Monday, September 10, 2018

My Transformation, Shopping, A Sip and Snack Party, and a Growing Business

Well, I shared this transformation on facebook so I may as well post it here.  I did this pic b/c I was feeling fat. And I wanted to compare.  So I was encouraged by the pics.  I was ashamed of the picture on the left.  I've been told not to hate that girl.  The girl on the left is the one that made the decision to take control.  It was easy from there and I'm not done yet. I've just come out of plus sizes.  I can stand to keep losing a bit.  

This weekend I went shopping with my SIL Susan and she was a blast to shop with.  I tend to buy big anyway b/c I like things loose and she kept me from doing that.  I bought my size and then she suggested that we go to Burke's and see if they have some pants or jeans.  She suggested Good Will too for pants while loosing weight b/c they can be so expensive.  I didn't find jeans to fit me but I did buy the black pants and it feels good to have pants I'm not constantly pulling up when I walk.  

Here's me smiling in the dressing room - going down in sizes.  

Katy and Cody went to the family wedding on the ranch.  A big big wedding where a barn was turned into the venue - 3 different bands and the fun went on until 1 in the morning.  She and Cody look wonderful.  Might have to make this one my side bar picture too.  Love this.

Roger looked all cozy Saturday night and had to get his cute little pic.  This is my quilt I like to be under when watching TV and George has the a/c on a little too much for me and the fan blades going.  But the doggies take it over. lol

We went to Half Batch Brewery and met our guys (my SIL Susan and I) on Saturday after going to the pop up boutique and Burke's.  We had a brewski and then went to Casa Vieja and I got fajitas with beef, shrimp, and chicken.  Brought home the extra and made a fajita burrito with egg for breakfast.  

I didn't blog b/c I was getting ready for our event and I did some training yesterday morning while I had time.  I listened to the event ON Demand in my back office for Brendon Burchard.  I had missed him as I had to leave early that day.  I think it was the day Katy and Cody got in and we went and got hot chicken.  But the beauty is that the event is in my back office for so long and there are some things I want to replay.  I loved this one.  

So I set up for Summer's Last Hoorah Sip and Sample.  The table was already ready.

But I had to get this going.

And had to get the bars chopped.

I now have customers.  I'm so excited.  I have my very own team now!  ;-)  And it's going to get bigger as we help more people to feel better one person at a time.  I am going to love seeing my friend Kathy as she does this and seeing how she feels. She got the value pak and she will see some results from that. Now I get to learn a whole new avenue of the business in coaching her through how Lisa coached me.  

So before I went to bed I looked on line and I reached my goals and became Consultant and b/c of my BV Volume that had been holding until I became consultant - I cycled 5 times!  So that means I got paid.  ;-)  That will be my first of many to come.  I don't even need to be doing this, I just believed in it and Lisa said if you are sharing it you need to make yourself an associate so you can get the bonuses.  You don't flush each month so the volume builds and then you cycle.  

I love the cycle term.  Sounds like I've been exercising hard.  lol  Sadly no.  Amazing I've been able to rid of fat with nutrition only- mainly.    I do random sit ups and leg lifts in bed at night if I don't fall asleep first. lol

So all of this has been very exciting.  So exciting that I couldn't sleep.  lol  It's exciting to help others and the comp plan is exciting too.  I can begin to get food paid for and I'd like to help Kathy do that to if she wants.   If people can at least do that it helps.  And then if you continue you can really make some $ at it to pay for those extra dreams you have sitting around.  Maybe even retire early.  

Here's a snipped of the Beach music at the party til we decided to switch it to the French cooking channel.  lol

Anyway, gotta go!  It's Monday cleanse day.  Ya'll have a great Monday.


  1. I love seeing your before and after pictures. It must give you a very good feeling of accomplishment. That is a great picture of your daughter and her husband. They do look so very happy too ! And of course your Roger always looks adorable. Glad you had a good Sunday and hope today, Monday, is a good one too. Mondays do set the tone for the rest of the week!

  2. You look so good! Go you! Hope your week is a good one.

  3. Oh Sonya, I am so very happy for you. I have to admit all the jargon you use such as cycled ,,consultant.goes over my head a bit, but I know.. Well that does mean your ever so good ! I just knew you would be. I just hoped you could show your ...good...side, but it seems to have been busy after you lost the weight and look,so gorgeous....I just wish I could have become your first person....but no good me dreaming I just have to accept me as I am but I can very easily admire you and wish you well in all you do...ALWAYS .....NIGHT NIGHT. GOD BLESS xxx

  4. This is really exciting that your business is moving forward. and for losing sizes too. don't be afraid to show it off either.


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