Monday, October 1, 2018

Cleaning Windows, Library Audio Book App, and Productivity

Big bucket list task done yesterday.  I had a pocket of time to do the windows in the front door.  I took a pic in between.  The left one is dirty still and the right looks beautiful!  It's not easy to clean these.  It involves a screw driver, a bit of heavy lifting, and some coordination.  I eventually had to have George's help but was able to do half of it on my own, including using the screw driver!  ;-)  So finally got them ALL done on the door and the one in the kitchen.  It was enough to mark off "3 windows on the bucket list".  George said that it should count as 6!  lol 

I'm getting ahead of myself though.  We got up and went to church and Sunday School.  Our class is really good with several folks all good people.  It's more like a small group. 

The class and the church actually have been doing the book Believe. 

We were not there the day the books were handed out.  It would have been free to us.  But I just dowloaded the audio book from Audible app.

 Thanks to long time friend, Donna, from Just Me blog - in my side bar I also downloaded an audio book from the library - The Girl From the Train.  I had no idea the library had this audio app.  You only have it for 14 days though.  You may be able to renew it.  Not sure.  It's on loan.  Anyway, I'll see what it does in the car over bluetooth. 

I cannot listen to my Kindle apps in the car unless it has something called Whispersync - but I think that Alexa is on the go now on your phone so there may be a way now to have her read them.  I've not toyed with it too much.  Anyway I'm anxious to see this morning if I can hear this audio book.  In the meantime I've also decided that it will be worth it to me to keep the audible program and pay the $14.99 per month.  That is getting a book of my choice free and two others that is in their collection.  Plus a lot of things seem to go thru audible - I think - so I've decided to keep it for now.

I won a $50 prize from my nutrition company.  But it takes 24 hours to show up in the website that I had to sign up through.  It shows it's coming.  Anyway, I picked out a $55 tote handbag.  That was the cheapest thing on there.  I guess you let the account build up and can get various accessories or technology.  Once I turned consultant, money and prizes started coming from everywhere.  lol Love it.  I was told I won free vitamins, but I've yet to see that anywhere.  I did get $50 free product from something.  I used it yesterday when checking on my autoship and changing it up.  I'm almost out of snacks so needed some more of them.

So I did some ironing and worked on the kitchen, the windows and then sat down to work on my to do list.  Library online book being one of those things. Also cleaned out the fridge and swept the kitchen floor.    I made a list of "event needs" for our upcoming "Sip and Shop" in two weeks.  We are going to have a good time. 

What is left to do this week is:

___Target Order
___Decide if I'm keeping IsaTools App that I have to pay for
___Print Receipts of any Expenses through the end of Sept
___Get a Tub to put all my Empty Boxes to use in Sip and Shops and set ups. 
___Change up my Alexa news briefing. 
___Get a birthday card and gift card this week
___Get back into my daily business routine
___Order 2019 Isagenix business planner

Well, anyway, back to yesterday.  I found a new YouTube I liked "Traveling Robert".  He does a good job of giving you a taste of the area. 

I listened to some of the Chicago Isagenix University show while ironing and doing laundry.

George fixed us an omelet dinner and we finished watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  I did not realize what it was about or I probably wouldn't have wanted to watch it.  I think I remember trying to read the book and it wasn't interesting to me.  George had picked it out.  Mom has the statue in her back yard from the story.  I never could really get into it.  It was about a murder of a homosexual man by his lover.  That was just not really something that I was interested in watching. 

Anyway, I'm off of here.  It's cleanse day.   I'm happy to have been able to get some things off my list on the weekend.  Now for the start of another month.  Where do they go?  It's about to kick off into our busy season.  It normally starts at Halloween, but I think it may have already started.  By 10/31 we will certainly be in full swing.  The last quarter of the year is going to fly by and I will have even less time to work on the business as we juggle travel, the holidays, shopping, family, birthdays, parties, events, and to do lists a mile long.  But I will do the best I can to keep sane.

Better go!


  1. Oh yes, I agree the busy season has already began! Getting ready for and celebrating holidays is always such a joy and they do say time flies when you are having fun! Nice you got a few things crossed off your bucket list. The only thing I've crossed off is sipping on a cup of apple cider. Ha ! Hope you have a Happy Monday !

  2. I'm so glad you had a good Sunday sets you up for the rest of the week I'm sure. I have also read yesterday's blog and love the way you write about the idea of the I just wish I could win the lottery and I could get your nutritious diet and buy you an RV...I will just have to dream I suppose like you. But we know that dreams can come true don't we......have a lovely week. God Bless. Xxx


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