Sunday, September 23, 2018

Roger Dog, A Busy Saturday, Rain Arrived, and a Quick Bargain Hunt

Busy little day yesterday.  But enjoyed what little time we had home.  You know I love being home about as well as going places.  I did the blog and a couple of loads of laundry, packed the cleaning pack for Monday and my snack bag/drink bag of goodies for the week with my IsaGoodies. 

 I also worked at my desk some as I had to figure out my IsaWallet.  I had to activate the card, which I thought I had done.  I think I activated my IsagenixWallet account instead.  You have to activate both and then I tried to use the userID of my Isagenix account to go with it instead of another one I was supposed to use - so I had confused myself as I thought it was all connected.  It kinda is but has a separate signon.  All squared away now. I decided that I would spend it back into the business and what I decided to do for now that would be the most beneficial is to buy the complete set of essential oils and get the diffuser that comes with the set.  Then I can have it to use and to show and I will have it by the party time.  Lisa reminded me of a grand idea.  I will go in and have George as a new customer and he will order the oils!  ;-)  I get more credit that way.  Woo Hoo!   So I'll do that today.  I think I get free shipping with a code too if I do it today.

Roger says hello.  He enjoyed a lazy cloudy sun room morning.  I almost shut him up in the room b/c I didn't realize he was up there.  Bless his heart.  Once it got close to noon it was a bit hot in there since the rain did not come til later.

Roger is a sweet heart of a cuddle button.  I like to hug him when I need a hug myself.  Because he'll let ya.  He is not usually a lap dog though but he will let you if you need one. 

We went to the store around Noon at Publix and bought grits and cheese so George could make his cheese grits for a pot luck dinner.  We also bought what we needed for the cheese and summer sausage and cracker tray we are taking to church. 

Then we went back and I did some ironing and actually I think that is when I worked on the IsaWallet thing.  I worked in the house some, but not as much as I'd have liked. 

We left around 5 and drove in some pretty heavy rain and went to Nashville and turned north to Hendersonville TN and we got there way too early so we stopped and shopped at a Bargain Hunt.  Just as I got into it, we had to leave.  But not before I bought a $20 black heavy wool pant coat for winter.  It's perfect for what I need.  I did not have a short heavy coat for really cold winter days.  We don't have too many but this will be perfect for that.  It looks really nice.  

Here the skies unleashed on us as we headed out yesterday.  

I didn't get any pics of our friend's shower.  We just all enjoyed ourselves.  The pot luck was fabulous.  

I saw my friend that signed up for our nutrition system there, and she said she had lost 7 lbs already.  So proud of her for doing this.  She feels great and said that she was able to do so much more yesterday than if she had not been on the system.  I love hearing that and it makes me feel so happy to be able to have others get the nutrition and see for themselves what it does.  Our food supplies are not adequate out there and our bodies are going into all kinds of autoimmune diseases because we do not get what we need and crave.  I'm just so excited.  People think it's just another shake company but it's real natural ingredients you are putting in your body.  No one believes it really til they experience it.  And that is ok.  Everyone has to do what they want and I don't hold any hard feelings at all.  I just know what I know and when people are ready, like I was, they will do and see!  

Anyway that made me feel so good to hear her good news.  Her body began reacting immediately.  

Speaking of - I need to get my make up on so we can head out to church this morning.  Another big day planned ahead with family.  Looking forward to seeing my Aunt and Uncle from Jacksonville!  


  1. I too am headed off for church her this morning . It's really chilly here and I guess I'll be wearing a sweater. Your Roger is adorable and makes me happy just looking at him. Hope you have a wonderful day !

  2. roger is cute. your coat sounds nice.

  3. I tell you what really annoys me is this attitude some people have towards "shakes". I see it on Facebook quite often, people spruiking some diet or another with the words "no shakes". Shakes are the best thing ever. If not for shakes, I would be 25kg heavier right now.

    I just sat down to my protein soup dinner - it turned very cold here today and rather than a cold shake I put my dinner serve of protein into some vegetable soup. I've also been doing protein coffee during winter because it has been very cold here this year. Once the warm appears, it will be all shakes all the time here - I am hoping to finally shift my stubborn last 2kg (4 pounds) over spring.

    I love my shakes. They are so delicious and packed with awesome nutrition which my body needs.

    You are so right about the food supplies. Far too much sugar, carbs and things our bodies really don't need. Even sometimes things we think are healthy turn out to be packed full of sugar as a surprise. I made a rookie error the other night at grocery shopping and bought some coconut icecream without checking the nutrition info.. into 500g of icecream they had crammed 125g of sugar!! I ate one spoonful to try it.. while it was eatable it was far too sweet and completely unnecessary. I've made coconut icecream from scratch without any sugar at all in it.


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