Sunday, October 7, 2018

Busy Saturday and Grooming Surprise

I meant to share this with you already.  I think I had this on Friday.  I plan to get more of these.   They are good when I do smaller meals throughout the day instead of big meals.  It's a little too many calories for a snack but if you know it is going to be a long time in b/w meals it's good.  I love Bob's Red Mill.  I did add a little butter.  It was delish.  So going to get more of these here in a week or so - to take to work.  We have a hot water spicket.  Make's it really easy.  

Well yesterday began on an interesting note.  Our plans were to go and leave the 3 dogs with Sandy for their grooming and then go yard sailing.  Then come back and pick them up.  Get some things from the pet store next door and head home.  

We got to Sandy's grooming and 92.9 Radio was there, Adopt a Pet was there, and a few other vendors.  A big sale going on in the parking lot.  But Sandy was not there.  I texted her and called.  No response.  We waited a while and it's just very unusual.  She has cancelled on us before a couple of times but always texted or called.   

So I held onto two dogs and George went into the pet store and got a few things.  I went over to the radio station and got a spin and all I won was to register twice for some drawing.  I don't even remember what the drawing was.  lol   But mainly they had coffee from Panera and that is what I really wanted.  lol

So we went home since we had the three dogs and I stayed home and George went yard sailing.  He came back with a lot of CD's and movies.  We have been watching a lot of movies from yard sales.  We play a game of picking between two in the stack, narrowing one movie out at each pick.  One of us does round 1, the other round two, until we have eliminated all but one.  We do the picking of dinner that way sometimes and also restaurants.  lol  We call it "The Game"

Anyway, I will listen to the CD's (hopefully today) and download what I want to put on my ipod.  And he will trade them at McKay's.  He buys them and then trades them and gets more $ for them but it's in credit.  Then we go and get books, audiobooks, CD's, movies - and all sorts of things.  He is going to McKay's next week after my shopping party.  So I need to get them listened to this week. 

Yesterday I was able to get the laundry going, clean the kitchen, and organize my world for the next week.  The cleanse box is repacked, snacks are repacked. 

 I've organized my desk corner, I've made some "cheat notes" on business cards which is on a ring.  I have colored index cards coming as separator cards lol.  This is a work in progress.  But feel a lot of things are coming into order.  I have to make every thing easy so that you duplicate your efforts a lot easier.  The white board is set up for some focuses for the week.  

Sandy, the groomer called and apologized.  She said she moved it to next Saturday but forgot to call us and tell us.  Well so we can make that work.  I have my party but it's not til 2.  We will drop them off and George will go get them and then drop them off to me and then go to McKay's.  

Anyway, I began printing off receipts - but got off into looking at my medical reports as they came in - in an email.  My numbers are getting better.  But since it's a slow change, it is not a huge change.  I think it will take a while to get into "normal" ranges of everything.  However the sugar levels went down and I wasn't even on meds.  Last time I took them I WAS on meds.  So that is something.  My cholesterol is going down.  He wants me to go get a CT scan but forgets I had a arterior gram a few years ago.  There is no reason for me to get a CT scan on my heart to check for blockages b/c if there is plaque I'm not going onto statins.  So what is the point - unless it's so blocked they need to do surgery or something.  About 3 or 4 years ago they told me my heart was perfect - so I'm not going to go and do this.  I'm making the decision not to go on Statins.  I'm getting off meds and not going on them. I do agree it's a race for time.  So really it's just made me more determined.  I'll go back in six months and see.  I need to work on my exercise program and how to rearrange my life to make that happen.  I may have to blog every other day or something.  

Anyway I finished a book - my Mississippi book and I will be starting another called On Whale Island - I always have to have a travel book going.  I'm finding it hard to read fiction books now but I'm trying - but have not finished them yet. 

Anyway we watched a movie last night and I became bored with it.  It had Tom Hanks in it but it was a war movie.  I forgot the name.  No wonder I'd not ever heard of it.  It was boring as everything but George loved it.  lol  Thank goodness for social media and ipads.  lol That is what I did during the movie. 

Ok hurrying and must go to church.  And then to a gun show.  Then home to finish working on "my list".  

Oh and yesterday I also made a checklist of my "daily schedule".  It lists all the things I could do for the business.  Someone on my team said just make the list and check off as many as you can.  I put "$" by the one's that are income producing activities.  I call them "IPA's" lol   So that is helpful.  Sometimes I sit here during power hour and go - "what do I need to do?" as I'm switching gears from HR to nutrition, health, and wellness and to an MLM mindset. While there is some overlap - not really.  Totally different world. 

Well off to get ready.  Running late. 

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  1. a shame about the groomer forgetting to call you. hope all goes well next week.


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