Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Change is in the Air and Another Break-Thru Moment

Big South Fork river here.  And I am reminded that fall is truly on it's way.  The temps were cooler here yesterday.  Not too cool but just really not hot - is the best way to describe it.  I guess it was 77 or so.

The sun room has been open at night but I didn't really get to enjoy it.  I was at my desk most of the night.  I had someone coming to see me at 6 and they had car trouble and then I had a call at 7 and she wants to talk again on Thursday regarding a pak after her spouse is home from his trip.  And at 8 I had a team conf call on zoom.

It was a breakthrough evening again, much like Sunday, in that I did MY OWN business call.  It's very liberating. In at least 2 ways.  Now instead of 3 people's schedules to coordinate - it's just two.  And now that I KNOW I can do it on my own - that part just sets me free to gooooo!  So another milestone of sorts met.  Yay!

I am still trying to keep up with all the conversations and follow ups.  But I'm having fun.  Part of it is connecting and getting back to the art of conversation again.  It's been a wonderful thing for me.  I truly think God is using this to get me out of my shell and back into convo's instead of in my head, in my games, and off of my ever increasing to do lists - and just into serving man kind - physically and spiritually.  That is what I envisioned and was feeling in the beginning.  I got lost in there somewhere and frustrated.  But I know more now and pushed thru it so I'm going to ride the wave and keep going.  I have some ideas about doing a challenge participation event for Jan 2019 with the 30 day system pak or the Premium Pak b/c everyone is going to be wanting to lose the holiday fat. 

So George and I ended up having some time last night to talk about the future.  It sounds like interesting things are in the works.  I'm not sure where God is going to lead us. But we talked through several scenarios.  Particularly early retirement.  And what that looked like.  At what age and various scenarios with that.  We talked about what it would look like to sell the house as the value has increased and do some different options.

Who knows what will happen. Who knows where we will end up one day.  Anything new and exciting I'm good with - except for maybe the extreme north. But who knows. lol I'd really like to be closer to fresh seafood.

And we talked about the 1/4 of a cow we have bought that will be coming to us soon and we have to eat what is in the freezer to make room!  lol

Well, I don't think there are any huge plans tonight.  I'll be doing some follow ups.  And Kathy should get her box tonight and I want to call and check on her!

I'll end by saying that I can feel change in the air almost in every aspect of my life.  Changes are coming everywhere.  Some I'm in control of, some I am not.  But I believe that whatever happens - it's a God led thing.  He places our feet.


  1. Here we are about 10 degrees cooler than you are. Only had 67 instead of 77 yesterday. Fall is definitely a time of change. I'm happy that you have so many new opportunities. The possibilities seem endless. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Evening Sonya, I am so proud of what you are achieving ,, great you had time with just George to chat over the future, sharing dreams that can actually materialise ....oh yes Sonya and George are going places ...onwards and upwards is the new motto ...hope work has gone ok this week and that your slowly but surely getting through your pile of work, or if not hope you are putting it into someone else's do..stack !!...
    Have a great night home just relax cuddle the doggies etc and relax....night night nGod Bless. Xxx

  3. you're lucky to have a sunroom open in the evenings to enjoy a night breeze. the possibilities are opening up for you, that's great. continued success.


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