Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mom's Test with Good Results and Green/Gold Car Stalking the House

Mr. Roger cracked me up yesterday.  He was all stretched out on the sofa like he owned it.  And of course he does! 

A different angle and with the pic lightened a bit.  Always that tongue out when he is sleeping and relaxed.  Bless him!

Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts for Mom.  The prayers were answered and her heart valve was working as it should.  So the reading of her Echo - one has to question.  That is a huge expense on the insurance and in the taxing of one's life to put them through it.  Heck the trip thru Nashville alone, for Mom, is a heart attack in the making as the traffic makes her nervous even as a passenger.  Her BP was so high b/w that and her test.  So to put her through this was just unnecessary.  And I'm not sure what went wrong with her original reading of her heart echo in Dickson TN but I'm glad that she is ok and her heart valve working correctly.  I know that there is a reason now that her Doctor did not want her to go to Dickson for it, as he has mentioned they get better results in Nashville.  But Mom detests Nashville.   But they put her to sleep, ran the scope down and saw it was all ok.  

So afterwards we went downstairs so Mom could eat.  I had a shake earlier but decided that eggs and bacon would be good for a brunch/lunch.  I had the bacon but the eggs were powdered and fake and I just refused to put it in my body. 

Then began the trip home. And was so happy to be home and have a day before me.   I thought I'd be tied up all day.  But since I took a vacation day, I was able to go home.  I started some laundry and took some tubs downstairs.    I realized that I didn't feel too good though, my stomach had been cramping and carrying on all morning.  My issues are better but yesterday there was some kind of battle going on.  And I had not gotten enough sleep the night before so I tossed the dogs up in bed after taking them out and we all slept for about an hour and a half.  I woke up and read a couple of chapters in bed, in my Candy Spelling biography.  Because I could!

The devil always tries to steal your day of course when things are going well.  I am sad to say that he succeeded yesterday.   I was so happy to be home and was about to set into cleaning some and working some on the business and catching up with shows and doing some reading.  And would have seen how much I could get done.  But then as I was opening the windows and looking outside, I saw a green/gold/yellow car about the size of a Honda Civic - not a new car but not too awfully old either - go by and slow down in front of the house, looked really hard and then sped up and went to the end of the street.  I thought that was weird.  Then as I was staring out the window in thought about how odd that was, they turned around again and slowed down in the front of the house and looked really hard at our house - like they were trying to see if anyone was home and then they went normal speed and left the neighborhood.  This troubled me so much.  It was a FACT they were looking at our house specifically.  It was a women with short hair - either a bob or butch like - and looked like it was light brown or blonde hair.  So it really troubled me.  Why would someone be looking at our house like that - it's not like we had a for sale sign in the yard.  Was someone wanting to see if we were home so they could steal something?  Was work checking up on me?  No why would they do that when it's my vacation day.  Was George sending someone to check up on me to see if I was really home?  He does have a friend that lives here that looks like that. I'll have to see what kind of vehicle she drives. lol  That would be a bizarre and disturbing one though. Maybe someone has a crush on George and wanting to see where we live.  Or someone follows the blog and spying on us. I'm just listing all the reasons I could think of that someone would be driving by our house and so obviously rubber necking to see if someone is home.  There is nothing so grandiose about our house they would be looking at - like cool door or porch decor - all old and fading and just nothing that would attract attention like that.  So odd.  

So this bothered me all afternoon.  I will be on the lookout for this car.  I WILL get to the bottom of it.  All I did was list all the possibilities.  None of which is a good thing I decided.  It even woke me up at night, worried that someone is wanting to break in, or following one of us for no apparent good. This is going to bother me for some time.  I WILL spot that car again (easy one to spot) and I WILL get to the bottom of it.  I'm determined like that.  It's so odd that such things like a strange earring in the dryer, or a strange rubbernecking car - can ruin your day.  Just the inquisition of it all. The wanting to know right now why someone is so curiously looking at your house like that so much so they have to come back around and look again.  Such a creepy odd feeling it left.  

So I was not in the mood to do much after that.  My mind could not focus.  I didn't want to do laundry.  Didn't want to clean anymore.  Didn't really want to focus on Isagenix.  But I made myself print business receipts for our taxes, and watched the Comp plan to learn it.  I think I'm about to get it. At least the base.  Enough to be able to explain it I think. I do need to practice.  

Anyway, kind of a weird odd day.  I wish I could say I enjoyed the rest of my vacay day.  I did the best I could, but it kinda sent me into a depressed state and a bit worried about what the heck that was about.  I am however, very glad that Mom is ok.  I just don't want creepy people coming to seek out our house.  


  1. Thank the good Lord for answered prayers. I'm so happy all turned out to be ok. I but your mom was one happy gal too! Very strange about the car,definitely would make one wonder. It was good you were home to see it. It's always good to be aware of what is going around around you. Will say a prayer of protection and hope that no one is looking to rob you. We never know in today's world what could happen. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday free of all things creepy!

  2. Glad your mother heart valve was working like it should. I have cars doing this all the time, but haven't thought much about it. I think most times they are checking for house numbers. I hope that is it. Lol.

  3. That was very strange Sonya but why think of it as sinister ? It was broad daylight, you could have gone outside and shouted out. Hi ? What you want at same time trying to get the car registration or at least part of it....anyway if I were casing a house surely I would be doing it at night ?...however I do think it's a good idea to get a camera thing as has been suggested on Facebook by some friends. I know there are some families over here who have had one installed and we live in the quietest village imaginable !!!........I'm so glad Mum's ok but like you I would be very cross that she had to go to Nashville for the testing to be done.....Well that's Wednesday almost over for you so it's all down hill now...roll on Saturday. XXXX. Night night. God bless. Xxx


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