Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone.  Hope your day today is safe and happy!  I'm dressing up and we are having a goody day at work.  Should be a fun day. 

Happy to say that I am a lot better.  Prayers being answered.  Nothing is yet perfected but we are getting there I think.  Still deciding about cleanse day tomorrow or if I should hold off til next week on that too.

So I had a hair appointment yesterday and had to be there at 5.  I didn't get home until 7:45 ish.  So it took a while to get color and cut.  And I'm more blonde!  ;-) 

So I need to get off of here early today to get dressed.  I have a lot to get ready and pack in the car.  And have to do eerie hair and make up today.  Also George and I have plans tonight so at some point will have to redo my face and hair.  lol I'm not staying in costume for dinner and shopping. And most likely will come out of the wig pretty early b/c I am not sure I can work in the thing.  lol

Well, ya'll have a good one.  What are you doing for Halloween today?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Happy Medium. (Doesn't get much better than this.)

Always rushing.  But everything is better today.  Yay!  Double Yay.  I don't plan to add the shakes back until probably next Monday and we will see how that goes.  Nothing is perfect as of yet.  But better.  I had indigestion last night though as we had a huge bowl of roast beef and veggies.  It was way too much for me and was late when we ate as I had a business call at 6:30.  With our system - I normally do not have indigestion but with cutting back on shakes and supplements - it happened last night.  I can't wait to get back on everything b/c it's my vitality that keeps me going.  Hopefully this has just been a bug or an imbalance.  And we'll see if life can't be back to normal next week.

Til then I'm going to try not to go crazy on comfort foods.  lol  So last night I was up around 2 ish and sat on the sofa with a quilt around me waiting for the Nexium to kick in, praying and miserable - hoping not to throw up.  I prayed for comfort and healing - and God provided both.  He made the situation go away and sent Maisy to me for comfort.  She came down the hall, jumped on the sofa with me and licked my face and then wanted a tummy rub.  I asked her to give me one b/c I was the one with the upset tummy but she would not comply. lol  I told her it was "time for seepy" - I call it "seepy" in my  baby voice.  She quits begging for tummy rubs when I tell her it's time for seepy.  So after a few minutes I told her we needed to go back to bed.  I snoozed twice.  Hard to get up of course.  But feel pretty good this morning and happy things are going toward normal.  Normal is happy.  lol  Otherwise one browses the internet looking for what other dreaded disease they must have. 

I also had a hot flash so heated that I opened my eyes from my sleep and expected to see flames.  I normally do not have hot flashes.  Normally I am cold.  It was brief and I was half asleep.  I wasn't hot but it was just a wave of heat that flashed over me.  Weird.

Anyway, I've got to run - this takes on new meaning these days.  lol  Not sure why I have not used that line before with all the issues taking form.  You have to laugh that in our prayer meeting yesterday I asked for prayers for some "issues" I was having.  Since I'm pretty close to most - and have had issues for two weeks - and have been worried - two or three knew what I meant and cracked up laughing out loud.  I'm pretty sure that my issues were not prayed over - probably for fear of cracking up during prayer - but there was a catch phrase of "If I have missed anything, Lord you know what that is".   I did actually thank God for when issues occur that we are able to laugh and find humor amidst the trial of it all.  Actually not sure when I've laughed as hard.  It's not funny but yet it is.  It's been funny at home too. 

And this is a reality blog so you get the real poop scoop on everything as they say! 

And as the World Turns, one can't help but smile at normal regularity when it occurs.  Lord help us as we age.   I doubt it gets any better.  The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other.   And we'll forever be seeking The Happy Medium!

Monday, October 29, 2018

A Few Issues Lingering and Looking at Fridges

Good morning!  Sitting here enjoying my coffee, avocado toast (whole grain).  The issues are not completely resolved.  We were heading for the better and had a slight relapse.  I did some research on line and having too MUCH protein can give you an imbalance.  And I'm going to discontinue the shakes for a few days and see if it makes a difference as someone suggested yesterday.  If the situation goes away and then when I add them back in - it happens again - we'll know.  I suppose I should begin keeping a journal of what is eaten. I got better enough in the last two days that I feel confident it is just an imbalance thing.  So unless there is any other symptoms, I'll continue letting the OTC try to do it's thing and list my diet before getting a doctor's help.   I was in such a good mood yesterday b/c I thought it had gone away (and did) but it came back so we'll eliminate the shakes as that has really been the only constant common denominator that I can think of.  I could have developed a lactose intolerant situation.  So unfortunately I am going to have to eliminate the shakes just to see if that is causing the issues.  They are high in protein as are the bars.  So we'll see.  The other option is some type of virus thing that is hanging on.  I just want to get better.  I've prayed for days.  But it is still here so God has some reason.  Anyway, it impacts my mood b/c 1)  Worry about what is going on 2) If it is the nutrition that has been helping me I'm going to be severely dismayed and feel like giving up b/c it has made me feel so good for so long.  3)  It will impact my plans in a big huge way.  So a lot is at stake trying to figure this out.  Much like anything else, I'm really wanting to know what the deal is, and I want to know NOW!  

