Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Feeling Accomplished: Worked Hard, Relaxing Evening

One of my favorites - I like to imagine being here.

Monday went great!  Had a lot of to do's and felt accomplished after getting many of them done.
Still very behind at work though and trying to get caught up b/c it comes in faster than you can get it whipped back out.

Worked some toward the Fall event Sip and Shop - just making sure one last time vendors are good and coming.  We'll have Lula Roe, Papparazi, Trades of Hope, and Isagenix and I need to see if my sister wants to come and do Rodan and Fields but they are really busy and not sure that will work for her to come.  It's a come and go sip and shop in October. 

George told me that he is pretty sure he's good for the week of November - Thanksgiving to go to Texas.  So that is good!  We can plan on that now. 

I went to bed early last night - I did get a lot done for the business yesterday  - at lunch and then I did laundry, cleaned kitchen, watched KYD (Keep Your Daydream), and read in my book so I was able to get a lot done across the board and that made me feel content and accomplished to have both crossed off to do's and have time to myself also! 

Not a lot to say.  Looking forward to my shake this morning after a big cleanse day.
It's our actual anniversary day!  27 Years.  I get confused sometimes.  But it's 27!  I need to change that on my bio. We are going to do something special tonight on our actual day.  You know that is how we roll. 

Ya'll take care! 


  1. Congrats again on your 27 years of wedded bliss! Truly is a time to celebrate ! How great to have that November trip to plan. I know you will love seeing your family and their new home. Thanksgiving is a time for family. Having a feeling of accomplishment is a great way to start out the week so I'm hoping you have a terrific Tuesday.

  2. congrats on 27 years. glad your trip in november is going to work out. what are you going to do with the pups?


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