Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Good Report from Doctor, Nutrition System Working, and Investing Back into the Business

Although it was quite the empty lobby - and my appointment was 8:15 - I had an hour wait to see the doc.  But I emptied out photos and played on my phone.  I still have 898 photos on my phone though.  I weed through them getting rid of the ones I know I can live without.  And knowing they have been transferred to PC already.  Some I like to have to show. 

The doc appointment went well.  Very well.  My BP was normal.  Well it was 119 over 70.  So as I continue to lose weight and exercise more, this will continue to drop.  He told me what signs to look for and if I begin to get dizzy he said when I go to get up - to drink water.  He said when it starts to do this continually to come see him and he will take the water part out of my pill and then step down to half a pill and so forth as needed.  So this is good.  I have a step down plan. 

He told me "good job".  I am down 12 lbs since last visit which really is probably 14. I think each of my shoes weigh a lb and last time I was barefoot.  I had on my heavy soled black sandals.  But regardless - it's so much better than what it was a year ago!   And I keep getting better as my lifestyle continues to improve.  And I just recently faithfully began using the Heart Booster in my shakes which has plant sterols in it scientifically proven to lower cholesterol.  I asked for sugar levels and cholesterol and he said he could send me to the lab for that and was pleased that I was wanting to see it.  So those results will come later.  

But I was very happy and quite the good feeling as opposed to what I usually feel after leaving.  I usually leave feeling like a failure, feeling doomed, and feeling my life just got shorter, wondering if I'll live to see grandkids.  Now I have hope with this system.  It's taking me in the right direction.  I don't ever want to be without it.  I can still cheat from time to time and the system is forgiving and will get you back on track.  I do think I'm going to have to drop the whey thins on cleanse day though.  If I can get through without them it'll be better.  

Then I had to drive in the rain to work.  There was one part that was raining so hard I almost hydroplaned.  But I made it.  Briley Parkway was a river almost as so much rain was coming down at once.

Anyway, the week is going by fast! 

Talked to Katy on the way home.  And we are all excited over our Texas trip.   

Then I got on Amazon and have picked out a table for the business and guess what - it's a white camping table as well and folds up thinly.  I've seen them on the RV shows.  So it will be a dual thing! For business and work. Thinking about the future.  I've a white board in my cart as well and I need to pick the easel stand thing for it to sit on.  And I have some "fat" in there.  A lb of fat to sit on the table. That thing is a $34 piece of fat - but I love it b/c it's a good conversation piece for me and I will dive into talking about the cleanse feature of our system.   I'm ordering some index card rings for my cheat cards - which is going to be a crutch for me. Not every one needs that but I do.  And some colored business cards to break up the subject.  So I'm not through with my order.  But I've found some good prices and using my earnings to buy it with.  I'm just floored at the generous comp plan!  

And I did the team zoom call last night at 8.  It worked out where I could.  I enjoy being on there and keeping up.  And last night it worked out.  

Well, I want to see if I can get my order placed really quick before some of the things are gone.  I would be upset if they were out of stock on these very specific things.  
Then I can cross this off my list. 

Ya'll take care.  


  1. How great you can now see proof positive that your new lifestyle is working ! We too had rain yesterday and more coming today, but I didn't have to drive in it like you did. I was traveling to see one of my sons a few years ago and my car did hydroplane. It's the weirdest feeling but thankfully I got through it safely. It was really scary though as there was road construction and I had those big cement barriers on either side of me. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. glad you didn't hydroplane in the rain. exciting for your texas trip. congratulations on the good doctor report.


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