Sunday, September 16, 2018

Vet Trip for Maisy and an Anniversary Evening Out

I had time to do a few things in the a.m. but about 12:30 we went to take Maisy for her shots.  You can't get an appointment unless you wait months for it but you can go and sit and be worked in.  For a rabies shot, usually that is pretty quick, but we ended up getting several shots and they wanted to do an exam too - which we allowed.  More money for them right?  For us we get assurance our pet is doing well so we agreed. And then it was close to 2 when they saw us so it was a long wait.  

They found she had a heart murmur and bad periodontis <----I'm not sure how to spell it.  But she has very bad teeth which can impact the heart and other things.  Due to the heart murmur they don't recommend cleaning her teeth.  So lots of greenies for this one.  Her breath has always been "knock you out".  Mom lost a dog to have her teeth cleaned and so it's always been a traumatic thing to even think about.  So we won't be doing that unless she gets to the point that she will not eat.  Then it will become critical to try to save her.  oh.  Bless her.  

I'm shocked at how the hurricane kept spinning into place and so many places under water.  It looks like TN will get some of this as well - but not near the rain - looks like just a few rain bands at this point before it goes off somewhere else.  It's moved further inland at this point.  This was yesterday mid day.

So we were a little late getting started for our anniversary out since the vet took so long.  But it all worked out.  We just rearranged one of our stops.  I requested that we go to CZann's for a beer.  It's one of my fav's.  

And we always laugh at the price of the Frozen Meal.  Codes require they have a complete meal.  The also have added pizza and I'm sure that counts.  But they keep a frozen meal in the freezer in case anyone wants to buy it but they make the price so that no one does.  The price goes up every time the menu changes, lol.  We crack up. 

If you ask about it, they will show you the frozen meal.  It's still around.  lol  Someone said the veggies are gone out of it.  lol

So George got a growler of beer from them.  He used the growler that Don and Lisa gave him.  Oh my gosh, he loves this thing b/c it will hold beer for 2 weeks.  

Once they started filling it up, the owner, shown here, had to come over and talk to George about it.  

They only charged us for a reg growler, even when George told him the size - that was kind of the owner.  He knows we are in there once or twice a year and love the place.  We talk to him every time we go and he and George both have a friend in common.  We've told all sorts of people about them.  He is wanting to move the location and may come more toward us.  However, he is also looking at places in Nashville close to where our plant is now.  I wonder if he noticed my cringing my nose up. lol He said it's supposed to be an up and coming place.  But right now it's not.  If he goes there, I likely will not go any more.  It's Sodom and Gomorrah over there right now in that area.  Very high crime, drugs, shootings, theft, people can't drive b/c they are so high on whatever.  But I understand he's in kindof an odd spot downtown right now.  

Just showing the pretty blue skies on the way to dinner at Rolf and Daughters

Well, very nice place - the food is so awesome.  It's a little loud and people are all close to  you, but it's ok.  We loved it and enjoyed conversation with others.  You can't help but converse b/c of the asking of "what is that you ordered?" lol

We exchanged our cards.

George wrote down for me the name of his band he wants to have one day.  

A specialty cocktail is one of the favorites here.  They always have an interesting one.  This one had vodka and lavender in it.  Not sure what else.

The menu, which as you will see, is best explained by the waiter/waitress.

Cheers!  George had a very smoky drink with an orange peel.

Beef Tartar with thinly sliced green tomatoes.

This was an heirloom bean dish. 

This is the corn pasta.  The best dish I've ever had in my life.  We've had this before.  Oh my gosh.  

This was a pasta with blue crab and thai basil.  Very good also.

On the right - coconut and black sesame ice cream - oh so delicious.  The one on the left was a sour cream ice cream with chocolate gnosh <spelling? 

Then we went to Cork Dorks and bought some Italian wine and some rum.  George loves a good reason to go to this one.  They have a lot of interesting choices. A real Italian helped us pick good wines for the money.  And we got his business card as he will be teaching Italian cooking classes soon.  He was really nice.  He said he'd be bringing back some real Italian olive oil unlike what we have here.  Love the people we meet sometimes when we go out. 

And then we came home and watched a few YouTube shows and went to bed.  

We are going to church this morning so I need finish getting ready and make my shake before we head out.  Ya'll have a great day! 


  1. I'm so pleased you had such a great day on least after the rather sad news about our dear wee Maisie....I expect you have these chew sticks that are supposed to help, I can't get them for our Masy they are too big for her and she is a funny wee thing, she won't eat dog biscuits or most things that are for dogs !! Give her humid S food anytime LOL.......anyway after the gloomy part your day it sure brightened's great that you both like to drink various concoctions !!!...and great to meet new people you never saw before and getting into conversation.....long may it continue....after 28 years I think your a pretty stable couple xxxx

  2. Happy Anniversary ! You really do make the most of celebrating ! I can't believe how thin they sliced those green tomatoes on that one dish. You can see right through them. Sounds like a great day ! May you be blessed with many more !


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