God says we should be content in all circumstances though.  So I will go about my day as I normally do and work for Him, and try to do what I can and focus on getting better and figuring out what is going on with me.   I should be enjoying thinking about Texas now instead of worrying about all this stuff.  It kinda makes me angry but what can you do?  The devil is always trying to mess with whatever it is you have going on.  To hell with him.  lol  I think I can say that since that is where he'll be anyway. 

So yesterday was nice but it seemed like it would be this HUGE day that we had and I had visions of getting so much done.  Laundry was done, changed the sheets on the bed, ordered some earrings from Etsy that were cute and had a "wooden" look to them.  ;-)  I finished printing out some business receipts, did the blog entry, worked on the kitchen some, planned with George some, went to Walmart to get the hot dogs and buns and prizes for our Halloween contest, dropped George's car off to be fixed.  

Oh, and we were going to go Wednesday night to look at fridges but while Lowe's was so close to Walmart we went in and looked at the refrigerators.  We found one we love - it's a cadillac of fridges for sure but not one with the internet display on the front.  But one with the extra door on the front.  It is a bit taller than ours so we are not sure we can do it unless it has a thing on the bottom that adjusts for height.  George said some fridges come with that for that reason.  The other thing is that we have some of the bottom of the cabinet that is "extra" that can be carved out if needed.  So we'll see. We really want that one for the extra door on the front that you reach in through for wine, water, etc.  

If you hit the button on the door handle, it will only open up that one section of the fridge for a quick reach in from the front.  If you don't hit the button the whole fridge door will open! 

Anyway, I need to go so I can hurry off to work.   Always in a hurry.  I did an Isagenix order yesterday too.  And by the time we got back from our excursion and Walmart, it was about time to eat.  I did try on my Halloween costume.  I'm not as excited about it now.  But I'm not going to go spend a lot of money on it.  Then it was time for dinner.  Our pot roast was good as was our cornbread.  George was the cook of course.  Enjoyed it.  No cleanse day today.  Not until whatever is going on ceases.  Not good to have a cleanse day when something like that is going on.  I've planned one for Thursday but we'll see. 

Anyway, I will need to drink a lot of liquids today and try to stay hydrated.  Off to work I go. More tomorrow!  

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Flea Market Madness, Foreign Food Markets, the Business and Other Issues

This old house is at the end of our neighborhood.  I often wonder what the story is behind it.  Who lived there and what was their life like.  Did they farm?  And so forth.  And what was our neighborhood like back then when someone lived here - was it a dirt road with cows?  lol

George and I had an early morning.  We went to take his car to Usery's garage.  George drove by and saw they were open but then by the time we went to take his car there, they were closed.  So Usery doesn't get the business this time.  We've tried for two weekends to get the RAV4 to his shop.  He's not open when we are off.  So off to the other place in town that we go.  Both trustworthy.  We will take it today and drop it off and George will stop on the way to work tomorrow and leave instructions.

So then we went to the Flea Market in downtown Nashville.  I cannot believe I didn't take pictures but:  1) I was worried about what was going on with me  2)  To take any pics would be to take pics of a lot of other people too and I don't like doing that.  3) I was all wrapped up in a rain coat and bulky.  For the same reason as not wanting to get my camera out were a lot of the same reasons I didn't want to buy much of anything. We did buy a few things.  But there was just a glutton load of people.  lol  I knew it would be crowded but at times it was even hard to move.  You are always in someone's way or someone is in your way.  I guess I just wasn't in the mood for a crowd.  Sometimes it can be fun.  But I was cold and wet and grew grumpier as the day went on.  That was the down sides.  The fun sides is that in the buildings where it was warm and not raining, it was fun to see the nostalgia.  

