Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Morning Talk over Coffee

Wow, I slept til 7 this morning and believe it was 8:30 when I went to bed.  I remember looking forward to going to bed and a long sleep and I did my two sprays of Sleep Support and I was out.  It has melatonin in it.  And it felt so good. 

We have a Walk for Life we are doing today.  It's only 2 miles.  But I decided to do it so we could get some extra exercise for a good cause.  It is a fundraiser event and supports the Pregnancy Care Center which is there for guidance during crises situations.  Also they encourage them to keep the baby instead of going through abortion.  They also provide counseling for those who have had abortions.  I became involved with this group during my days of being on the Mission Team at Gallatin Church of Christ.  We have supported them even after leaving and moving to MJ Town.  We have a friend that runs the center still, from that church.

So last night I came home and was craving pop corn and I fixed a big huge bowl of homemade popped in the coconut oil.  Then I felt bad afterwards.  lol George kept saying, "well, it's a vegetable".  It sure was good though. 

I hooked up my new Isagenix diffusser and we have Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus in there right now.  Smells good this morning. 

Let's see, we heard some news on our 1/4 of a cow.  Since George is working out past Lebanon - he's working in and around some folks that are into farming.  He's been brought fresh eggs and canned goods here and there.   And the latest thing is "who wants to go in on a cow"???  lol

Well of course we are in.  We are getting a 1/4 of a cow.  So we've been trying to eat up the biggest things in the freezer to make room.  We've been eating good lately with ham, roast, and turkey.  lol
Then somebody backed out on their 1/4, so that 1/4 came open and George's sister is going to take that.  We won't get it until November.  And I hope it doesn't fall while we are in Texas b/c we won't be able to get it while we are gone.  I suppose they can hold it for us but I'm not sure.  I'm praying that doesn't happen.  <----I've been trained to plan, and be aware of what can go wrong so it can be prevented ahead of time which I think aids to me being called negative.   But I'm trained that way. lol
It's a survival technique of sorts.  I'm not going to worry over it - but I am going to bring up the question. 

We are very excited about all the cuts of meat we'll get from the cow.  They are going to package it two by two on things like burgers, steaks, and so forth. 

It's an Angus cow.  Matter of fact it's Cow #3.  I haven't seen a picture and I don't want to.  I love animals.  I eat cow all the time but it gets more personal when you give it a number.  If it had a name I'd have to rethink it.  But it's very humbling because I tried to consider how many cows I personally have consumed over the course of my life. I mean each burger or steak or beef stew or roast came from some cow.  What if you could see a line up of all the cows that you ate from?  That would mean even more cows!  And I immediately said a spiritual "thank you" for them feeding me. Even though it wasn't at their will, they still fed me.  The cow died so I could keep living and be sustained. And that made me think of Christ dying on the cross.  A spiritual holy being dying for my spiritual side to continue.  Something clicked.  I always wondered why someone had to die to keep another thing living in the spiritual sense.  I mean God is God so I always wondered why God just couldn't save us without anyone having to sacrifice anything.  I guess the way I was explained it was the blood saves us.  But now that I think of it physically - I can see it more clearly spiritually.  This cow dying - giving it's blood (it's life) for me to be sustained in a physical sense, is much like what Christ did for us in a spiritual sense.  Blood sacrificing for life. 

But wait, we aren't even on to pigs yet.  lol  Just kidding. 

We have such a line up of a list of things to do this weekend.  It makes me want to ignore my list.  lol  But will do the best we can.  At least we have more time this weekend.

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken made it back home ok. 

My sister and her family are headed to Florida.

My sister in law and brother in law are headed to Hawaii today.

My friends Lisa and Don are on a cruise over into Italy and Greece.

My friends Lisa and Lou are up in Wisconsin. 

George and I are holding down the state of TN I guess as everyone left it.  lol lol lol  I noticed the traffic was very light yesterday.  I guess a lot of places are on fall break.  Hallelujah.  Because the traffic has really been so much worse this year - too many people moving out this way.  It now takes close to an hour to get to work.  I leave at 7 and barely get myself in the door by 8.  It's hard to leave any earlier than that with me doing dog duty! 

Well, better go get my shake fixed so I can do this two mile walk.  It's not far but registration starts in 20 minutes! 

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  1. Hi love. It's me Sybil I have got into your you can see. I'm up to date as well with the news...I keep your blog title and type it out each time....there must be an quicker way but Ive not found it yet..other blog I have a kind of app for it/them.....anyway glad alls well. Wonder how the walk went. Were you able to take the dogs with you ? Would be a nice walk for's now 10pm. I'm away to bed now it's been a long day. Night night. God Bless. Xxxx


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