Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Updating the Bucket List for Fall through December

Well it's hard to see, but there was the OLD list.  We did a lot and we didn't do a lot.  I did all the goals I'd set for the business:  the 90 day plan was gone through, the Mind and Body Program completed, My Challenge was completed and I started a new one and I made my Vision Board, and went to an event.  A lot of things laid the ground work there.  I should set some new goals since I managed to hit all those.  I hit all the ones that I could control.  

Here's the Fall/Early Winter Bucket List which goes through December:

I know I began writing really small and need to get bigger with it.  I  also rolled over the things we want to still try to do that we didn't from the last bucket list. 

__Try a new recipe
__Do Candlelight Yoga
__Have fondue
__Lift weights (my arms)
__Go for a Fall Walk
__Go to a Flea Market
__George to binge watch Star Trek 
__Lose 10 more lbs (both of us)
__Clean 3 windows (we never get to this)
__Visit a new winery
__Visit a new brewery
__Use the Carabba Card
__Go to an Indian restaurant in MJ
__Visit gun range
__Cycle for the 1st Time (business)
__Check into RV rentals
__Go to Whole Foods
__Christmas Shop in Franklin/Cool Springs
__Sonya Finish 3 books (including audio ones)
__Go to TX and see Katy
__Go to Whole Foods
__Christmas Shop in Franklin
__Fix Coq Au Vin
__Plan Thanksgiving 
__Use Applebee's card
__Index Card Project
__Sip and Snack Event
__Celebrate Anniversary
__Play Sheep Game
__Fix George's Fender
__Have ring cleaned
__George's Permanent Job
__Fix Pork Stew
__Sonya's Marketing Strategy
__Christmas shop at Opry Mills
__Sonya clean out iphone photos
__Fix Prime Rib
__Sonya do Isa Training Center
__Eat at Lakeview Thai
__Shop with Susan at Pop Up Boutique
__Plan a Christmas dinner
__Christmas Shop Hendersonville
__Fix Brisket
__Shop in Lebanon
__Sonya Finish Isabody Challenge
__Sonya Receive $200 product bonus for finishing last challenge
__Sonya receive $45 product bonus for finishing Mind and Body program
__Sonya clear out AOL emails
__3 Clean up Nites in basement (3hours)
__Buy 2019 Isagenix Planner
__Learn the Comp Plan
__Shop Providence for Christmas
__Plan Halloween outing
__Fix Soup (Sonya)
__Start new Isabody Challenge
__Turn in Maintenance Photos for last Challenge
__Fix Chili
__Do Something Fun with Mom
__Sip and Shop Event in October
__Sonya download graphics
__Plan Phoenix Trip
__Set Daily IPA's (Income producing Activities)

So there ya have it.  Looks like a lot of shopping, a lot of good eating, eating out and doing the business.  I could be wrong but I don't expect the fourth quarter to be too active in the business thing because of the holidays, but who knows.  I do expect a surge at the first of the year when everyone is suddenly wanting to take care of themselves after the holiday.  Personally, I'm glad to have the vitamins, the shakes, the Ionix and snacks and cleanse day to get me THROUGH the holidays with no damage!  

Anyway that is about it.  I guess I better get going.  It's a work day today.  And it's going to be a busy one.  Although the TRUTH is there is only ONE of me (thank goodness, lol) to go around.  So only so many hours of availability for me to do things for people.  It IS what it is.  Pick a number and wait and we'll call your number when you are up, lol! One thing is for sure - you cannot split yourself into two and be successful to live to tell about it anyway. 

So yeah, lots of things accomplished, finished, and done over the weekend.  I have pretty much set my activities for the week nights as well.  

And I'm going to get off and go do the "day job".  Ya'll have a great week ahead.  Yay it's only a 4 day week!  I do have some fun planned.  

Today I will "pray away" all the negative energy and people causing issues in our world.  Those in the Bible did it - so I can too.  God can handle it however he may, but when I ask him to intervene, He ALWAYS does.  So woe be to those causing issues.  <-----This makes me laugh and I guess it shouldn't, lol. 

Ya'll have a good day!  Leaving you with our breakfast from yesterday and George's beer "Calf Killer" brewing brand inside.  I had some of it.  It was good.  

Love the new growler Don and Lisa gave him.  It'll hold draft beer for up to two weeks!


  1. Oh my oh my, if you get half of your list accomplished you will have done wonderful and should be proud......but knowing you, you will still fret over the things you didn't do LOL......have you decided what's happening at Xmas this year, Do you think Kate will come home for Xmas ? I'm not sure how much holiday Cody will have..Kate will have the school.holidays I think......I'm not even sure if you have any extra days holiday at that time of year. Most people here have almost a week...depends a lot on which day Xmas falls on I suppose. Hope today has gone ok at work, as I write this I have a feeling you may be driving home hope the traffic is not to heavy. Drive safely, God Bless. Xxxx

  2. I've yet to make a fall bucket list. My slow and easy days got interrupted this week with an out of town funeral to attend and now I'm playing catch up. I'm trying to read blog posts I've missed. Looks like you did get a lot checked of for summer. That is good, some of those things are not seasonal so can be easily carried over. The new list makes it look like you are going to be very busy. I hope that fall brings much contentment and joy to your life. Happy Fall !


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