Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday, Leading us to the Beloved Weekend

I would love to be here today.  A good book or to even sit in a corner desk and work my nutrition business, which is becoming somewhat of a hobby for me in whatever spare time I can muster.  But there is something just so warm and cozy about this room, aside from the fire place.  The furniture is snug.  The TV is missing.  It would be a reading nook for sure.  Would love a day to read.  

So today is Friday.  And a blessed thing it is.  My favorite statement about Friday is:  "If it wasn't Friday - I'd be making it Friday" - because I AM done for the week.  It's time to get things done that I've been wanting to do.  Of course our schedule is just crazy this weekend.  An already busy weekend and we just keep adding to it.  

Well let's see.  George hurt his back bending over to pick something up in the floor board of his car.  A hurt muscle.  I massaged it with the massager when we got home.  I ended up cooking turkey spaghetti instead of him fixing fish so he could rest.  Anxious to see how he is doing.  He is not up yet.  Awake but not on his feet so I'll wait to ask. 

Talked to Mom who has been sick with a cold and she is better so I'll turn in my vacation day for her heart test on Tuesday.  I'll meet her and my sister there.  

I am also better.  Felt better as the day went on yesterday.  I also ate some things I don't normally eat - like bread but that seemed to be what I needed to balance out my system and calm my stomach.  I'm not sure what caused it.  Perhaps it was a virus.  It's true that I was around a lot of folks at the Titans stadium and even though you wash hands and use sanitizer - it's still so easy to come in contact with something.  

I had a Cracker Barrel lunch of veggies - but I ate the biscuit with butter on it lol!  There were two.  The 2nd one was eaten around 3.  Then we had pasta for dinner.  I split the regular pasta we had with the corn/quinoa pasta.  So that was more white foods that I had been cutting out but added back in yesterday to help deal with the situation.  Now my stomach feels really full but at least it's "staying" lol.  And it will probably stay on my butt/thighs too.  lol 

I may have a drink with a friend after work today to catch up.  Depends on the timing of when we both get off.  

George and I are voting tomorrow, have a funeral visitation to go to, banking errands, will be doing some Christmas shopping and have a BBQ event to go to.  

I'm thinking that Sunday there are no plans.  I may have to keep it that way for sanity sake.  I have quite the list built up, including bringing up the fall clothes.  I have a few orders to do.  Want to work on my business some.  Need to print out some receipts for taxes for the business so it's not an impossible job next year.  Trying to keep up with it month to month.  

We have a friend/business associate that is taking George and I out to dinner on Monday night.  So I'll have to change cleanse day.  It won't be Tuesday either when Mom is having her test.  I think I'll do a Cleanse day Wednesday next week.  

The coffee sure is good this morning.  I'm drinking out of my Magnolia cup that Katy got me.  I almost wore my Magnolia tee shirt today to be all things Chip and Jo Jo but I decided on the Isagenix shirt today. 

I'm getting very close to finishing "Girl on the Train".  It's very good.  It is so hard to turn it off to go into work or to come in the house.  I will stop and listen to podcasts for a while after this has ended.  Then I will listen alternatively to Believe and also Candace Bure's book - both of these I own.  So there is no rush to finish. But the library Libby app I think will charge me if it is not renewed. I am afraid I'll forget.  Anyway I'm not sure about that but I figure they probably do like they do the library books.  And the "Girl on the Train" is a library book through the Libby app on my phone.

Tugie I'm sad to say is going downhill.  There is a marked difference since her trim day.  She shivers more, walked less certain, and appears to have lost more weight.  She still has appetite, still has spurts where she runs and takes off to treats or the door or following the other dogs.  But she is becoming more frail and tinier.  Bless her.  

Well, I'm going to wrap up here.  I want some more coffee.  I think this is about all I know to tell for today.  

Ya'll have a great day!

Oh, also I have changed the video on the "Transform Your Life" tab above.  Go check it out.  Let me know if you get to the video or not.  It shows for me.  But it might be because it's my sign on.  I want to make sure that people can get in and see the video.  So will someone let me know if the link works for you.  Thanks!  


  1. So glad you are feeling better, but sorry Gorge hurt his back. Hope he is better today. Sounds like a really busy Saturday for you but some fun time is included so that is good. Weekends are something we all tend to look forward to. It is getting chilly here and that room with the fireplace is looking very good to me too about now. I don't have one now and miss the days I did. It definitely made me feel warm and cozy. Wishing you a fantastic Friday !

  2. Libby returns the book automatically when it's due. No charge. Never a charge, and no way it won't get turned in on time.

  3. Good morning lovely Sonya, don't even see the video so can't watch it...hope you are going to have a marvelous Saturday ...cold here this morning and very foggy ...and as Masy wanted out I can feel it's even cold...I keep fingers crossed that the fog will lift soon and the sun will pop out. It did yesterday and we had a lovely day. Sorry your not feeling not quite right, so hope a sleep overnight can help..also that Georges back is easier, fingers also crossed it isn't a disc problem...I realise by what your saying that things are getting worse with wee Tuggie, she is so are lucky to have had her so long....I think DeeDee was the longest that living of my dogs and he was 12 the others have all been around 10/11 you can imagine the fear I have when my beloved Masy gets near there, thankfully she is just six now.....I am going to have a wee nod it's only just 6.15 and quite dark, Peter will be along about 8.30 to go to Chippeham we enjoy the market there. Xxx. Hope you feel loads better as your day. Xxx


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