Friday, September 28, 2018

Lowering Cholesterol, Ham and Mac N Cheese, and YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I had ordered the Heart Booster a while back but really just got started using it every day this week.  It has plant sterols in it which is known (scientifically proven) to help Healthy Cholesterol levels.  So that is good.  It's tasteless so it can go into any shake.  

I saw where you can put some of our essential oils into your water.  So I'm going to try that today.  I received my new essential oils and its very sexy looking diffuser.  Gonna crank it up this weekend. 
I love the fact that it lets you know which ones are consumable and which ones can be put on your skin and which ones are just for the diffuser.  

Yesterday was not as hairy as the day before and I was able to get a few things done which made me feel somewhat better.  

And George fixed the most awesome ham last night.  It was similar to Nanny Voss's ham, my grandmother (Mom's Mom). 

And George made some comfort food.  We had these pasta shell things that we needed to use up.  Normally I don't do enriched pasta items anymore.  Has to be whole grain or brown rice/lentil, or some type of veggie or spinach pasta with whole grain.  But I agreed to this.  It was so good.  Ham and mac n cheese! We also had Black Eyed peas with it too.  Loved this meal.  Comfort food!  The ham also had a mustard glaze to it.   

It may not look like much but oh it was so good. 

This one continues her staring at me.  lol  Especially when I have food but even when I don't - she does this.  lol Cracks me up.  She's my little buddy.  She even cuddled with me last night.  She may have gotten cold but when I woke up she was all snuggled against me.  

Soon the doggies will go for their grooming.  Their fur is getting long and it is about time. 

So I have been mentioning the podcasts and how good they are on "The Joy Junkie" - despite the foul mouth.  Yesterday's podcast that impressed me was the one on "You are Enough".  We tend to think because of certain events that our self worth is less than it should be.  Disappointments, events, others issues, others wins -can make us feel that we lack value and worth or that we did something wrong or we are not good enough or it must have been something we did or didn't do.  But the podcast went on to say that YOU are the one that gets to determine your SELF WORTH.  YOU are Enough!  No one else gets to determine that for you.  Powerful stuff.  We do let things get to us and it gives us doubt.  

I have always shied away from self-help, thinking "I was enough" already, lol.  I have always relied on God and myself to get me through.  But, the boundary thing was getting my attention in the last month or two and quite frankly has intrigued me for the last year and I was able to take a look at it back when a family member berated me out of the blue and was trying to figure all that out - was it me, was it her - kinda hit me like a stray ball coming out off the field and wham!  I studied it more from a forgiveness angle but it touched on negativity and how to separate what was my responsibility in the issue and what was hers.  And what I don't have to put up with and drawing the lines and setting the boundaries.  I did a little study back then when all that was going on and it helped me shed a lot of the baggage from that.  I recently came across this again kindof by accident - when a friend was listening to me talk about work and she said "oh my gosh you need to check out the boundary thing".  

So I have in the last week or two been looking in to this and that is how I found Amy Smith's Joy Junkie podcast.  It has a lot of good points.  And it is so very helpful.  When the negative thoughts come, I've been able to shave them off immediately and then my thoughts are not holding me captive.  It is very freeing.  Very exciting stuff.  So I guess the big step in helping yourself and self-care is realizing you need it.  And yesterday's podcast was just really powerful for me at how no one else gets to determine your self worth.  

Some life examples, not necessarily my own, but if the shoe

When everyone else gets a raise and you don't - it does not mean that you are worth less than other people.  
When people don't ever answer your email, it doesn't mean that you are worth nothing.  
When people perceive you to be something you are not - they don't get to determine your worth.  
Now, they may mistreat you and not treat you fairly and misjudge you and misunderstand you or make fun of you or get irritated at you.  But they do not get to determine your value as a person.  
We each get to do that for ourselves.   
But they can't touch what you feel your own self worth is.  They have no control over you, your thoughts, your mind, your abilities unless you let them.  

"Can't touch this!"  lol   Love this.  I'm still learning.  But I have let others sway me or disturb my thinking and I realize that now and I shouldn't let how others treat me determine my self worth or my value as a person.  Shake it off.  Let it go.  Once you realize your self worth great things begin to happen.  ;-) 

So next week I'm gonna have to switch back into some other podcasts I think - to get back into doing some business minded things.  I've had to step back a bit this last week or so just to breathe a bit.  

Last night I set up the Trello App.  Oh my gosh it's the coolest thing.  It's more like a "to do" list or "project" app.  I like the way it works.  I stayed up til 10 last night setting up a few project lists - our bucket list, Texas trip list, and this weekend I'll begin putting my business to do's, business plans, etc on there.  This will be better than my white board b/c I can take it on the go.  Love it.  

Sometimes I think my business building is slow.  And it is.  It takes 3 to 5 years.  But when I look back at all that I have learned and all I have done in building the base - and in learning the processes - I've come a long way really since March.  Especially considering that I have a FT job and so much going on all the time.  

But I'm excited about all of it still and excited about the future.  I have two trips to look forward to also in Texas and then in Phoenix for NYKO (New Year Kick off).  

So I better go so I can get to work!  Ya'll have a great day.  

Sybil, were you able to get this update?  Sybil has lost my blog somehow.  She was only able to get old entries.  I'm wondering if you should clear the cache?  I've been making entries every day. 

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  1. That ham and mac and cheese looks wonderful. Truly is good comfort food and something we all need now and then. So glad you had a better day yesterday and YAY today is Friday and they always seem like good days to me ! Glad you are getting a lot out of those self help podcasts too. You are enough! You were uniquely and wonderful made. You are special! As are we all. Something I believe to be true. We all have a purpose in life, we are not going to be like others, but still no one can do what you do. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !


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