Thursday, September 6, 2018

My New Products Arrived!

I keep checking the weather every day to see when we are going to be in the 80's during the day and 60's at night.  We are getting close.  Then I will start looking for 70's and 50's.  ;-) 

Someone sent this message to me yesterday based on my Frog comments.  (Saying Frog when something irritates me).  I wondered if God had sent me that idea after I saw this.  My acronyms were not as nice.  So I felt guilty.  lol  Have repented.

Love the grape hydrate drink we have.  The flavor is my favorite.  

I was excited to get my autoship in.  I've finally been able to judge and calculate my usage and try to get an order in every two weeks instead of every week.  And I bought a $60 shipping pass to get ZERO shipping costs on the next 12 shipments in the next 6 months.  A quick calculation revealed a savings there, so I did it.  So once a month I have autoship.  You can put $1 in autoship toward charity to keep it open.  But I always need something so I just keep cleanse needs in there usually.  But I kept adding to the order as I was running out.  It's hard to figure by just doing one shipment per month. But I've at least got it down to two.  

I was excited about these new (to me) items:  

Chocolate Mint shake which I'm doing this morning.

The Smores Flavor Isalean Bars

The Chocolate Decadence Isalean Bar which is like a brownie!

The fruits drink which is awesome!  

So the grape hydrate drink came in!  

Anyway, I'm glad to have some new things to add to the mix.  So I have a variety of tastes. 

Well, yesterday was kindof a gloomy day.  And kindof a gloomy mood.  A very busy day and didn't get much in my stack accomplished.  Mainly dealing with everything that cropped up while I was off Friday and wrapping up things from last week.   Hoping for better today only I have meetings for a good chunk of the day which takes away from the desk time.  So everything sits in a holding pattern!  

Anyway, it was cleanse day so only Whey Thins for dinner.  We watched Below Deck Med.  And then I tried to listen to an Isagenix Training thing but it was for beginners.  It was explaining what Isagenix was and what products we had and how the system all worked together.  She was having technical difficulties and didn't know and her slides were not showing, so I got off.  I don't have time to do anything twice. lol  

Anyway, I've got to get going and get in and anxious for my shake this morning (choc mint).  I'm getting a bit hungry. 

Going to get a pedi after work!  Looking forward to it!  Have been all week.  I forgot to make an appointment but will try to today.  If not I'll have to go to one of the other locations.  

Well, ya'll have a great day!  It's Friday's sister, Thursday today.  A big weekend planned ahead.  Shopping with SIL and cleaning the house for the party and party prep.  
Grocery store tomorrow night. 
Sip and Shop Summer's Last Hoorah party on Sunday.  We are so excited.  

Ya'll have a good day!

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  1. So hoping that today, Thursday, is a good one for you. Nice to see I wasn't the only one thinking FROG means to forever rely on God. I think that starting the day with that thought will help to make it a better day.


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