The real interesting time was that we found a cafe with seating and for comfort food sake - I got a cheeseburger.  That oughta plug up any remaining issues!  lol So I even added fries since I hadn't had any and they were the good thick kind like you get at restaurants.  Was thinking someone would be finished at their table by the time we got our order.  

Nope.  So there we were with order, wrapped in rain garb with packages and my big heavy purse.  Two big ole' barges trying to find a place to sit.  George scored a seat outside the restaurant on a bench.  I took my rain coat off as the rain had come to a fine mist only.  I used my rain coat to sit on to keep my back end from getting wet.  I think George just sat on the rainy bench straight out.  We put packages b/w us and purse b/w my feet and I sat and ate.  

Well, my burger was half raw - certainly red in the center and I get mine well done.  Now I was worried that my tummy issues would be even more of an issue.  I ate most of it due to starvation, lol.  And the fries were a God send.  But a gust of cold wind blew as if it were a devil blown straight out of the Andes mountains and the gust went for my napkins and blew them down the way.  I let them blow.  I was not able to get up quickly.  I'd have tossed everything.  During the time we ate a guy with a trash can parked his load right next to us.  Really?  Smelly garbage while I try to eat my God send of a burger and fries?    He must have read my mind.  He left.  

Oh no I forgot ketchup.  Oh well.  George, knowing I was about at witts end, went and lovingly retrieved ketchup as he had inhaled his burger in his uncomfortable wet seating arrangement.  And then I hurriedly dipped and ate my fries as the gentle rain came back and the cold wind blew.  How miserable.  I think that was probably the most miserable of meals that I have ever had.  I finally decided enough that I was done and I didn't even eat all of it.  So I went to throw my plate away - and of course the trash man was no where near.  Of course not.  George had me stay with packages and he threw it away.  I was relieved to throw on my coat again.  And we found an inside building to walk through to warm up.  

I tried to enjoy the rest of the time but really had visions of warm PJ,s a lazy boy and a book.  lol  We did manage to see some interesting things so it wasn't all miserable.  I did not enjoy the outside though as it was really cold and wet.  But the inside became more pleasant as we warmed up.  We did buy a few things. 

I was glad to leave and get to the car.  We went to the Asian Market next - well I call it that but it's really the Bangkok Market.  It's in Nashville off of the Harding exit and kinda hidden around the area where the I 440 interchange is. 

I was happy and warm again and not bombarded with wall to wall people.  So I took some pics. 

So we went to Black Abby after that.  We had a coupon for buy one and get one free beer.  When does that ever happen?

Happy faces back on and I realized that had not any issues!  ;-)  

And we had a good time there watching a family play Jenga and it got really tall and fell eventually and all the kids squealed with glee and laughter.  It was cute.  We laughed too.  We planned a few things and talked.  We looked things up in Hot Springs to see what we wanted to do there in a few weeks when we head there on the way to and from TX.  

And we went to eat at Applebees nearby b/c we had a card there.   All of our day was in this one area.  I called it our "Harding Area Excursion". 

I picked a meal with fewest calories.  

And discovered they had a dessert called "brownie bite".  A small serving.  Oh yeah.  Hit the spot.

Then we went to a Russian market that was nearby.  Aleksy's.  Take a peek at the caviar.  Woah!  No we did not buy any.

George did buy some kind of meat there from the deli.

He loves grocery stores and breweries of all kinds.

This is in the same parking lot as the Applebee's restaurant.

You could tell how dark the day was.  

We DID buy Tugie a tee shirt at the flea market for $5.  We have another outfit for her too which is even warmer. T shirt material is good b/c it breathes better. 

I need 3 or 4 more.  So maybe she can have some to swap out until I can get laundry done.   
I'm thinking two days in a shirt will be good.  It seems to help her a bit.  She gave me a kiss when I put it on her as if to say she knew what I was doing for her.  She never minded us dressing her up when she was younger. 

Well, George and I rested when we got back home last night each doing our own things.  I watched some of my YouTube shows.  And went to bed at 9:30.  George read.  And this morning I got up around 5:30 or 6.  I began on the laundry and cleaning kitchen.  When I got to my desk, George wanted to plan a bit over the next month or so to align our calendars. 

So, I'm supposed to pick out my Apple Watch very soon.  
We are going to get our new fridge after Texas b/c we don't have time to deal with it.  We are going to go look at them the night of Halloween though.  lol We do odd things at odd times. 

I'm truly excited about both of those things. 

