Friday, September 21, 2018

PSP and Computer Woes, Halibut Fish, Pirate Katy and Other Happenings

Well, I ended up working on the business a bit yesterday morning instead of blogging.  I felt pushed to get it done instead of waiting til I really had time.  I'm not sure that was the best decision.  However, it's done. When I got on the computer to do it I was going to make a graphic for it "real quick" for my Shopping Event invites but apparently my PSP program changed.  I couldn't get it to do what it normally would do.  It didn't look right, didn't feel right, and then the text tool was different.  Then it froze and I completely lost what had been finally an hour's worth of work.  So I just found a pic on line and went with that.  

And to add to the frustration apparently Chrome had also done an update and then it was slow and different.  This was for the Come and Go Shopping event in Oct at my house.  We've invited almost 200 people.  If everyone comes we are in trouble.  lol  But trust me, they won't.  

So needless to say, I did not get a blog entry done yesterday.  Why I try out new projects before work is beyond me.  I felt pressured so I did it and should have waited and gone with my original plan to do graphic last night at my leisure and then post on weekend.  But it's done.   It does not meet my look of "fall" I wanted nor does it have a French look to it.  But it's shopping themed so what I picked "will do". 

Wednesday night we were on the phone with a friend that needed us regarding a situation.  And then George set into cooking this fabulous fish dish.  Wouldn't that be a cool restaurant name The Fish Dish?  lol  Anyway George had bought this seafood pak a while back from Alaska.  A pretty pricey pak but oh so awesome.  He fixed the Halibut from it.  I had bought some panko crumbs made out of rice instead of bread and requested he do that.  He pan fried it in olive oil/butter.  We had garlic peas and a red rice with it. 


And it was served on our plastic fish plates.  lol

Work has gone well this week.  Everyone has been in meetings and out of town so it's been quiet where we could get a few things done. Mainly I think b/c I had two hours back into my week since I myself did NOT go to any meetings.  So I had time to do the Attendance Policy since there were no one to have meetings with and fewer people calling me, fewer with questions, and less interruptions.  Yay.  I love it when I can get in a zone and get stuff done!  Usually it just piles up over yesterday's and the day before and you have to peel it like an onion back down again on some random day when everyone else is busy so you can get caught up.  Loved it.

And, being in the zone requires that you are hydrated, have a snack, vitamins, stress formula, and vities and good music in your ear.  I'm still trying to determine if the Brain Boost is working.  I'll have to get back to you on that one.  You are supposed to take 3 a day but I'm not doing that.  I am not sure that too many supplements can be a good thing?   I don't want to over do it. So I started with one.    So far the e-shot works much better for me for a quick pick me up and clarity. 

Got my strawberry shake in.  I had it for breakfast yesterday at my desk.  Made it thick like ice cream. 

Katy had Pirate Day at school - in her first grade class.  Doesn't she make a cute pirate? Scoot over Johnny Depp.

Love it.

So the past two nights we have watched movies.  We have watched:  Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Vanishing Point.  It's been nice to have some "mind clearing" movies and it has been good for my psyche after having some intensely packed to do lists lately across the board.

I cycled again yesterday making even more $ while I slept.  ;-)  My friend Lisa sold a pak and it's on the leg of hers that I'm on and it paid me too!  This comp plan is so awesome.  I have taken some time out lately though to focus on the house and time with George during our Anniversary night.  We have another night tonight with special plans.

My Aunt and Uncle have arrived from Jacksonville, surprising Mom.  They will be up for a few days.  We will get to see them.  We will go down on Sunday afternoon after church.  We are taking food that day so we have to be there but will go down later.

We will not be taking the rented RV to Thanksgiving - but will drive and be staying in Hot Springs, AK while coming through each way at the half point going and coming from TX.  I had forgotten that George said his Dad was born there.  So George is excited to see the place.  This will break up the trip only making us do 6 hours of drive time per day - well maybe more like 7.  We can rest for a portion of the day and enjoy ourselves. I need to book this over the weekend.  So it's on my to do list. I finally turned in my vacation for that week.  OH someone asked about the dogs.  Tugie will be staying with Mom.  She is just going to be uncomfortable with the long drive.  And so will I with her.  So she will stay with Mom but Maisy and Roger are going with us. Had we done the RV she would have gone.  As I could make her a bed on the floor.  I don't think she would do well in the seat or the floor board of the car. 

I guess I need to get off of here and get ready for work.  Always rushing around - which is why I stopped to smell the roses this week a bit during our Anniversary week. Life is too short to not live a little toward your dreams and enjoy the journey along the way. All work and no play, make Sonya be in a moody way.  All work and some play make Sonya be cheerful along the way.  ;-)

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  1. What cute pictures of your daughter. It looks like a very fun day for her crew! Yes we all do need to take time for fun. All work and no play is never a good thing. And how cute with your scrumptious dinner served up on those fish plates too. Not many men that I know would take the time to do something like that! Yay it's Friday! Hope you have a fantastic day !


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