Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Indian Dinners, RV Rentals, Planning, and IsaWallet

Got through the day yesterday.  I am always so hungry the day after cleanse day.  It's been hard not to just eat everything in site.  I did eat some left over Italian stew for lunch.  And then had an e-shot after to give some extra mental energy for a project I was working on. 

We tried to make headway into our schedule some at dinner - when we ate at Persis Indian Grill for our "real" anniversary night.  I took a pic of our bucket list and we were going to try to fit things into the calendar.  We didn't get very far since they are pretty fast at Persis.  lol

I normally try not to eat bread or enriched flour - but I knew I'd be getting the Naan bread - which is spectacular.  I did not eat much jasmin rice though.  I had a chicken dish in Indian tomato sauce w/ medium heat.  It was really good.  George is getting my left overs.  

What I found I loved was George's Raita sauce.    I kept dipping the garlic Naan bread in it.

So we only were able to get a couple of things on the calendar and didn't really have a lot of time for planning.  One of the things we talked about though was renting an RV for our trip to Texas - which George had suggested so that we didn't get in the way of the kids too much.  I was shocked but excited.  I knew it would be too expensive though.  I had really already considered this but did not think of it as a good time to try out an RV.  I found a pet friendly place this morning and one that was fairly reasonable but it's more than what he wants to spend right now.  I knew that to be the case so I was not getting too excited.  lol  I DID look and there are 3 RV parks in Breckenridge TX.  Nothing real special but serves the needs.  Seemed like So we ix-nayed that!  lol   So it was fun to check into and we are now excited to rent one for a weekend close to home for trial basis only.  I am thinking we may have to defer this.  Our Oct is already booked.  November will be pretty booked as well going to TX.

So, anyway, my IsaWallet card came in from the nutrition business.  I think I made close to $500 this week off of my BV points from our team.  ;-)  All just for sharing with a few people.  I am close to cycling again too.  So now I can start to get my food free.  And eventually I'll be getting paid while I sleep.  lol The comp plan is so neat.  You get credit for sharing.  And if people only knew what they were missing they'd be consuming these nutrients and getting paid for sharing it.  I had no intentions of selling it til I fell in love with the system and saw what it was doing for me.  And when my friend showed me the comp plan and I realized I could get my food paid for and then some, and people were interested anyway - I wanted to get credit for it so I turned on my "associate button" to active.  And began looking into it and dreaming big ever' since.  Love it.  And what company pays on Monday?  lol  Mine does!

Well, I don't know a whole lot.  I do know I need to get off of here and get ready for work.  But now I'm all excited about RV'ng.  lol  Can't get my mind off of it.  But I'm gonna have to.  It'll happen soon enough.  I just need to focus on the tasks at hand.  ;-)


  1. It's always fun to make plans and have something to look forward to. It's going to be so much fun visiting your daughter. The dinner looks and sounds wonderful. Today we go over the hump of the week which shouldn't be very hard at all for you today. Sounds like you are full of enthusiasm and anticipation !

  2. sounds like the rv'ing will be the perfect solution with the pups and traveling. i hope you'll be able to find something afforable.


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