Friday, October 5, 2018

An Evening on the Town

Well it was nice to know that at the end of a work day - we had a nice evening planned.  We went to my favorite brewery, Czann's and had our annual Pumpkin Beer and Pumpkin seeds.  And then on to a place George has been wanting to eat, Otaku Ramen.  It was very good.  We sat outside, risking being shot at in Nashville, lol.  

The chop sticks, await....

George got the Bartender's Choice - which is a surprise.  And it was very good.  I got to sip a couple of tastes.  It was unique and very good.  George said it had some very expensive ingredients in it poo pooing my idea that he should fix us one at home sometimes.

I bought one of my fav's, Orion.  

And George bought an appetizer for us - Nashville Hot Buns!  lol

Dinner was very good.  Matter of fact it was REALLY good!  

I had the chicken and spinach in chicken broth.  I liked this a whole lot.  It was akin to Pho.  I didn't need the noodles though and it was a little salty for me, just b/c I am used to cutting back.  But I'd go there again. 

Matter of fact, it makes me want to make something similar at home.  

Everything came with an egg if you wanted it.  I just really don't like eggs atop my main meal dishes anymore.  I had one at the Southern Steak and Oyster and was miserably full/sickly most all day (probably not from the eggs itself but unfortunately b/c I felt sickly it made me not want it again). And it made me not want anything with an egg on it again.  I'll eat eggs for breakfast and dressed eggs, but I don't want it on top of my other meals.  

So, we had a very nice night out.  And bed felt good.  

I woke up at 3 worrying about work.  When that happens you know something has to give.  I am not willing to lose sleep over work. I'm too old for that. And life's too short. Sleep is too valuable and I get cranky.  The best thing I can do is not speak much today and get through the day.  So that I am not too honest and frank.  When I become "Frank" - we all know how I feel and I'm liable to "tell it like it is".  lol  Sometimes people don't like to hear the truth so ---I'll try to be quiet and act like everything is normal.  But it is FaR FrOM it!  Not enough time to serve everyone appropriately.  Pick number.  Wait in line.  Wait for a very long time!  There is only one Sonster.  Thank the Lord, lol. And The Sonster can only do so much.  lol  Anyway, I've decided that one hour of missed sleep was all the time I'm going to spend worrying over it.  You can't argue with "no time".  It is what it is. You just do what you can with what you have.  And when the time is gone, everything will continue waiting til the next day or the one after that.  

I mean what else can you do really.  Just do what you can.  Not worth losing any more sleep over.  I'm done with the worrying.  One hour was enough.   Life's too short.  

So I'm choosing to have a good day regardless. 

I will get through the day in a good mood.  People will have to just wait for what they need sadly, but we'll get through it.  They'll get through it too.  They will have to. lol  And the weekend will come and then I will have a different set of to do's to try to whittle down.  One of which is to fix spaghetti for dinner.  At least tonight's noodles will be either spinach or whole grain. 

Off to get more coffee!  Something needs to perk me up after missing an hour of sleep for nothing. 
And Lord help everyone if I end up being cranky today.  I'm trying.  lol 

Just be on the look out for a seemingly happy but underlyingly tired and grumpy bear today.  Don't poke it.  It might growl.  lol

May the trout be with you?  

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  1. Now I'm smiling at all the cute pictures there at the end of your post. Sometimes we just have to smile and let life happen. It is what it is and you are so right! Life is to short ! Your dinner out looks wonderful and your idea of Spaghetti for dinner sounds pretty good too.Hope you have a fantastic Friday! Yay day !


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