Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Frogs and Boundaries

Well, on the left is the Utensil crock I bough from Amazon.  It's concrete (or it looks like concrete at least).  I had a silver water pitcher I was using and you have to clean it so often - so I'm switching it out and using a real utensil holder.  I think the mouth is a little wider also.  Very happy with it. 

Well yesterday I began the Audible podcast and within 30 seconds I was up and running for my commute in.  I believe I was able to get in 2 chapters of Boundaries for Leaders.  There are some takeaways I'm hoping to get from the book for myself.  I hope what I'm looking for is in there in future chapters.  So far it is saying that leaders from the very top have the ability to change the culture to what it is they want it to be by what they CREATE and what they ALLOW.  He is talking about a company now that he consulted with that was a thriving company but grew larger and people were getting worn out with project after project and no one was getting anywhere and didn't know which thing was priority and confusion ensued.  Then he talked about Apple and how Steve Jobs said "Stop Everything" and focus on this one thing.  Then everyone did and it became a good thing.  Steve Jobs said the best thing they ever made, was what they didn't.  It allowed focus.  Anyway, it's interesting at least but we are not to the points I was hoping would be in there.  I need some personal boundaries for myself.  Some guidelines on how to handle a few things.  Not necessarily for work but other areas of my life as well.

What is it I'm looking for?: 
 How to set personal boundaries w/o being rude, things like that. Did someone write that book yet? lol  How 'bout How to not take things personal?  How about, How to protect your feelings when people are A-Holes. lol  Is that book out yet?  How to not hold a grudge when people ignore you?  Is that one out yet?  How to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em?  Is that book out yet?  How to know when you are being taken advantage of or used or mistreated?  How to handle what is real versus what you have imagined?  And how to let go and how to draw lines and how to set boundaries for myself and how to help others do the same in their lives.  A subject that interests me.  If these books are not written perhaps I should research and write it.  I only have a portion of a Psychology degree though.  But I do have 30 years of working experience and almost that many in marital experience and a lifetime of family and friends and church experience and so forth.   Those are the demons I reckon with every day in some part of my world if not all.  

So anyway, I have been trying to work with myself on just saying "Frog" when ever I'm not happy about something instead of placing judgment on someone/something and trying to be a god over it.  I am just going to worry about the things I can control and go phbbbbbtttth on the rest that is out of my control.  My day went much better yesterday.  I think I said "Frog" about three times.  All those things I would have said - just went to "frog".  I used to think it felt good to just spout off the irritation you felt when something didn't go to suit.  And most times in life it doesn't.  There's more people in the world wanting to do things their own selfish ways, including me, so there are more clashes.  However, I found it very liberating to just say "Frog" when something was all "frogged up", lol.  It's a short word but it's able to handle the long spout of I would have said instead.  So in today's world - I found I was spouting off all the time b/c this world is really an irritating and backward place - at least some of the things I have to deal with are.  HR really makes you calloused.  So yeah, I said "frog" a few times and didn't allow my mind to go there.  I just crossed it off as a "bless your heart" to whoever's problem it was.  And went on.  I did not accept it as my own problem.  And I am loving that.  So by saying Frog, I've actually set my own boundary.  Crossing the line in the sand. 

So it's Wednesday Cleanse Day and I'm so glad.  I'm ready for the reset button.  Ready to clear my body of toxins, get rid of some fat cells, and reset the metabolism.  I could have eaten worse.  Have done pretty well over the holiday weekend but there have been some splurges here and there.  Not what it used to be though.  

Looking forward to some weather I can walk in.  It's 6 a.m. right now and still dark out.  

I worked until almost 6 last night trying to tackle everything.  I chose to work that late on my own accord to make it easier on myself.  Of course I realize when you take vacation you end up working more the next week to make up for it so technically you work those hours back over the next few days.  But whatever.  I have about a six inch stack of things that need to be worked on.  Yesterday it was all about getting through the 245 emails.  Actually it was way more than that b/c as I'd delete them more would come.  Probably more like 300.  Many were resumes.

So anyway, I need to go.  Ya'll have a splendid day.  Tonight at 8 I have a seminar I want to watch on line - one of my favorites on how to do the business.  Just love her, Trudy Maples.  I follow her and she is sweet, kind, and does such a great job with the business.  So I want to hear what she has to say.  I think I connect through our back office.  I did not do the zoom call last night as I chose to eat dinner with George and watch "Finding Nemo".  lol lol lol 
I thought I'd seen it but I guess only Katy had watched it over and over when she was younger and so I only saw parts of it probably while cleaning! 

We had Chicken Parm for dinner (Stauffers).  We needed something quick. 

Anyway, later. 


  1. THis might be the book you are looking for:
    Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life

  2. I did a Bible study on Boundaries once and it was very good and inspiring as well. We all need boundaries to keep the balance in our lives. It will be interesting to see just how many times you use that word FROG in the coming days...for me it means Forever Rely On God. So I use it often.


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