Saturday, September 1, 2018

Fall Decorating and the Comedy of Surprising Things Popping into our Schedule

After I got the blog decorated and blog entry done, I began working on the house.  Laundry of course was the first rule of the day.  I always start there b/c you need as many hours of the day with the machines running to get it all done.  So lots of hours in the laundry room!  

Took several things downstairs for storage.  We have a spot in the kitchen where it accumulates to be taken down.  And I had a few things to bring up.  Especially the fall decor.  George had put my things that I decorate with in the worst part of the basement and it was on a high shelf and I really had to work at getting it down.  There were spiders and webs all above it.  I screamed I don't know how many times but one of the reasons I took off was to decorate.  So I was doing it come hell, high water, or spider bite.  I looked on the nice shelving that we bought and there were empty spots, a bunch of his stuff, a bunch of Katy's stuff and even empty boxes.  So why are my things I use once a year up there in the spider room on the top shelf and hard to get to.  We bought those shelving for these types of things.  Let's use it.  I'm going to tell him not to put my decor back up there.  If we have the space on a lower shelf, that is where it needs to be! And my back has hurt me since then from having to lift it off the top shelf and try to support myself while holding it coming off the ladder steps.  It's still hurting this morning.

I did get a lot of decorating done and surface cleaning and worked on the kitchen and rebooted and put up the dishes. 

I enjoyed my fur babies.  Took them out a lot.  Maisy enjoyed watching me decorate.  
I had Meghan Trainer going on the Alexa, giving me some extra pep! 

So I made the place up with scarecrows and such.  This is the doggie station - and cat too.  Lots of treats.

Well this gets crowded with all of George's home made hot sauce and vinegars, but it is a little festive. 

The Snack Center - we are into those Parmesan Crisps.  I eat those as a snack sometimes. But they are addictive so you have to be careful.  Cheese is the only ingredient.  It's just baked into a crisp. Those cookies are not mine! Some of that stuff came in a gift basket and I'm not eating the enriched flour or anything with sugar in it.

She is all prim and proper, that Maisy. 

We have essential oils going.  I did Cloves, Cinnamon, and Sweet Orange yesterday for a fall smell. 

Katy posted a cute idea she did with her kids.  It's called a Book Tasting.  Cute Idea.  She set it up like a restaurant.

One of the people I follow in the business posted this.  This is why I love being involved with this group.  It's not all about losing weight, and feeling good, it's about being a better YOU.    I struggle daily with my high expectations of the world around me and how I handle it when it doesn't go to suit.  It really is about control I think.  I am not a God of any sort and I need to quit trying to be.  LOL LOL LOL   But we are made in God's image so we all try to be the God of our own universe.  Anyway, these things are awesome.  

Well going back to my day...I spent about an hour and a half down in the basement cleaning as well.  I threw away several trash bags of just things that needed to be tossed.  I could have thrown away more but we needed room in the big trash container for our weekly trash.  Gotta have somewhere for that to be.  

George called and he was going to be late.  It's the first time he's really had a traffic snafu down that way.  I looked and the interstate was completely shut down.  He got off and found back country roads.  But it was after 6 when he got home.  Two hour commute and then we went to MJ Beer Store and then also to Publix so we can make a Mexican Casserole for our outing today.  It's a pool party.  

I didn't get my eggs yesterday morning b/c we were out.  But I'm going to fix some this morning.  Oh also we got stuff for Turkey Pot pies which George made and then froze after we got home.  This was a big turkey!  We needed the freezer room but now we've just put more back in the freezer. lol  Those pies were big!  

So George and I were looking at the calendar this morning and he told me he had bought tickets to go see Tim Hawkins, a Christian Comedian on Nov 11.  George had asked me if I wanted to go and I said no, not really, that wasn't my thing (I just don't like to go and watch stand up comedy).  Well he booked us anyway.  :-P  Apparently a girl from work and her husband wanted to go so he has booked us also.  And my SIL and her husband.  I told him "Thanks, and why did you ask me if I was interested if you were going to book us anyway?"  His answer was if I didn't want to go he could give it to the girl he works with's daughter.  


And that is making me want to go out for a morning walk. I have some things to think about now.  I'm trying to remember the last time I booked us for something that he said he was not interested in.  I wouldn't do that to him.  Hmmm.  Kinda having trouble with that one.  He normally isn't that into Christian Comedy either but...I suppose someone is that he works with and all of a sudden he is interested.  At least it's Christian comedy huh?  There's that.

All very interesting. Indeed. 

And then....

And still thinking about that familiar earring thing found in my dryer, but trying not to.  

And I've agreed to go this damn comedy routine thing for reasons other than comedy. 

I'm tired of not being able to plan anything - Thanksgiving week is still up in the air but I'm going ahead and booking my time off for the week of Thanksgiving.  I can't wait til the week before to figure out if we are going or not.  His job situation keeps everything on hold.  Not that he can help it.  But if the business can't bring him on there he needs to go on somewhere else that can.  I've got a few prayers in for things going on and we'll see what happens.  I'm just not feeling this is going to be the answer.  I think if they were going to bring him on they'd tell him they would.  I hope they don't string him along.  I had a friend once that got strung along and never did hire her but kept telling her they wanted to.  

And will probably be booking my Phoenix trip before too long for Jan 2019.  I fully expect that anything and everything will try to keep me from going like it did here in August.  But let it.  At least there is something to look forward to.  I guess a trip for George and I together is just not going to be in the books until he can get settled into a FT job.  

Anyway, off of here.  I want eggs and a walk, if it's not hot yet.  Then I have to make a taco casserole for today's even with friends.  A pool party and an LCR game. 

Ya'll have a good day.  I will try to do the same.   But yesterday - WAS WONDERFUL. 


  1. Don't take everything so seriously. Men ask you things but do not listen to your answers. Ken does this all the time. I have to just roll with the flow. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere and said not really and next we are in the parking lot. If I make a statement I don't want to eat somewhere, we do not go there until I ask even if 6 months.. They are off the list. I really get amused at this. I know they ask but never pay any attention to your answer.

  2. your autumn decor looks nice, indeed.

  3. Glad you had a nice day for decorating and sounds like a nice time with your friends coming too. Your Katy is too cute in her costume and makes learning more fun for her students. It's all about the little things when it comes to making a difference. Hope you have a good Sunday!

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