Monday, October 29, 2018

A Few Issues Lingering and Looking at Fridges

Good morning!  Sitting here enjoying my coffee, avocado toast (whole grain).  The issues are not completely resolved.  We were heading for the better and had a slight relapse.  I did some research on line and having too MUCH protein can give you an imbalance.  And I'm going to discontinue the shakes for a few days and see if it makes a difference as someone suggested yesterday.  If the situation goes away and then when I add them back in - it happens again - we'll know.  I suppose I should begin keeping a journal of what is eaten. I got better enough in the last two days that I feel confident it is just an imbalance thing.  So unless there is any other symptoms, I'll continue letting the OTC try to do it's thing and list my diet before getting a doctor's help.   I was in such a good mood yesterday b/c I thought it had gone away (and did) but it came back so we'll eliminate the shakes as that has really been the only constant common denominator that I can think of.  I could have developed a lactose intolerant situation.  So unfortunately I am going to have to eliminate the shakes just to see if that is causing the issues.  They are high in protein as are the bars.  So we'll see.  The other option is some type of virus thing that is hanging on.  I just want to get better.  I've prayed for days.  But it is still here so God has some reason.  Anyway, it impacts my mood b/c 1)  Worry about what is going on 2) If it is the nutrition that has been helping me I'm going to be severely dismayed and feel like giving up b/c it has made me feel so good for so long.  3)  It will impact my plans in a big huge way.  So a lot is at stake trying to figure this out.  Much like anything else, I'm really wanting to know what the deal is, and I want to know NOW!  

God says we should be content in all circumstances though.  So I will go about my day as I normally do and work for Him, and try to do what I can and focus on getting better and figuring out what is going on with me.   I should be enjoying thinking about Texas now instead of worrying about all this stuff.  It kinda makes me angry but what can you do?  The devil is always trying to mess with whatever it is you have going on.  To hell with him.  lol  I think I can say that since that is where he'll be anyway. 

So yesterday was nice but it seemed like it would be this HUGE day that we had and I had visions of getting so much done.  Laundry was done, changed the sheets on the bed, ordered some earrings from Etsy that were cute and had a "wooden" look to them.  ;-)  I finished printing out some business receipts, did the blog entry, worked on the kitchen some, planned with George some, went to Walmart to get the hot dogs and buns and prizes for our Halloween contest, dropped George's car off to be fixed.  

Oh, and we were going to go Wednesday night to look at fridges but while Lowe's was so close to Walmart we went in and looked at the refrigerators.  We found one we love - it's a cadillac of fridges for sure but not one with the internet display on the front.  But one with the extra door on the front.  It is a bit taller than ours so we are not sure we can do it unless it has a thing on the bottom that adjusts for height.  George said some fridges come with that for that reason.  The other thing is that we have some of the bottom of the cabinet that is "extra" that can be carved out if needed.  So we'll see. We really want that one for the extra door on the front that you reach in through for wine, water, etc.  

If you hit the button on the door handle, it will only open up that one section of the fridge for a quick reach in from the front.  If you don't hit the button the whole fridge door will open! 

Anyway, I need to go so I can hurry off to work.   Always in a hurry.  I did an Isagenix order yesterday too.  And by the time we got back from our excursion and Walmart, it was about time to eat.  I did try on my Halloween costume.  I'm not as excited about it now.  But I'm not going to go spend a lot of money on it.  Then it was time for dinner.  Our pot roast was good as was our cornbread.  George was the cook of course.  Enjoyed it.  No cleanse day today.  Not until whatever is going on ceases.  Not good to have a cleanse day when something like that is going on.  I've planned one for Thursday but we'll see. 

Anyway, I will need to drink a lot of liquids today and try to stay hydrated.  Off to work I go. More tomorrow!  


  1. I hope eliminating some things from your diet works. And yes, keep hydrated ! Important always to get enough fluids. That refrigerator is indeed a cadillac and I hope you can get it. I used to have one that dispensed the ice and water, but now I have one that is simple and small and I do miss those little conveniences. The fridge and all the appliances came with my house and all were brand new but they skimped when it came to the fridge. Heres hoping for a wonderful Monday !

  2. Our friends have that fridge and they love it. She told me they use that front door a lot.

  3. We bought the LG 4 door French door with the door in door like that for our new house in Florida. ( we moved from NC). You can tap it and the light comes on to see inside. It also has the extra drawer above the freezer that you can adjust the temperature on. We like it. We moved our other French door fridge to the garage and gave away the old fridge we used to have in the garage. Hope you have a great week! Sheila

  4. Gosh, I hope it's not the shakes causing your issues but I'm worried it might be. My sister was having the same issues after drinking those Boost meal replacement drinks the past couple of weeks. She stopped drinking them on Saturday to see if the issues would go away and they did. I'll say a prayer for you that it's just a stubborn virus and it goes away soon!

  5. hope it's not the shakes causing your tummy issues. but it is important to get to the bottom of it asap. saying prayers for you.


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