Thursday, October 4, 2018

Busy, Things Stolen, and Remembering Girl Scout Camp

It's fall season and I'm ready for it to start acting like it.  It's upwards to almost 90 here still.  Usually around Oct 6-8 we get a big front that brings storms a surge of fall air.  I'm so ready for it.  I looked ahead and I think it's coming about a week later.  In the 10 day forecast, but not the 5 day.

Finished my Amazon order and we are going to look like we are setting up some kind of shop.  lol  I guess in a way we are.  At some point we may have to turn some space in the house to an office! I'm about to outgrow my little corner.  We need his/her desks lol.  I will figure it out.

The To Do list is getting large again.  Growing by the day on every front.  Looks like all of us will need a bit of patience.  It's nice to be needed, lol. And we all wait for things to happen b/c nothing is happening quickly on any front.

The Lord wanted us to be busy and work since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden and there is no shortage of things we are doing on the work front all over day and night.  Fun in the journey.
It's kinda fun just seeing what all you can get done in this world.

Went to the store after work and so did George - we had varying stores we had to go to for different reasons, but it was 7 when I got home.  And we had pizza - gluten free I believe I saw, but not sure.   It was really good.  Hadn't had pizza in a while.  It's not a weekly thing like it used to be.  Few and far between.

Watched Below Deck's first season last night.  Gonna be an interesting season.  Someone goes overboard.  Looks like something catches on fire.  Some with attitudes.

Going to have to go so I can get ready.  Leaving early for work.  Going to be a long day and I'm by myself and I am swamped.  Couldn't be any busier - I am always bottle necked - I can only do so much in each hour that passes.  I will give it more time today.  I can't go in early and work over every day but I can now and then and it balances out - after all I had a doc appointment yesterday so its only fair.  So I'm doing an extra long day today going in early and perhaps staying over - depending.  George and I have some special plans this evening and he's coming to pick me up but I think we may meet nearby.  Not sure about leaving his car in our parking lot after dark as not many people travel through there at night and it might not have hubcaps the next day.  lol  Have had hubcaps stolen before, can you tell?  Actually was at Green Hills Mall.  During the day while others were around.  Go figure.  I think I've been stolen from 3 times in my life.  4 if you included the girl that stole my hairbrush at girl scout camp. She denied it but there it was in her bag and not in mine anymore and I went and told her mother which of course she didn't think her daughter had done anything wrong but the brush made its way back to my bag I noticed.  I hated girl scout camp.  And I believe that ended my days as a girl scout.  If girl scouts stole, I wanted no part of it.

Wolves around our tent and roommates stealing things.  That was my first taste of the real world I guess. And disappointed I was.  I cried and was homesick.  However - I did love the cool air and sleeping bag and the woods - was kindof exciting.  But the wolves scared me.  I don't believe we had an adult in our tent.  Wolves were around.  I was scared.  lol  Rightly so.  Everyone was lucky I ever went to church camp after that.  Peer pressure.  I loved church camp for the social aspect of it - and the travel.  But there were some times I didn't like church camp - due to the shyness in me. And I didn't always like the tight schedule - in a way I did but in a way I did not.  Anyway, you never know what side tangent the blog will go in. 

Anyway those days long gone and today is another day.  And I'm off to set up camp for work today.  And some fun times tonight.

Ya'll have a good one.


  1. It sounds like you will have a reward coming your way after a very long day. It's always good to have something to look forward to and being treated to a special evening sounds really great. We will hope that wherever you are going no one steals your hubcaps. Sad that we even have to be concerned over things like that. At least your office is in a better neighborhood now. Hope you have a happy Thursday!

  2. I'm so happy just to be able to click and your blog appears is really fun that everything is going so well on the home work dept. Even if work work is as ever a full on job...I hope you got a lot done today and that you were able to go home to have a wee bitty time with the doggies before you and George are out and about again...looking forward to reading all about it from here it's have a lovely evening and. God Bless. You both. Xxxx


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