I have also had to look at when we will have time to decorate for Christmas.  Next weekend I'll begin bringing things upstairs and trying to organize or start the transition from removing the fall items - to dusting and then placing the Christmas items.  Because of our Texas trip we will be more behind than ever putting it up.  I want it up when the season begins.  Once it begins it's here and we will be all over the place trying to shop and wrap and do parties.  I can't do all at once and work too. 

Someone had asked about our sleep support spray.  We have a lot of products that are a part of our nutrition and wellness system.  We have immunity products and energy products and healthy aging products as well.  You can check out the link above called "Transform your Life" which leads to a video and you can see what it is about.  And email me from that same website if you want me to help you with your goals and see if this is something that will help you.  You can also earn some really good money from it just from sharing with two people and helping those share with two people.  The comp plan is amazing.  I didn't even want to do this until people were interested.  I've not even been sharing that much or that often and have money coming in.  I can't imagine what would happen if I really worked at it.  lol  I mainly enjoy it and glad it's helping me and if I can help others too then I'm glad. 

Someone wondered if the system had been the cause of my issues.  I really don't think so.  I've been it on it for a while now and it never had caused any of those issues.  But I did have a frozen meal that was supposed to be all natural and such and I'm wondering if something went awry with that.  I also didn't keep it frozen like it suggested. I usually let it thaw and heat it by lunch time.  It was almost like a bacterial thing.  And then I could not get it regulated.  So I'm more back to normal life than I have been in a while.  I finally took ProBiotics and some other OTC meds, along with tumeric, cinnamon, and ginger pills.  I did not have major issues yesterday nor today.  So things are returning to normal.  Not perfect but more normal than they have been as long as we keep going in the right direction.  

So still have a lot to do but I managing to get most of it done!  My new 2019 calendar came in.  I am excited to begin planning some of my marketing campaigns for 2019 which will be directed toward the building of my specific team in this business.  I'll be looking for specifically selected candidates that I want to be a part of my team and build the business in this health/care wellness business with me.  I also will be joining a gym and will be having to shake things about next year with my schedule and in life itself.  January kicks the fun off with NYKO in Phoenix.  It is going to be an amazing year.  And one of transformations of several kinds.   I'm looking forward to it.  

Til then I'm going to enjoy each day and do what I can and when I can.  I'm also going to take the down time when I need it and family time as well.  It's a lot to pack in.  I've learned a lot and have prepped well, and have made some progress without even half way having the time to try.  So next year we'll be bumping it up a notch or two in many ways and in many places.  

January 2019 also brings the RV show!  I will get to go to my first RV show.  I love RV's so much I ought to be selling them.  lol  Anyway, I'm really looking forward to that show.  I want  to make a list as well and figure out what all I want to see so I make sure it is meaningful.  I also want to see if any of my favorites on YouTube will be there.  I doubt it but there will be a meeting of them if they are.  

See my side bar for shows on YouTube that I watch. I watch RV'ers and also those out there sailing the world.  I doubt I will do the latter.  But the lifestyle intrigues me.  I think I was meant to be free out there in the world.  And at 55 I've finally decided to go for this dream. But it'll take me a little bit to accomplish.  I've seen several others do it so I know it's possible.  I want become financially free and be able to see the things I want to see.  I will do this.  People on our team are already doing it!  It's very exciting.

And I'll leave on that point.  And will finish doing some things around here before we head to the store.  I have to get buns and hot dogs for work next week.  I am busy tomorrow night with the business and Tues night get my hair cut/colored (I'm adding more blonde).  And Wed is Halloween and that is when we need the hot dogs for.  And Wed night George and I go out so I'll have to come in and change - lol!  I just now thought of that.  I will have George take a pic of me dressed up.  
I've got to practice my outfit.  I hope it works. 

Well, I need to go.  We have such weird weather.  It was so cold yesterday.  This morning it was warm and mild and now it's warm and windy - like really windy.  Crazy.  George is fixing a roast for tonight.  But better go get my shower in.  

Take care. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mission BBQ, Some Scary Halloween Treats, and other ISSUES!

Had a nice brisket meal yesterday at Mission BBQ at Opry Mills Mall at lunch with (gasp) mac and cheese and green beans.  I did the mac n cheese from a comfort standpoint.  Normally I have backed off of that kind of eating.  I am still with tummy issues.  And finally went to over counter for help -with the help of my pharmacist who says that at this long I should see a doctor.  But I will do over the counter for the weekend and if no improvement will see my doc on Monday. 

