Monday, October 8, 2018

Gun Show, Great Weekend, Busy but Fun Week Ahead

Yesterday George and I went to church and then went to the gun show at the Wilson County fairgrounds.  

I offered to go with him b/c he'd have had to come home and drop me off and go back to Lebanon.  I knew it wouldn't hurt me to go.  I'd never been to a gun show and had very little interest in it.  My family never had many guns.  What few there they had were hidden very well and not talked about.  I never knew until later they were even there.  We just didn't need guns back then.  So not being around them, they tend to scare me.  I know they can be very dangerous and so many accidents have happened tragically with them that you hear about.  So it's just been something to be afraid of to me.  

George on the other hand, grew up shooting out on the farm.  Not at animals but at Targets.  He's not a hunter.  But he does have guns.  He likes them and he was deciding yesterday b/w a gun and a guitar he wants that he may buy next spring. 

I enjoyed looking at this.  Very interesting. 

Above picture partially explained. 

I was hungry for a salad.  So we stopped at Panera.  And was supposed to get 1/2 sandwich with the pick 2 but a whole one came out.  I ate it all as it was whole grain, but you know the salad would have been good by itself.  It's ok.  I didn't snack or anything til dinner and it held me a long time.  Dinner was late.  And it was pot pie made by George from the ham we had leftover.  He froze it and it was really good. There is another one also.  It was mostly veggies. 

Here is the salad.  It had no dressing which I discovered as I was eating it. I guess I didn't order it and they didn't ask so didn't think about it.  Didn't need it anyway.  

Once we were home, I worked on more laundry (reboot), folded, ironed 2 pair of black pants for the work week, cleaned kitchen a bit, and then started on my big huge stack of CD's to download songs before George trades them at McKay's.  I think it included: KISS, Jack Johnson, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Kenny G and a few others.  I did not get through.  I still have 1 Jack Johnson to go through and Billy Ray Cyrus.

I did NOT get my receipts done as the music downloads took precedence over the receipts as George needed the CD's back ASAP.

We watched YouTube on the Big A$$ TV:  Gone with the Wynn's and KYD - Keep Your Daydream and Traveling Robert.  George is not enthralled with my shows.  He ends up reading.  lol  I have added Traveling Robert to the line up b/c his travels are interesting.  He really gives you a good feel for the places he goes.  They all do a good job in their own way and I wouldn't change a thing out of any of them.  I adore them all and can't wait to see the next week's show from each.  KYD (Keep your Daydream) has been in Alaska.  And that has been fun to see.

Well our week is a busy one.  Today is cleanse day.  Today and Tomorrow are free nights.  Wednesday, I'm going to a Salt Cave thing with my neighbor, Christy, which I'm anxious to see how that works.  Also Thursday night is mani/pedi and also store.  I'm off on Friday.  The party is Saturday.

Anyway, I am going to get off of here and see if I can get an early start.  Work is pitiful.  Just not enough manpower to go around to meet all the growing needs and demands.  So everyone will have to put on their patients pants b/c I can only do many things in one day and after the day is done - it flows over into the next, the next, and the next.  I try to prioritize but the problem is when it's all important something still has to wait.  And it shall.

Anyway, it was a great weekend.  Enjoyed what home time we had.  Ya'll have a great week!

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  1. It's always a good feeling to start of the week after having a great weekend. You can only do what you can do so you might as well enjoy what you can do. No sense in worrying about what isn't done. Everything has it's time and what doesn't get done will wait. I'm thinking no one is going to take that stack away from you and do it! Ha ! Have a great Monday and enjoy it !


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