Wednesday, October 17, 2018

First Man Movie and Making Faces at the Inefficiencies in the World

Absolutely love this.  It looks like it might be at the foothills of the Smokies or perhaps around Ellijay, GA. Just love it.  The artist is very talented. 

So not a lot to report on from yesterday.  Worked and then George and I went to the movies to see "First Man".  I love watching the space movies on the big screen.  I don't really care for Star Wars though.  But love the adventures into space kind of movies. 

My review of this's good.  It's good to know how it was in more detail.  It was dark, it was a bit slow moving, but it was real.  The effects were great.  They did a very good job of showing what it must have been like in space.  I enjoyed it.  And it did keep you on the edge of your seat.  And there were those moments that I believe the theater was the quietest I've ever heard a room of about 15 people.  No sound. Nothing at some of major scenes - "the Eagle has landed" and "small step for man and giant leap for mankind".  Ultimate reverence and awe in the theater.  That was very touching for me that there was NO sound from anyone in those moments. 

Well, gotta go.  Hope we all have a good day.  I just as soon stay home if it were up to me.   Just disappointed in a few things but not going to let it bother me personally.  I am flicking it off - as it's not worth it to let an inefficient world ruin my day.  Of course it does matter to me that my day has a purpose and is meaningful.  So that part really matters and is being considered in a big way right now.  But other than that...... phbbbbbttthhh "inefficient world" get on with your big bad self - I'm better than that. You don't get to rob me of my "happy" today, world!  Sorry, maybe another day.  ;-)   Besides, I am going to enjoy the commute b/c I get to listen to The Girl on the Train!  It's getting good. 

Isn't that the truth...

Ahhh now I feel better!  lol 


  1. They do say that anything worth having doesn't come easy. We mainly have to make our lives what we want them to's a choice we all make every day of our lives. Choosing to be happy is the best choice! Here we are at hump day once again...over the hump of the week and sliding right into the weekend ! Whew ! What a ride !

  2. Here’s hoping for a better day. Hubby read or heard that they wouldn’t show the astronauts placing the US flag on the moon. I guess as not to offend. Wishing you a great rest of the week and weekend! Take care, Sheila


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