Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October, New Month, New Plans and Visions become Clearer

Wow, so we flipped the calendar yesterday, October it is.  Doesn't feel like October.  But we are getting into my favorite part of the year.  

This week's schedule is pretty light.  I have needed light lately.  

I was surprised yesterday to get a notice that I have been paid yet again.  Oh my gosh.  The money keeps flowing in and I've only shared with a few people.  I'm a little confused as to where it is coming from.  My next goal is to learn the comp plan and what it is doing.  So that I can share with my team how they can do the same.  I've watched the comp plan over and over again and I get lost pretty quickly in the math of it all.  Mainly b/c there are multiple payouts for various milestones.  You get so much for selling certain paks to one person.  If you do two in one week that amount doubles.  You have rank advancement bonuses.  And you have cycle bonuses at various BV (business volume amounts).  I have been selling to a few customers and have apparently hit all of the first level and have received payouts weekly including bonus prizes.  All very exciting.  It's been fun learning.  So my goal is to learn it at every level.  Once I learn the comp plan I will be over a hump and I know that this is going to explode from there.  

My vision is still on.  So my goals now are to: 

Business set up:  

___Buy a white board with my earnings so I can draw and practice the comp plan and use it for meetings when sharing with others. 
___Buy a tub to put all my boxes in (empty product boxes for display)
___Buy a product table
___Buy an Isagenix Banner for the table.
___Buy "fat" for the table (replica)
___Set up my Index Card Ring of (Cheat notes)
___Set up my phone to house all the links I need for when I'm on the go - so I can discontinue using the Isatool app - I think it's not a needed expense.  I'm not using it too much. 

I do need to take some time to: 

___Print out any receipts so far in the year for George from my back office.  George and I decided that each month I should close out with a bit of time spent in printing out receipts/costs and recording income - just like you do in a real business so we can determine the taxes and such at year end.  We'll be able to itemize this year.  I think we will be using a professional as well with Granny's estate and now my business.  It's a little more complicated.  But we agree I should close out the month like any other business.  
___Figure out my schedule daily/weekly to something that is doable for me where I can be consistent.  
____Put my goals in writing for reaching various levels.  I have not done that yet b/c I didn't understand exactly what it all would entail.

Then I'm going to be ready to begin the marketing and outreach part of it as I take things beyond just friends and family but start meeting new people.  The tracks are laid.  I just have to follow them.  And chew on things a piece at a time and as I'm ready for them. 
___Create my avatar (this is for me) as to the person I'm looking for to do the business with - what is their personality, what do they look like, act like, want in life, their calling in life, and so forth - it's very specific to WHO you will be marketing for.  Then you take it to social media - usually Instagram.  

Some folks can do this w/o much planning, but for me and my mind - I have to feel confident so it takes me a while to absorb it and learn before I can talk to people.   Once I feel prepared in something there is no stopping me.  

I've had to have a little time away from it - just like anything else to clear my mind, get grounded, and see the big picture.  I have to remember to take time for myself or I will do the work aholic thing.  I've been known to do that and have had to make sure I keep the balance.  

So anyway it's moving along ever so slowly but by enrolling a few people the extra income began rolling in and that has been exciting.  I'm investing back into the business for now.  It's tempting to order that Apple Watch but I think I'll wait for Christmas.  

Then there is the continuing of my own physical goals.  So I will keep at that.  I want to get to a certain size.  Want to begin my Yoga.  Want to do the weights.  Want to walk more.  Continuing to eat better.  And so forth.  As that improves it's going to be easier for people to believe me how good this system really is.  I can tell people how much better I feel, how I get more sleep at night, and less brain fog - but sometimes they need to see it for themselves.  While it's taken me down to a goal of losing 25 lbs, I want to lose more.  People see that but it's hard to see until you look at the other pics.  

Anyway, still very excited about this company and this business.  And ready to go in for another "wave" of working it.  I'm seeing that I am working better in waves than a constant pressuring of myself.  I lose my enthusiasm when I'm pushing myself.  So all is well and time for a refocus of sorts.  