  I have no other symptoms but just "issues" lol.  I feel like it is a system imbalance or bacteria I've come in contact with in something I've eaten, but I have bought a probiotic and Align to stop the "issues".  I'm ready for normal life I tell you!  And couldn't do without my "Hydrate" drink with Isagenix to help keep me with the nutrients I'm losing.

 Mission BBQ was great, And we stood up at Noon and hand on heart, face the flag while the National Anthem was sung.

I saw this on instagram yesterday.  A Mom on there that I follow took a stick, marshmellows, and melted caramel and made some ear wax sticks for Halloween.  lol 

I went to the store after work and got a few things I needed.  And I was getting dehydrated b/c I'd had more caffeine than water, and had not had my Hydrate yesterday.  I felt bad when I got home going into dehydration (tired/cold)  - drank some water and some hydrate and a glass of wine (which was not helpful in that respect but thought it might help the tummy). 

Instead of getting start on any "to do" lists, I sat on the sofa and Tugie came to my lap and hopped on -and never does this.  She was shivering so George got her a blanket and we snuggled for a bit and Roger wanted on my right and Maisy on my left.  It was nice. 

I had been craving steak and George had wanted to satisfy me and was preparing steak.  I was still full from the brisket and with the issues was not sure how that would be.  I could not eat all - only like a 1/4 of it, and we had baked potato which I at all of, and Stauffer's creamed spinach.  And a salad. 

Maisy girl was ready for me to go to bed.  Bed felt good.  Sleep was good.  I woke up at 1:30 and was awake but I had my Sleep Spray so 3 squirts under the tongue and I was back to sleep and slept til 6.   

We have a few plans this morning and I'll share those plans with you tomorrow.

Please pray for my gut issues.  :-O  I really need some relief.  I've not ever had anything like this.  Usually the opposite issues.  

I just want to be able to enjoy life!  

Ya'll take care and have a good Saturday. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

"We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Program......"

It is a rainy day today.  Was gloomy yesterday as well.  A little better.  Not a lot better, but I'll take a little.  Have had to interrupt this post 3 times!  So I'm not going to continue to try to write it.  I've also erased 3 times what I've written so it sounds like I just need to give it up for the day.  Hope you all have a wonderful one.  I'll try to do the same.  Just trying to cope with this tummy issue and focus on getting this out of my system whatever it is that I've eaten or whatever virus I've had.  It is lingering.  Better, but lingering.  Thank goodness no nausea.  Anyway, ya'll have a good Friday.  And at least it IS Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Productive Day

Wish I were off today to get some things done.  The more I do, the more I want to do, lol. 
So yesterday back at work - very very busy with needs and huge lots of emails.  Critical things done first and then on to the less critical.  Was a very busy one though. 

After work came home and had the evening to myself.  George's work group are having their big meeting here in town and then out to dinner after.  And again today.  We are happy he was invited to join them.  

This gave me the time I needed to work on the business.  I was able to connect with some folks and not only do I have a call this evening but also on next Monday evening.  So that is wonderful!  

I have also started my next challenge.  Which is just entering photos and your start weight.  It goes for 16 weeks I think.  Then you post after photos and weight and a short essay of what the system means to you.  You get a t-shirt, and $200 in free product. 

I also worked some on my index card project on a ring - my cheat notes.  lol  
I did a bit of laundry and washed dishes - whatever didn't fit in the dishwasher - so it was a productive night and I slept well. 

So they found a body at Centennial Hospital in the construction zone in Nashville.  I guess we walked right by it yesterday as our parking was right there at it.  Don't know all the details yet, but that is freaky.  

So glad Mom is ok!  Just continue to be thankful that she will not need further surgery.

I am still having issues with my tummy.  I thought it was better but not so much.  So I'm going to have to really get serious about having to fix this or figure out what is going wrong.  So I guess this weekend I'll be getting lots of yogurt, turmeric, and who knows what else.  This is odd - usually have the opposite issues.  lol  

Anyway, I am going to take myself to lunch today as I'm craving salmon!  I'm also craving a steak - which George says we can have soon!  I kinda liked doing Cleanse day Wednesday midweek instead of a Monday. 

Well, this week certainly has moved quickly.  I'm no longer worried about the car.  I was tired from not enough sleep from the night before and just needed rest I think.  We are looking into a better security system though.  So maybe it was someone just looking for an address and on the wrong street. Although our street signs are very clear and prominent.  The person didn't look like an evil person but it was weird how they were definitely checking out the house as if to see if someone home - but maybe they were looking for a street number on our house.  But why? Who knows.  So odd.  Was weird I happened to be looking out the window at the time.  Some day I'll see that car again and will get the license plate.  A very unique car color and if they are from around here it's a matter of time.  

