Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Turning from Associate to Consultant and Sharing Nutrition with Others

Well, Sunday was a key change for me.  And my confidence is getting better as far as being able to come out of my shell and tell people about nutrition and what it can do for them.  And have them listen and hear it and understand it and then want to see for themselves.  It's just key and such an excitement to have your first customer to enroll in the system.  And you know how it is going to change their life.  The thrill you get from knowing you are going to have an impact on another's life.  

And then to get paid for it is awesome.  I was willing to share it w/o getting paid and Lisa said "turn on your associate" button so as you share it, you can get credit and start building the BV (Business Volume) points.  I even get credit for my teams BV that I'm on the same leg with - for those under Lou - technically Lisa enrolled me as I work with her but she put me under Lou.  I'm still not sure how it totally works as I'm still learning but money starts coming from various avenues.  lol The comp plan is awesome. I had to have two customers worth of BV's before becoming consultant when I could get paid.  Once I had a customer sign up and met 300 BV on one leg and 600 BV on another I cycled.  It took 3 customers really as I had two customers that did not order packs but together their purchases added up to enough to get me to consultant.  Well my gosh - I cycled 5 times with my built up BV and about to cycle the 6th time.  ha. 

And my transformation picture I shared on Facebook has really sent people asking how I did this.  And my schedule is filling up at night now with conversations and 3 way calls and connecting.  

I talked with the corporate office help line and they are so friendly.  I mainly wanted to see when I needed to do my maintenance photos for the health challenge.  But asked a couple of questions.  And they send you an email to enroll in "IsaWallet" - isn't that cute?  And then you get a Visa card that becomes your business account where you get paid each week.  You can transfer it  or use it as a debit card I think.  Anyway this is good b/c it is a clean way to track what happens since this is a business.  

I'm delighted to have met this goal and being on the other side of that break thru which seemed to take forever - has just made it seem more possible.  So now on to new goals and keep sharing.  It's crazy but I believe in this so much.  Why stop now?  I'm not giving up.  

And I had to save this pic of our Katy from Instagram.  Love this pic of her and Findlay! 

I smile to see this b/c for sooooooo long she wanted her own puppy.  I took over Tugie and George took over Roger.  She now has her own with no interference from us.  She was VERY scared when she lived with us for a while that Findlay would start to claim us as her master so she wanted to still feed her and take her out.  But Findlay is very much hers!  Love to see the bond with her and her pet.  

Well, off of here to go to the day job.  I spent the evening following up on lots of IM's where people were interested.  I still couldn't get to everyone.  I have a 7 p.m. tonight to explain the system and help someone with their goals.  And an 8 p.m. conf call with our team - our weekly call.  I think my name gets mentioned.  ;-)  I did my follow ups to send my friend Kathy who enrolled - what she needs to get started.  I want us to talk when she gets her box!  There is a checklist just like I have for work when a new person starts- that tells me what to do to help/coach my new person.  ;-)   So now I have a team building!  And that is exciting too.  

And George may be my next customer - for his vitamins.  He's looking at it.  We did it before but I was erroneous in telling him it was for a month - but it's 60 days instead of 30.  lol  Makes a huge difference so we are looking at it again.  Once I add him as a customer, I can order some on his for BV if needed to cycle and can manipulate that a bit if I'm close to cycling.

Sorry to rattle on but you know that is what the blog is for - to rattle on!  

And I'm looking forward to having my Pumpkin shake this morning.  ;-) 


  1. Congrats ! and it's nice to hear of your enthusiasm in what you are doing. A day and a night job is going to make you a very busy person, but if it's something you love to do it's not really work they say. Hope you have a great day! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. congratulations on becoming a consultant. things are moving along for you. this is all positive. katy looks sweet with findlay.


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