Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Morning Babble Talk over Coffee

The sun rise was pretty at our office yesterday.  
Friday is always a good "feel good" day.  Knowing two days of having your own thoughts are coming up.  I don't know why it feels like you get your life back for two days, but it does.  lol 

I love this chart but just realized they misspelled it.  I'm not sure who "they is" but I'd not have posted it if I'd seen it.  lol  Since I've posted it one place - might as well post it here b/c I do like the benefits of intermittent fasting.  

And - George fixed this for dinner.  It was a late dinner. This is the recipe pic but his looked just like it.   Not the most low fat thing either.  He put two of these on my plate.  I only ate 1/2 of one Salmon Burger.  And I then just at the salmon and spinach part like a salad.  It had mayo in it.  I just couldn't eat all that bread.  Even if it was whole grain.  The salmon burger patties were really good though. And the spinach a nice touch. 

And not much else happened.  I did go get my nails done and was glad to do so as they were getting long.  Now I can type better.   George mowed.  And that is why we ate late, we were not inside until later in the evening. 

I did some laundry and a power hour working on the nutrition business and doing follow ups until dinner is ready.  Sleep was really good.  I did not wake up until Maisy woke me.  She lets me know it's time to get up.  But it wasn't.  We slept some more til Tugie began scratching her bed - she knows that wakes me up.  When Tugie scratched her bed and Maisy began pawing me George got up to take them both out.  But then Maisy would not get up until I got up. lol  So I got up and George took them out while I made coffee. 

I then proceeded to do our Target order mainly as we are running low of k-cups.  Several things are getting low and I just wanted to make sure that we get things in before they run out.  So I pressed "send" on that. 

I need to go and get a shower.  And we will get started on our day.  I have a lot to do at the house but we'll run an errand around noon for Maisy to get her rabies shot.  And then we'll go home and get ready for our afternoon of excursions for our Anniversary evening out.

And tomorrow we have nothing but church so I'm thrilled! ;-)  Yay! 

Love my Saturday mornings!  George just left to go to Good Will, yard sales, and the bank.  I had a couple of checks for him this week.  And then also my first pay and cycle bonus pay will come soon!  ;-)  I will probably invest it into the business to get a dry erase "focus" board and a proper isagenix table cloth and perhaps a little folding table that I can take to go.  I could use one anyway honestly. 

Things seem to be falling into place as I want them.  But it takes focus, planning, tenacity, resilience, belief, and consistency.  I think I have all of those.  I also have a good cook that continues to serve me fattening things that I fall prey to. lol   But I'm trying.  I do love a good craft beer as well when we go out.  So I may have to plan up some new rules for myself.  As my lite meals often are not.  At least I've been able to maintain my weight loss even without exercise.  But I want to lose even more.  So I need to do better and tighten the ship. I WILL say that for the most part George tries to fix us healthier meals.  But both of us have inkling for pizza once in a while or a kielbasa or something not lite.  Anyway, I better go and get my day going here.  I slept later and then blogged too long since I blogged in both blogs. 

Oh but when we get our RV and begin our travels, I have a new name now for us.  I'll wait to reveal it.  There will be a blog and a You Tube and a Face Book and Instagram page, a logo, t-shirts and mugs and it will be a whole branding thing - another entrepreneurial type of thing.   But I have to check out a few things first.  And it won't happen for a long while.  I don't think.   But the thoughts are coming together anyway.  I kinda know what to do b/c I've been watching and contemplating a few things surrounding this for a long time. 

Anyways, best go!  Ya'll have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. the salmon burger looks good. sounds like a good idea to invest your first paycheck back in the business.


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