Well, I need to get going.  I'll have to leave work a bit early today as I just learned I have dog duty but I have to be done with that by 6 as I have a call.  I wish I'd made it 6:30 but I didn't know I'd have dog duty.  So I'll head in a bit early today and he can do dog duty this morning since he is going in later.  

George just gave me some Probiotics to take.  They are expired.  But will take them anyway as it's what I have.  He said it won't hurt me.  I am just not sure if something I ate at the Titan's game did it.  Or did I pick up a bug at the game?  I don't feel sick at all but I'm ready for life to be normal if you know what I mean. lol 

Ya'll have a great day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mom's Test with Good Results and Green/Gold Car Stalking the House

Mr. Roger cracked me up yesterday.  He was all stretched out on the sofa like he owned it.  And of course he does! 

A different angle and with the pic lightened a bit.  Always that tongue out when he is sleeping and relaxed.  Bless him!

Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts for Mom.  The prayers were answered and her heart valve was working as it should.  So the reading of her Echo - one has to question.  That is a huge expense on the insurance and in the taxing of one's life to put them through it.  Heck the trip thru Nashville alone, for Mom, is a heart attack in the making as the traffic makes her nervous even as a passenger.  Her BP was so high b/w that and her test.  So to put her through this was just unnecessary.  And I'm not sure what went wrong with her original reading of her heart echo in Dickson TN but I'm glad that she is ok and her heart valve working correctly.  I know that there is a reason now that her Doctor did not want her to go to Dickson for it, as he has mentioned they get better results in Nashville.  But Mom detests Nashville.   But they put her to sleep, ran the scope down and saw it was all ok.  

So afterwards we went downstairs so Mom could eat.  I had a shake earlier but decided that eggs and bacon would be good for a brunch/lunch.  I had the bacon but the eggs were powdered and fake and I just refused to put it in my body. 

Then began the trip home. And was so happy to be home and have a day before me.   I thought I'd be tied up all day.  But since I took a vacation day, I was able to go home.  I started some laundry and took some tubs downstairs.    I realized that I didn't feel too good though, my stomach had been cramping and carrying on all morning.  My issues are better but yesterday there was some kind of battle going on.  And I had not gotten enough sleep the night before so I tossed the dogs up in bed after taking them out and we all slept for about an hour and a half.  I woke up and read a couple of chapters in bed, in my Candy Spelling biography.  Because I could!

The devil always tries to steal your day of course when things are going well.  I am sad to say that he succeeded yesterday.   I was so happy to be home and was about to set into cleaning some and working some on the business and catching up with shows and doing some reading.  And would have seen how much I could get done.  But then as I was opening the windows and looking outside, I saw a green/gold/yellow car about the size of a Honda Civic - not a new car but not too awfully old either - go by and slow down in front of the house, looked really hard and then sped up and went to the end of the street.  I thought that was weird.  Then as I was staring out the window in thought about how odd that was, they turned around again and slowed down in the front of the house and looked really hard at our house - like they were trying to see if anyone was home and then they went normal speed and left the neighborhood.  This troubled me so much.  It was a FACT they were looking at our house specifically.  It was a women with short hair - either a bob or butch like - and looked like it was light brown or blonde hair.  So it really troubled me.  Why would someone be looking at our house like that - it's not like we had a for sale sign in the yard.  Was someone wanting to see if we were home so they could steal something?  Was work checking up on me?  No why would they do that when it's my vacation day.  Was George sending someone to check up on me to see if I was really home?  He does have a friend that lives here that looks like that. I'll have to see what kind of vehicle she drives. lol  That would be a bizarre and disturbing one though. Maybe someone has a crush on George and wanting to see where we live.  Or someone follows the blog and spying on us. I'm just listing all the reasons I could think of that someone would be driving by our house and so obviously rubber necking to see if someone is home.  There is nothing so grandiose about our house they would be looking at - like cool door or porch decor - all old and fading and just nothing that would attract attention like that.  So odd.  

So this bothered me all afternoon.  I will be on the lookout for this car.  I WILL get to the bottom of it.  All I did was list all the possibilities.  None of which is a good thing I decided.  It even woke me up at night, worried that someone is wanting to break in, or following one of us for no apparent good. This is going to bother me for some time.  I WILL spot that car again (easy one to spot) and I WILL get to the bottom of it.  I'm determined like that.  It's so odd that such things like a strange earring in the dryer, or a strange rubbernecking car - can ruin your day.  Just the inquisition of it all. The wanting to know right now why someone is so curiously looking at your house like that so much so they have to come back around and look again.  Such a creepy odd feeling it left.  

