Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Meat Treat Time

The train of dogs made me laugh while going to bed last night.  

George is popular at this time of night.  They follow him everywhere so he does not forget!

They watch him brush his teeth, take his vitamins, and get ready for bed and they follow him down the hallway.  

There is no way he could read a book without first taking care of his babies, other wise they would just sit and stare and Maisy would start barking, so he goes ahead and gives them what they want. 

Their excitement builds as the fridge is open, tails wag, happy moaning noises arise! 

And finally the time has come for "Meat Treat"!  lol  (All so Tugie gets a pill wrapped in sandwich meat- but the others get their piece of meat too to be fair). 

Never mind George's glorious attire of polo shirt and gym shorts which is akin to wearing business socks and shoes on a beach, lol.  And never mind my blue linoleum (my ocean).  This man is lucky I've not yet demanded that change.  Soon though, very soon.  ;-)  If we continue to live here, the blue has to go. 

Anyway, not much time today as I overslept.  Busy day yesterday.  Odd times, but what can one say.  I have way too much going on to worry about things that I don't own.  Everyone else has to own their own inefficiencies.  lol 

Anyway, ordered my Christian Planner this morning and that took some time.  See what you think.  Link below.  If you sign up for their email and free PDF's you get a 10% off coupon code. 

And gotta go.  Plans tonight too and more on that tomorrow.  Looking forward to my shake though!  Cleanse day went well, but I'm looking forward to the shake!  

Much done last night at home too - as the list is done, more pours on.  Busy times.   Ya'll have a great day.  I'm about 15 minutes behind this morning. Yikes!  Catch up time.


  1. How cute to start the day with pictures of your sweet pups. George is definitely a popular person! I like that planner very much! Looks like a very good fit for you! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. how sweet the pups await their snack from george. they make sure he doesn't forget, don't they? your new planner sounds nice.

  3. Just wrote a long message and its disappeared. So as I'm tired this will be short...sorry I've been missing I have been very busy....I'm so pleased that all went so well with your stall and you got lots of interest. Just hope that they will think and join you. You are such a WONDERFUL example remember to show your before and now picture.....I hope you can soon see your dreams come through...I want to go travelling with you All over the states !! Take care I must have a wee nod off before Mary comes over. I have been up since 5.30 so that I could chat with my other friend in California but she has now I

  4. your pups are so sweet and cute waiting for their snack before bed. I like a snack before bed too. Funny how much like kids our pets are.


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