Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mission BBQ, Some Scary Halloween Treats, and other ISSUES!

Had a nice brisket meal yesterday at Mission BBQ at Opry Mills Mall at lunch with (gasp) mac and cheese and green beans.  I did the mac n cheese from a comfort standpoint.  Normally I have backed off of that kind of eating.  I am still with tummy issues.  And finally went to over counter for help -with the help of my pharmacist who says that at this long I should see a doctor.  But I will do over the counter for the weekend and if no improvement will see my doc on Monday. 

  I have no other symptoms but just "issues" lol.  I feel like it is a system imbalance or bacteria I've come in contact with in something I've eaten, but I have bought a probiotic and Align to stop the "issues".  I'm ready for normal life I tell you!  And couldn't do without my "Hydrate" drink with Isagenix to help keep me with the nutrients I'm losing.

 Mission BBQ was great, And we stood up at Noon and hand on heart, face the flag while the National Anthem was sung.

I saw this on instagram yesterday.  A Mom on there that I follow took a stick, marshmellows, and melted caramel and made some ear wax sticks for Halloween.  lol 

I went to the store after work and got a few things I needed.  And I was getting dehydrated b/c I'd had more caffeine than water, and had not had my Hydrate yesterday.  I felt bad when I got home going into dehydration (tired/cold)  - drank some water and some hydrate and a glass of wine (which was not helpful in that respect but thought it might help the tummy). 

Instead of getting start on any "to do" lists, I sat on the sofa and Tugie came to my lap and hopped on -and never does this.  She was shivering so George got her a blanket and we snuggled for a bit and Roger wanted on my right and Maisy on my left.  It was nice. 

I had been craving steak and George had wanted to satisfy me and was preparing steak.  I was still full from the brisket and with the issues was not sure how that would be.  I could not eat all - only like a 1/4 of it, and we had baked potato which I at all of, and Stauffer's creamed spinach.  And a salad. 

Maisy girl was ready for me to go to bed.  Bed felt good.  Sleep was good.  I woke up at 1:30 and was awake but I had my Sleep Spray so 3 squirts under the tongue and I was back to sleep and slept til 6.   

We have a few plans this morning and I'll share those plans with you tomorrow.

Please pray for my gut issues.  :-O  I really need some relief.  I've not ever had anything like this.  Usually the opposite issues.  

I just want to be able to enjoy life!  

Ya'll take care and have a good Saturday. 


  1. Will definitely pray for you. Dealing with that for such a long time is not good. You should see your doctor next week if you are not better. Hope you feel better and can enjoy your weekend.

  2. the pups look nice and cozy sitting with you. hope your tummy issues disappear soon.

  3. Sleep Spray? I have never heard of this - tell me more! Those ear wax sticks are hysterical! So Halloween. And your sweet puppies - I love them - so dear to take care of you and you of them. This is my first visit to your blog - glad I happened by...hope you might come over an visit Cottage Cozy sometime. I am looking forward to following your posts my new friend. And yes - just said a little prayer for your "issues". Best of luck with that.


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