Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tugie, Maisy, and "Whatever"

Here's Ms. Tugie.  Lately Maisy and Roger have been getting all the attention.  Tugie needs some.  She is a sweet old girl.  17 and rapidly heading to 18 as best as I can count.  We are going to have to give her some benedryl as she itches and scratches but I need to check and make sure it won't interfere with her heart meds.  Bless her.  

It cracks me up when I'm watching my shows and look over and she is staring at me and watching me just like I am her TV.  lol  

She is a sweet girl too.  Follows me everywhere.  We are buddies.  

Well yesterday was an ok day.  The realms of the devil tried everything he could to upset my day yesterday but he could not upset me.   I flicked my own intended schedule into the sunset and assumed a schedule that had originally been assigned to two others but finally fell to me. 

 So what? My agenda for the day was pretty much blown.  The devil did accomplish that - which really impacts other people instead of me because I was less available and needs that others have from me are now on a waiting list for a bit longer.

I will admit to feeling a tiny bit exasperated and much like a feather in the wind.  But I had a great day despite it. Just rolled my eyes at it and said "whatever".  And was able to get away from the norm of the day and make it a good one.  

 Like I said it's really everyone else that will suffer and wait on things with me being behind.  So now the delay is 1 day longer.  So be it. 

Anyway I'm as behind as a turtle on a hot summer's day on a country road behind a huge tractor of hay.  But that is ok.  It is what it is.  If I can be patient with the process, so can everyone else. Right now, they have no choice. ;-)

And then the day was over in a blink.  And I came home and we talked to Katy and George fixed a beef pot roast with carrots and taters.  I watched my You Tube shows:  Keep Your Daydream, Gone with the Wynns, and Have Wind Will Travel. 

Then it was time for bed. 

Lots of rain around the last few days.  Our grass is huge but there has been no opportunity for George to mow as it's been wet or raining when we have been home. 

I did not do the team call last night.  We were eating late.  It's very hard to do the team calls and fit them in.  I also wanted to finish watching my shows.  So I'm still trying to get the down time from the weekend that I didn't get as we were so busy and gone the whole weekend.  I have to have a bit of down time or I will combust.  So it was nice to have that. 

Well today I have a goal of booking our hotel in Hot Springs on both ends of our Texas trip.  I've not had time to do that yet but need to get on it. 

Lisa J and I have been discussing the Phoenix trip some.  They were going, then not going, and now I think they are going again.  So I am relieved.  I want to go but don't really care to go by myself.  I don't think I'd have as much fun that way. 

Anyway, need to get off and get ready and go to work.  Much to do.  Obviously.  Ya'll have a good Wednesday.  At noon we'll be sliding into the weekend.  George and I are doing a Walk for Life this weekend as part of my trying to incorporate exercise into my life.  It's a fundraiser event for Crisis Pregnancy Care Center so we'll hit two birds with one stone.  I hate that phrase, but you know what I mean anyway. lol

So here's to the day...hold those coffee cups up high..."cheers". 


  1. Cheers to you ! You did a great job of making your day a great one. Nice to hear the positivity in your words. They say when you cannot change what happens then you have to change your thinking. Your sweet lovable dogs are so cute and I always like to see pictures of them. It's been raining a lot here too. A very large thunder clap woke me up early this morning. Hopefully if will all clear out mid day. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Adorable fur babies. Enjoy your “walk for life” . Great cause!!!


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