Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pineapple Thai Dinner, Marine Traffic, and Took the Night Off

Other than the water being a bit too close to the house, I would love this place.  How wonderful would that be?  I'd have to have a different boat b/c I'd fall out of the canoe.  lol lol 

But I sure could sit in those adirondack chairs and read and enjoy nature. 

Yesterday is not really a noteworthy day, it was just a day.  I had an unemployment hearing so that was different, and then another meeting.  And then went to Cracker Barrel to pick up a salad.  I love their salads - I tell them to hold the croutons and I get balsamic vinaigrette and dip it.  I get the grilled chicken salad and it comes with a cheese wedge and a dressed egg.  

Then I stayed late to finish a section of a project I've been needing to do since May but hadn't been able to due to a big change that happened that has been a big time suck, taking me away from my normal duties.  A lot of other projects ON HOLD too but at least I'm finally getting to this project and it is a good dang thing too b/c some things need fixing and correcting.  And I get to work on that part today before I can go any further. 

Then home.  I needed the night off since the last several days have been very business oriented at home.  So I took the night off to rest my mind a bit.  Watched a couple of YouTubes and enjoyed the dinner that George made.  Sat in the dark in the sunroom and held the doggies in my lap giving them big hugs and petting them and telling them I loved them.  Then on to bed.  I slept pretty good til about 3 when my arm was asleep.  And for some reason I kept thinking of names for a boat.  I have no idea why my brain was doing this.  I'm NOT buying a boat.  But my brain did this on it's own during my dreams apparently and when I woke up the name was "Wine and Dandy".  lol  Well Well.  I guess my mind was doing this b/c I was watching the hurricanes and wanting to see if any boats were out there in this mess.  

There are some brave souls that are a bit too close.  But you can see a hole in the marine traffic.  

George fixed a wonderful meal last night.  Chicken and pineapple rice.  It was quite good.  I loved the rice being served inside the pineapple half.  ;-)  

I'm having leftovers for lunch!  

So I'm off of here to get a head start on my day.  Nothing going on tonight except I have a neighbor coming over.  I think we'll watch hurricane coverage.  I may have a power hour of work tonight.  Or I may do some work on lunch time today for the nutrition business.  I do a lot on the weekends and Mon and Tues nights so I'm needing a little break so I'll be ready and excited and not dragging thru it.      

Anyway I'm glad it is Thursday, Friday's sister.  Tomorrow we can wear jeans and tees and get the weekend started.  It's anniversary weekend for us.  Errands on Sat morning, and hit a craft brewery that is a favorite of mine  on the way to a really nice dinner out on Saturday night.  Sunday will be church, working on the business and the bucket list and the household and will really like to read if possible.  I miss it so.  

Need to watch Below Deck Med as well.  
Have a great Thursday!  

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  1. Yes, you need to take some time for yourself away from work, whether at home or at your day job, it is still work. You are a wise person and know when you need it. That dinner and your salad for lunch both look delicious. George really goes all out in his presentation, putting the rice in the pineapple. Has he ever thought about being a chef? Glad you are getting to the stack at work. Something waiting that long needs attention. It's hard to believe we are on the downside of the week already. But hey, we made it over the hump of the week! Have a great day! Happy Thursday !


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