Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone.  Hope your day today is safe and happy!  I'm dressing up and we are having a goody day at work.  Should be a fun day. 

Happy to say that I am a lot better.  Prayers being answered.  Nothing is yet perfected but we are getting there I think.  Still deciding about cleanse day tomorrow or if I should hold off til next week on that too.

So I had a hair appointment yesterday and had to be there at 5.  I didn't get home until 7:45 ish.  So it took a while to get color and cut.  And I'm more blonde!  ;-) 

So I need to get off of here early today to get dressed.  I have a lot to get ready and pack in the car.  And have to do eerie hair and make up today.  Also George and I have plans tonight so at some point will have to redo my face and hair.  lol I'm not staying in costume for dinner and shopping. And most likely will come out of the wig pretty early b/c I am not sure I can work in the thing.  lol

Well, ya'll have a good one.  What are you doing for Halloween today?


  1. Happy Halloween! Sounds like a really fun day for you. As for cleansing, I'd say you've had enough of that naturally. Enjoy all the festivities! Hope you share your picture ! I'm having dinner with some of my children and their families and enjoy their trick or treat night!

  2. I am disappointed you didn't show us a pic in your HALLOWEEN costume,
    A day later will not be to late. ;)
    Rita in TN

  3. the blonder hair sounds nice. it'll be a welcome change, i'm sure.

  4. IT was fun seeing some of your spooky faces on Facebook...I have never heard of offices doing anything like that over here, Slowly I have to admit Halloween is getting more commercialised over here. I even saw happy Halloween cards...sitting next to Christmas cards in the card shop...I just smiled and shook my head, it's just another way to get us to spend the money we don't have in the first place !!
    Night night. God. Bless. Xxx


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