Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Busy Days but Enjoying the Week Anyway!

Oh my gosh I'm loving this audio book.  This pic is old I only have about 4 hours left I think.  But it's so good that I'm disappointed when I arrive where I'm going.  lol

It was cleanse day and that went well.  Monday's go so fast it's a blink.  I go from berry liquid to chocolate (yes we get sea salt caramel chocolate on cleanse day) to two little snack like compressed shakes in a tablet.  Do that about 4 times and the day is done.  Well I skip the chocolate and snack thingies at the end of the day.  I was doing whey thins til I found out I can't eat the whole bag at once.  lol What?  It was a small bag.  I called it dinner.  But I kept busy and had decaf coffee and that worked.  

The day was unbelievably busy at work but as I keep saying - there is only one of me doing my work.  Of course I have an assistant and she was busy too.  I worked through as fast as I could and the rest sits and rots til I can get to it.  I never see the end of my growing stack.

What I hate about a busy day is not being able to fit everyone's everything in.  You know when you are HR you become everyone's counselor, information center, confidante, keeper of records, compliance officer, problem solver, interviewer, recruiter, ad writer, ad runner, peace maker, leave of absence guru, child support benefit officer, health-dental-vision-life-short term disability administrator, 401k admin, new hire monitor, employment law specialist, DOT drug screen monitor, creator of policy, research hub, training administrator, teacher, coach, terminator, auditor, premiums collection agent, insurance deduction engineer (lol), workers comp admin, event planner, job offerer, expense tracker, meeting attender, discrimination and harassment investigator, information sharer and follower up of everything.  What did I miss?  A lot I think but you get the picture.  I worry that not everyone will be helped b/c I'm running out of open time this week to be there for everyone.  Patience is what everyone will have to have.  They really have no choice! 

No lock on my door so I rubber band paperwork and lock in drawers for the evening. 

All one can do is smile at the full schedule and the growing stack of many's.  And enjoy the day anyway.  You can help who you can and everyone else will have to be patient because it is so true we can't serve everyone at once.  We have 3 plants, corporate office and a transport company needing our attention - one of the plants is more needy than the rest and not able to hire autonomously like the others and it weighs us down.  We really need some help recruiting.  We just don't have time for it as it is a constant and demanding FT job, and trying to help everyone with their issues too and make everything run smoothly (from above said list) is harder and harder. When mistakes happen and things begin to slip, it's when you are stretched so thin you can't even manage. And people get mad at you because you are not there for them right when they need you.  But there is line now and handling things by priority and/or first come first serve as it is appropriate.  But it is what it is and I'm going to enjoy my day anyway regardless of the craziness.  I hate to see so much not done but it's there waiting in the stack for me to get to it.  

So onto some humor, which is what it will take to get through these crazy days. 


  1. Being busy like that is what I call job security. No doubt they definitely need you ! Life is just too short to be anything but happy! No matter what we do or where we are, It's our attitude that makes the difference. We just have to be thankful for what we have, it could be worse. After seeing that cute bit of humor today, I'm not so sure candy corn will ever be the same ! Ha ! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I am so pleased reading your daily office work that nowadays you are so much more relaxed...I remember when you were freaking out at not being able to get every bodies demands met..it's so much better for you to have the image you have now of you are only one and can't possibly do any more than you do.....maybe they will learn to stand on their own two feet now....I love how your new diet system is working so well. I just knew it would once you got started. It gives people so much to look forward to with you as a model...night night nGod Bless. See you tomorrow,,,,much love wining its way to You, George and the doggies. Also to Kate. Xxxxxx


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