Friday, October 12, 2018

A Great Day Despite the Ghosting!

Pretty drive to Ashland City yesterday - a lot of bluffs and hills and the Cumberland River.  I think it's the Cumberland anyway.  I had about 8 interviews set up.  And had only 2 to show up.  And I did have one walk in that the center gave to me.  

Here was my view out the window.  I could see the Walgreens across the street.  And there was a funeral home next door.  How convenient, I was thinking because the activity in my room was dead. 

Trying to be positive by putting on a smile - even though I had a world of other things that I could have been doing back at the office that would have been more productive. 

Quickly gave way to this.  I mean I got up early drove a long way to get there just to be ghosted: 

 And people wonder why I have trust issues? lol This is why.  You see the side of humans that is so unpleasant.  Giving word to meet someone for interview that is trying to help the both of you and just no one showing, no nothing.  That is why I didn't want to do this yesterday.  I knew it would be this way - it has every time so far.  Not just me but for others too.  Just crazy.  And the one I did want to hire the plant said they were full and wouldn't take him -so why am I bothering?  lol.  Normally would have been mad for giving up my day and mad the plant wouldn't take my one offering and a really good candidate too, but that is not me anymore.  I let it go.  Came home.  Did my thing on my agenda.  Life's too short to worry about the inefficiencies of life.  But I know how to handle it from here, that is for sure. ;-) And I'll keep that to myself.

Despite the downfall of mankind on this trip - I did manage to reward myself with lunch being that I could not bring my lunch and no way to heat it up.  I don't do fast food anymore.  And they did not have olive oil and vinegar for their salad - so I just bit the bullet and ordered a burger.  Most everything was fried fish or fried chicken.  I did a burger and baked potato.  It was really good.  But I felt mad at myself for eating the white bread.  I just didn't see any good choices on the menu at all for me really.  So I went with that.  The view was nice. 

It's the Riverview restaurant in Ashland City.

My view from the window.

The agency closed down for lunch and would not open til 1:10 so I had to wait - and I got coffee at the restaurant and waited "riverside" and drank it.

There was an RV park on the property.  How cool is that?  

This was the only activity that I saw on the water.  The current was pretty strong yesterday and white caps with the front pushing through bringing our chillier air.  You can tell by the trees that we've still been in an extended summer.  But they will begin to turn now as it's 50's this morning as I type. 

So back to the agency to wait for another interview, who, you guessed it did not show.  I was able to get a few things done on my laptop. 

The drive home took 1.5 hours as I hit Nashville traffic coming through.  And then I went to get toes and nails done and then on to Walmart to buy all the goodies for my party tomorrow.  

Then finally home and much of the night gone.  George had fixed dinner.  I had munched on peanut butter pretzels and couldn't eat all of dinner.  

I enjoyed the day regardless of the ridiculous situation but all is definitely well today as I'm on vacation and getting ready for tomorrow's Sip and Shop event. 

And I'm off to get going.  I will say first that I'm getting used to the "cold market" in the business - for some reason I picked doctors to practice on which made it pretty easy to talk to normal people - not that doctor's aren't normal people but you know - they are the medical and nutritional experts supposedly - and it has peaked their interest.  So yesterday while out and about was able to go through the whole cold market experience and actually be able to get them on Amplified Health, our team page.  It was easy actually.  My plan is working.  For the longest, I've just needed to get comfortable having conversations again with people.  And just practice coming out of my shell.  And I got that far.  Then I was able to tell them what the system has done for me.  It's all about the other person really and letting them talk and offering a solution to their goals.  I get it.  It doesn't really matter to me if they are not interested - there is always the one who is.  I get it.  So this week I've crossed some more milestones.  It's a very freeing feeling to have done so because I'm one more step closer to helping others and a step closer to doing what I want to do in reaching some goals of my own.  

I just need to get good at the comp plan.  And that will be my next urgent goal.  The white board is in and I'm going to start practicing b/c soon I'll be doing my avatar, building my little platform character and then marketing to build my team.  And when I do - we are going places - literally!  

At least it is good to know that some things in life still work! And that some people really do show up in life!

Y'all have a good day. 


  1. At least you had some beautiful views to see while sitting there waiting for people to show up. How frustrating, that they made appointments and didn't come and stranger yet, the one who could have been hired was turned away. It is what it is and nothing much you could do about it, except for trying to make the best of what you had to deal with. Enjoy your day off ! Have fun !

  2. a shame you had a list longer of no shows, than shows. did anybody call with an excuse?


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