Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pretty Day and Busy Days Ahead

It was a beautiful day yesterday, full of sun at times, cloudy at times, a bit of a breeze at times and blustery at times.  I enjoyed knowing the day was just outside my window.  I love being able to see the weather outside my window at work. 

I ate my lunch quickly yesterday so I could do a walk around our complex and get some exercise in. 
I shot a couple of videos.  They are very short.

So at home George fixed a good dinner of stuffed chicken with brie and apple and spinach and hominy, and biscuits.  The biscuits were homemade from Houston's and tasted like Mam-ma's biscuits.  Heck, they might have even been better than Mam-ma's and that is hard to beat. 

Not supposed to have white flour - but I ate them since it's a rare thing.  The cleanse day did well.  My tummy is flatter and the reset worked from our recent Anniversarying days. 

I joined our team's Zoom call last night and let's see - I think it is 4 people up from me - it could be 5 - but not far up is our team's 1st millionaire.  She has made a million with our system and she has shown us how to do it.  She has laid the tracks.  I got tickled as she said "Be sure to get you a white board".  She has like 5! lol  She has a whole wall of them.  So I guess at some point - I'll be needing more.  Someday I will obviously be turning something into an office! I'm going to grow out of my little corner! ;-)  I like my little corner though.  George needs a studio and I need an office and we need less of a lawn! lol

I created my list over the weekend, not sure I mentioned it, of the things to do daily and consistently to get to the end goal.  So this will help me to keep focused in the short pockets of time that I have.  Mainly just connecting with others.  And starting from there.  I look up and see the Thor Motor Coach and smile. 

Today I have a doc appointment - the annual GYN appointment.  I have to go annually.  I guess you are supposed to anyway but since I had some fibroids removed, and had some issues a while back, they want me for rechecks.  It always throws a kink in my schedule b/c their first appointment is at 9:30 and that was scheduling it six months ago and then rescheduling it.  That late of an appointment is really too late.  But that is ok, as I am remembering my working on vacation day when I was trying to enjoy myself and ended up being stressed and put under pressure unnecessarily. I knew it was going to be all for naught at the time as well. And it was.  What was so rushed could have waited.  And I remember only getting the one bereavement day when we really needed and was due the two.  So no guilt here. Not at all.  Tit for tat. And that's that.

So tonight I'm supposed to go to a Salt Cave with a friend, IF that is still on.  And then tomorrow night I have an appointment with myself for a mani/pedi.  And the grocery after.  Vac Day on Friday setting up for my event on Saturday.  I've had to protect my Friday like a mother bird protecting her babies.  lol  George has tried to book errands for me and plans for me and I've said NO NO NO NO NO.  I Sewanee (southern word for Swear), a clean slate on a calendar is about as tempting to fill up as a horizontal piece of space in our home to George, LOL! 

So our next batch of fish is in from Alaska.  We are trying to figure out when to pick it up.  We have rearranged our weekend like 3 times.  We were going to get it Sunday but now George will get it Saturday after he takes the dogs for trims.  Saturday is our shopping event with 4 of us vendors or MLM's, as we are often called. Sunday we have been invited to the Titan's game!  George was so excited.  So we'll be tailgaiting before hand it sounds like. 

Busy times.  I love our life, but the calendar fills up quickly.  Oh and my camping table came in!  ;-)  It will have a dual role of serving to hold my Isagenix products and then it fold's down small and is a recommended table for travel.  Easy to set up and will slide into storage on the RV.  :-)  I was afraid it wouldn't be in on time for the party and was prepared to use a card table.  But so glad it did!

Well, I need to get ready and head out soon.  Have to get gas.  And get started on the day!  I hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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  1. It's nice to get out and stretch your legs mid day. I used to do that often when I worked. I got a whole hour and made good use of it. When you sit at a desk to work, it feels wonderful. Glad you have a day off Friday to prepare for your event on Saturday. It's good to feel prepared. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday too !


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