So I was not in the mood to do much after that.  My mind could not focus.  I didn't want to do laundry.  Didn't want to clean anymore.  Didn't really want to focus on Isagenix.  But I made myself print business receipts for our taxes, and watched the Comp plan to learn it.  I think I'm about to get it. At least the base.  Enough to be able to explain it I think. I do need to practice.  

Anyway, kind of a weird odd day.  I wish I could say I enjoyed the rest of my vacay day.  I did the best I could, but it kinda sent me into a depressed state and a bit worried about what the heck that was about.  I am however, very glad that Mom is ok.  I just don't want creepy people coming to seek out our house.  

Monday, October 22, 2018

Transformation, Coq a Vin, and Katy and Cody

Well, I'm putting this out there as RAW as it is just so you all can see what the system is doing for me.  Forgive the whiteness of my skin! And yes, I still cheat a lot when I eat.  The first one on the left was taken 14 weeks ago as I began this 2nd challenge.  I've lost 7 lbs since the start of the challenge 14 weeks ago.  I lost 8 lbs in the last challenge.  I had lost some already in the year before I started Isagenix.  So I hover b/w 23 and 27 total lost I think.  There seems to always be a 3 lb back and forth - for various reasons.  I've not calculated my inches yet but I need to do that.  That is key b/c you gain muscle.  As you can see my stance and posture is returning more to a normal posture and less tummy.  Still a ways to go, but I love how my body is reshaping.  You can't get mad at the girl on the left though b/c she made the decision to get better and help myself to be a healthier me.  I hate seeing my body though but it is a must to be able to see the transformation.   I like my hair too, it even looks healthier.  Maybe one day I'll be in a bikini.  I know it's a subtle change but it IS changing.  I will be entering my next challenge now.  And I get $200 off in product for just entering the challenge!  I've not received my first one yet b/c of the timing - you have to wait a while for the judging period.  I have to turn in maintenance photos.  So the 2nd one was done and completed before the first one.  Anyway, it's ok.  I'll have $400 coming to me in product.

So we got up and went to church yesterday.  And because of my tummy issues I asked George to stop as I wanted a chicken sandwich.  I got a chicken club.  It was breakfast/lunch.  Yes, I'm still having issues.  Today I will get yogurt at the store and perhaps something for lunch.  I have to stop and get a cake and ice cream and card anyway so I'll get something for me in the process.  I have no idea what is going on, but it is so odd.

So back home I was so happy to be here!  Got more laundry done, wrapped up the fall clothes thing, ironed, cleaned up the kitchen, started the dishwasher, ground the coffee.  Began cleaning up my desk area which doesn't take long to be covered up with notes, projects, receipts, magazines, planners, CDs, to do lists, and things to order and do.  I had to order a few things I needed from Amazon (colored note cards as the last ones I ordered were 3 x 5 instead 4 x 6 - ooops), large jumbo size paper clips 4 inches long ( I love these for holding various projects or notes in my planner).  They have all mysteriously disappeared so I've ordered more! I ordered a corkscrew b/c the ones George have bought have both broken.  Somehow our good one got away.  I don't remember how.  I think it was taken off to a friend's house and didn't come back. Everyone we have bought since has not been a good one.   I downloaded 2 albums to my laptop and onto my ipod, and I worked on my autoship some on Isagenix for the next order.  And got the next order of Target done. 

I vacuumed.  Fed the dogs.

George cooked a great dinner of Coq a Vin - it was on our Fall to Dec bucket list.

It is chicken cooked in wine.  He fixed us quite the spread.  And if you look at the centerpiece, you will see a pink unicorn.  lol lol lol  That may or may not be a Christmas gift.  One will have to wait and see who gets the pink unicorn.

Pasta salad with left over noodles.

Salad - which was a salad kit.

And whole grain bread dipped in olive oil and herbs.  I think this was my favorite part!

Ad here is Cody and Katy at a party at the Owner's lodge.  They had a party for the workers.  They are giving them a paid vacation as an appreciation.  So wonderful!

