouts, Fin and Pearl, Nashville
 The waiter, who looked like Cody, our son in law, lol...suggested either the peanut butter cheesecake or the Angel Fish Cake.  We got the Angel Fish.
Angel Fish cake, Fin and Pearl, Nashville, TN
 The bill was brought inside this book.  Is that not cool?  lol

Sign inside the restaurant.  

George photo bombing the pic. 

Twin Shadow opened for the Borns concert we went to. 

They had a good sound.

I took this between sets, so many were getting refreshments.  But there was a packed house inside the Ryman in Nashville. 

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

Interesting that he had qualities of Elton John (even played one of his songs).  He had qualities of Mick Jagger, Elton John, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson.  I looked at his Concert info on one website (perhaps Stubhub) and his tickets were sold out along the West coast.  

I took these below mainly to show the fans.  Those below and all around knew the words to most every song.  George and I were really impressed.  So was Borns.  He said he must be dreaming to play at the Ryman.  And he teasingly told the audience it was a little intimidating singing with such good harmonies out there.  

It was a very colorful, entertaining concert.  Very different from what we normally go to.  I loved it.  I think George enjoyed it to from a musical appreciation side.  I will say that my favorite was the Elton John he did and I hate to say it, but he did a better job than Elton - lol  It sounded sooooooooo good.  If Elton has not been to his concert - he should go.  He would love him.  I bet he has! 

Anyway, fun evening and we slept until six something.  

Better get on with my day.  I don't have a lot of time this weekend.  Much going on.  We have a couples wedding shower tonight, church in the morning and we are taking food.  We will come home, take the dogs out, change, and then head to Columbia to eat with Mom and my Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken.  And then back home.  Then work on Monday.  Again..  It all goes by fast. 

I obtained another customer yesterday too.  A coworker was interested so I enrolled her at lunch time.  She was excited and I was too!  My friend Lisa said I only needed one more person to enroll and I get free vitamins.  ;-)  Cool. 

Well I think the to do list is all the normal Saturday doings - getting ready for the next work week, cleaning and such.  I do need to open my IsaWallet card and figure out what I do next.  I need to get our Hot Springs hotel booked.  Need to do a lot of things.  

But it's been a great week.  A lot of fun.  A great anniversary week.  And now time to focus on the business a bit this upcoming week as much as I can.  Fitting it into nooks and crannies and it is literally paying off.  

Well ya'll be good!  Off to see what all I can get done and the first of that is to get some more coffee!  George made it this morning! He got up before me and that is rare.  He took dogs out and fed them and made coffee!  

Have a good one!


  1. Fin and Pearl looked like they had marvelous food. perfect for an anniversary celebration. yum. yum. and the musical entertainment sounded fun.

  2. You have had an outstanding anniversary week, how great to celebrate your marriage in such a wonderful way. The dinner looked wonderful as did the concert. My goodness that is a huge auditorium and fully packed for sure. You are blessed to be close to so many good things to do and see. Sunday sounds very busy for your but all good too. I know you'll be happy to see your aunt and uncle. What a great weekend all in all!

  3. What a fantastic weekend topping it off with your Aunt and Uncle...I know you love them very much...what has happened to your daily morning I coment on this its dated last weekend and it's Thursday your letter this morning clicked in and this is the latest I can see....anyway just glad you sent me the name !! Love you.....God Bless


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