Saturday, October 20, 2018

It was a Good Friday!

I'm so happy it's the weekend I could get on my perch and crow on about it!  ;-) 

Yesterday went pretty fast.  However, after lunch I realized that my "situation" is not as good as I thought.  Tummy issues persist.  Was better Thursday and not so good yesterday.  So I am not sure what is going on.  At least I don't "feel" bad - not like I did on Wednesday.  I am remembering that earlier in the week or was it last week that I did have some pain in my neck/glands and then last night I had pain in my left gland that woke me up.  They do not appear to be swollen though.  So I think perhaps it is a virus of some sort.  And as long as I can function and no other symptoms I'll wait and let it take its course.  Hopefully it will get better soon.  It is annoying though because every few minutes I'm headed off to the ladies room! :-O  

Having watched Contagion the other night all sorts of things run through your mind.  lol  
And I am remembering that I got the flu shot long ago and wondering if there is some sort of reaction going on from that. And I am remembering that in times past the government had issued vaccines at one time that caused nerve damage.  Was it for polio or the plague?  I am not sure.  Anyway all kinds of things run through your mind but I'm ready for things to be normal.  

At lunch I had 10 minutes left and also had 10 min left on my audio book on my Libby app.  The story was intense and I was in to it and the feed just stopped.  ..........What??????  You have to be kidding me!!!!!  So I had to delete and redownload.  And then on the way home I was able to listen to it.  Something happened to the streaming at the very end the first time.  So aggravating.  It's like someone is playing a joke on you.  To cut off the end.  Anyway, downloaded again it worked.  So I really liked the Libby app and so glad Donna told me about it because it will work in my car via bluetooth just fine (well except for that one blip but I was able to fix it).

I had dinner with a friend from work yesterday and it fun to be able to talk and laugh without disturbing people in cubicles all around us.  I can't hardly be around this person without us both breaking out into laughter.  And at work, when it is like a library or a study hall, I feel like we are going to get in such trouble laughing.  lol  Very few people can make me laugh and I can make very few people laugh and so we always have the liveliest conversations and it is so much fun.  It's been hard to laugh at times as I get so serious about life.  So we went to Chuy's and had some "Margs" (margaritas) - don't worry they were mostly ice, hardly any alcohol.  I felt nothing.  But it was good what little there was.  

I rarely go out with friends without George but George was nice to let me go.  He will be on a business dinner for two nights next week.  I am hoping to work my Isagaenix business while he is gone.  I text him while I'm out and when I'm coming home and he hears all about it.  I texted Katy too while there and she was showing me pics of the flooded areas around them and they had a herd of wild pigs in their front yard.  Wow.  

Then that was when I got to finish the book - going home!  I am going to have to catch up on my Isagenix business podcasts though for a while.  Plus a few of The Boat Galley and then I'll probably alternate between "Believe" (the book study our church has been doing) and Candice Bure's new book.  

So it's Saturday and we have a lot going on today.  More on that tomorrow!  I gotta go get my shower.  The coffee was good this morning.  I slept 9 hours!  

Ya'll have a good day.  More tomorrow! 

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  1. I hope that great night of sleep did some good and you are much better ! It is good to have laughter in our lives. You are blessed to have o friend to laugh with. I don't think we do it often enough, but they say it is the best medicine! Having a good book is a blessing too. I love to read but haven't done much of the way of listening to them. Years ago I did a few on tapes from the library, but I really just love to hold a book in my hand and read. In your case with the drive to and from work, it's a great idea though. You have a good day too !


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