So I sat down after working hard and eating dinner, and began watching my YouTube shows.  I watched half a show and it began wigging out.  It wouldn't stream.  Sometimes the internet wigs out with the cable on the big screen TV and it makes me so mad.  We pay all this money through Comcast and for some reason our internet just sucks at times.  But it's really bad on the TV.  I worked with it and worked with it and finally gave up and went to read in bed.  Maisy wanted up and I put her up there and she went to Roger's spot and pee'd in the bed.  Are you freaking kidding me?  <---- Those might not have been my words exactly.

Anyway - so we had to change the sheets.  George helped.  Of course we are so uncoordinated when we try to put on sheets together.   lol  Anyway new sheets on the bed.  And I finally read some more.  I thought "the devil does not want me to have any down time" - everything I tried to do to relax was nearly fruitless.

I did get almost everything I wanted to do.  I didn't get to print receipts though and I didn't get to work the business any.  I already knew that.  I also already know that this quarter of the year is the busiest of all so it is unlikely I'll be able to have time to do much.  I didn't have much time to begin with.  I do have an appointment on Thursday and I'll try to do what I can during lunch and after work when we don't have things planned.  Crazy - but I do have to keep our household up.

We have company coming over tonight for drinks and then we go out to dinner with them.  Then Mom's test is tomorrow.  I'll have to get up early and head out for that.  I think the appointment is at 6:30 a.m.  Taking a vacay day tomorrow to cover the day.

So pray for Mom and her procedure.  Gotta go.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Voting, Walking, Playing, Shopping, and Event Attending

George and I had a wonderful walk in the park yesterday morning.  The temps were perfect - light jacket, damp, cool but no rain.  The rain had occurred overnight.  I saw the opportunity and I asked if we could take it.  We both need to walk.  So we walked around.  I guess it is about a mile.  I could have gone two more times around.  It felt good, but George had to go to a Memorial for someone he worked with at Gibson, so we had to leave.   But I'm sharing some of our walk.

Our walking path is around Charlie Daniels park.  So there are shelters and play grounds and such.

And this one big mud puddle that George teasingly tried to push me in.

The walk goes right by our Police Department.  

And right by the home where Granny stayed in her last days.  

There are creeks and benches along the way. 

And those with signs as you make your way in to vote. 

The Community Center at the park. 

And I got my voting sticker! 

English Em's had a post yesterday on Instagram I liked.   It let's me know that some of the things I'm doing are not easy but I'm willing to do them and not give up so therefore my chances of being successful are greater by far than the average person.  

In the meantime in case we are not successful, we did buy two tickets to the lottery yesterday - lol.  At a billion, why not.  Think of what we could do if we happened to be "the one".

Nature was abundant yesterday.  Deer, squirrel, birds, groundhogs.  Love it.

Around 1:30 we headed off on our shopping excursion at exit 6.  

Always one of our favorite stops.  

We also finished and had a bit of time so we went to Half Batch Brewing.  Always a good time to text Katy and also friends to catch up. Katy sent texts of videos of the wild pigs and cows in her front yard and the flooding.  So much rain there.   And my SIL and BIL were camping, and we checked in with them and enjoyed our drink.  And I had not had lunch so the chex mix was good.

Then we had a meal even to attend which was wonderful.  A band and great food.  We met new folks at the table. 

So, I did get the fall clothes up which was mainly my flannel PJ's and scarves and winter purses.  Still packing the summer things away but will send those back downstairs soon for storage. 

I didn't get this blog posted this morning as I ran out of time and didn't get to finish before leaving for chuch.

So We have been to church and back this morning.  I'm still having some "issues" tummy wise.  I have decided it's a virus.  I've been going back and forth on what is the cause - something I ate or a virus.  A coworker has had something similar so perhaps that is what it is.  So this week I'll be trying some yogurt.  Today after church I wanted something hearty and so I had George go through the drive thru and get me a chicken club sandwich.  It was so good.  I feel big as a barn now for eating it but that is the price I pay.  At least it made my tummy feel better.  I'm just not used to having fried food nor much bread. 

Much to do in the house this afternoon.

____Finish laundry (fall jammies that needed freshening up)
____Some ironing
____Kitchen clean
____Pack up Summer Items
____Print Receipts/Business
____Plan next week
____Work on the business some
____Orders from Target
____Amazon Orders
____Isagenix orders
____Index Card project
____Download Music from CD's and upload to ipod
____Work on Halloween Costume
____Watch Shows (Catch up)
____Christmas shop on line

But to me the rest of the day is fun just working on all of this stuff.  George is fixing Coq a Vin tonight as well.  Glad to be home for a while.