Thursday, September 27, 2018

Water on a Duck's Back

I had my greens yesterday.  It looks like iced tea but it's actually greens with my ionix formula in it.  

Today I'll probably have my fruits, or either my grape hydrate.  Not sure which.  

I'm not even going to blog about yesterday.  It's hard to stay positive when you reflect on the day and see so many negativities and issues.  I don't want to cross some line that attracts trolls and would make them sin in their spins of it.  So I'll leave yesterday alone.  

Everyone seems to be out to "expose" or "derail" everyone these days. You really have to be careful.  However, I have decided to just be myself and not worry and if someone spins me wrong, they just do and I will tattle to God and let him tear hold of the situation.  Works pretty good so far.  In the mean time, I see others who get all torn up over it.  I feel bad and try to help them using the podcasts and scripture.  

The podcasts are awesome.  It's helping me to get rid of the negative thoughts and release things you wonder about but don't know.  When your mind starts to go down a path of uncertainty, or trying to zap your confidence, or give you periods of doubt, you can stop the thoughts immediately by asking yourself a few questions.  The devil wants us to be unhappy and the minute we are happy he is looking for ways to tarnish it.  I've always known that.  And he is really trying hard to wreck me this week.  But I know who holds my world.  And the devil and his schemes is not going to wreck my spirit.  It's only making me stronger as I bask in the word of God and these podcasts that tell me "you are enough", "you do matter" and "you are loved".   I can see a difference knowing these things and using these things.  

So I'm letting go of frustrations.  I'm moving toward my goals.  I realize the world is out of control and I won't be able to control it.  But I can control me.  I can be the captor of my own thoughts.  I will be good to myself.  It's not selfish but self-care.  If you don't care for yourself you will never care for others right?  If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others.  

So while the old me would love to dissect yesterday and tear apart this and that and give my judgment on the day - I'll refrain and let it go.  And it wasn't a bad day just busy - but I don't want to attract trolls and so forth.  There's enough of that already, lol. 

But when the negative thoughts come to mind, such as "Oh no, does this mean this?"  Or "So in so didn't speak to me, did I do something wrong?"  Or "Is this person doing this to me on purpose or is it just a fluke?"  All that kind of stuff.  I'm very sensitive and God has given me the abilities to clue in on things - I think some call it "insight".  It can be a good talent or a bad one.  I think I have about a 70 to 80 % accuracy rate on my insight meter.  One can never know for sure b/c you often do not get the reveal to know if you were right or not.  But I get these feelings.  I think that each of them have merit to something but don't always play out to the point my mind takes it.  So I really have decided to stop my analytical mind from speculating and wondering.  That is really what this is all about.  I'll use that energy somewhere else.  I'll let God handle that from now on.  so when the negative talks come - whether it's wondering about something else or bad self talk to myself - like "you are such an idiot" or "they are thinking this about you" - I'm stopping myself there with a few questions.  

"Why are thinking this?" And keep drilling down by asking Why til you get to the root.  You will learn a lot about yourself and your sub psyche is sending you a message that you need to deal with.  You have to figure out what it is.  Yeah normally there is not enough thought space in the day to be able to think beyond much of anything because the next interruption is happening.  So when I say sometimes that I was so busy to have my own thoughts - that is often true.  I get in my car and realize - Wow - I can have a thought of my own now!  lol  Sometimes it even catches me off guard.  Then I'll get home and George will say "did you give thought to this or that?"  Ummmm, no - I don't get to really have many thoughts of my own during the day.  lol 

Anyway, I listened to an app this morning that sends a little "video" link to my mail.  This mornings is:  You are Called to Holiness

You can click the link there above and check it out.  This comes from downloading the app "Abide" and it is really good - this is the free one.  It's very helpful.  It will give you a 3 min meditation (devo) and a prayer.  The voice is soothing.  It's also good to do at night.  I've done it at lunch before too when I just needed to release a few things. 

So Yay, I got through today without being negative.  When the world around you IS negative, it's really hard not to spout off about it.  After all, this blog is a journaling of what happened to me yesterday.  It's kinda sad not to be able to share it - bad or good.  But for the sake of the trolls and it leading others to sin with their spin - and for the sake of me wanting to be positive - I won't talk about the negativity I'm around a lot.  Instead I'm gonna let it roll off like water on a duck's back. 


  1. There are definitely times we just have to SMILE and move on and you made a good choice when you decided to leave the negative behind and put the accent on the positive. No matter what happens, we do know who has control! Being confident is all about belief and faith. Sounds like you may have had a BIG hump to go over yesterday, but YAY we can now slide right into the weekend once more. May today be better than your yesterday ! Keep the faith and believe !

  2. The world is full of negative people. I gave up on them years ago and it gave me freedom. I am positive and easy going in my life. Love my friends and family non judgmental unless the person is a complete idiot. You will find your freedom when you let goof the negative


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