If I'm clear what my goals are I'll be able to insert some of them in my spare time over the next few months during our busiest time of the year. 
 I can tell you it's very motivating when the $ starts rolling into my IsaWallet account.  ;-)

So it occurred to me that I could actually - once I get the comp plan down - figure out just exactly what my goals would be to get me to 100,000 in earnings for the RV.  Then I could actually set a date for getting it.  Folks if this plan goes down in writing - it will be met.  Anything I've put in writing has already been done in each part of the way.  It's just a matter of figuring out where you are going and how to get there.  And breaking it into little steps and then making forward movement to the goal.  

So which comes first the chicken or the egg?  The RV or early retirement? lol lol lol This is going to be fun, the putting it in writing - the date on the paper - and the actions to get there in a realistic time frame.  George says when I'm making 30,000 a year w/Isagenix, I can retire - he since - seeing what I can do and seeing my determination - changed it to 40,000 lol.  He knows I'll do it I think.  Maybe he just wonders.  But it's totally doable.  I'm kinda thinking it's important for me to get the RV first and we can do long weekend test camps and go from there.  I fully intend on doing the Patreon thing and developing a YouTube Vlog show - both for information and for fun - similar to this blog but with less venting.  lol  This will hopefully develop to where we can earn some extra income for travels! I plan on starting it right away from the very moment of picking out our RV - maybe even at the start of our attending RV shows - which starts in January.   Maybe I will start a new blog and vlog as I go forth from January.  I will give it some thought as to when.  The journey really is starting next year.  It really started this year when I realized this could really happen.  I realize if I do what I've done already about 75 more times - we'll be there.  Maybe even less b/c people under you duplicate your efforts.  Our dreams are not that far away.  I am realizing that now.

I also began listening to this.  It was a text experiment - yes borrowing an audiobook from the library was a test.  Since I got it I need to read/listen to it.  It's enticing already.  Can't wait to get back to it.  Then I have Believe to listen to and I also need to listen to some business ones.  Life is so short.  I have too many things about life I like to do, to many hobbies.  And yet I'm just itching to get started on the next one - then I can do my reading from the campground, or the RV or the road getting there.  lol  

Yep, this one's gonna be good!  

Ya'll have a good day.  I'm going in late today as I have a doc appointment.  I am hoping to get bloodwork done to test my sugar and my cholesterol to see if it's improving.  And have a couple of other things to discuss with him as well.  

My cleanse went well.  Had a quiet evening, watched Keep Your Day Dream, and continued my cleaning out of my phone's photos and videos.  It's taking forever.  I like to keep certain ones on there.  I also have business ones on there.  I started keeping files.  I've made it complicated.  lol 
But I can usually find what I'm looking for now.  But I've used a lot of space.  

Also wanting to download about $50 worth of itunes.  I think I'll ask for itunes cards for Christmas.  

Well, I better go!  It was fun getting to blog longer without feeling rushed.  

Have a good one!


  1. Hope all goes well with the doc appointment and you get to see just how all your work and effort makes a difference for you. I have heard that book is a good one. I've not read it but it was recommended by a good friend. More than iTunes, I prefer Amazon gift cards so I can buy more books to read. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I'm excited for your vlog on Youtube! I don't have any doubt that when you put your mind to something and put it in writing, you WILL achieve it!

  3. I'm happy to say that today I was able to get straight to this blog from the other...first time in what seems weeks. If it goes right once I have read the private blog I just click to get straight to Southernfried. .....rather than having to type it all in every time...anyway just so pleased to read that all is going so well with the ...business...it dosnt make me so guilty at not being able to help you by ordering the stuff to get you started. It's amazing how much you seem to be making...lets hope that it continues...but as you yourself has thought just be careful and don't become a workaholic ....money is not everything in this world...or the next !!.....but as long as you and George are comfortable that's all good....take care love. Hope doggies are all doing good and dear old Tugie is not any worse.....bye for now Wednesday afternoon here...think it must be morning with you...hope you have a good day ahead. Nxxxx

  4. it's exciting to see how your plans are starting to unfold. good luck.


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