Thursday, October 25, 2018

Productive Day

Wish I were off today to get some things done.  The more I do, the more I want to do, lol. 
So yesterday back at work - very very busy with needs and huge lots of emails.  Critical things done first and then on to the less critical.  Was a very busy one though. 

After work came home and had the evening to myself.  George's work group are having their big meeting here in town and then out to dinner after.  And again today.  We are happy he was invited to join them.  

This gave me the time I needed to work on the business.  I was able to connect with some folks and not only do I have a call this evening but also on next Monday evening.  So that is wonderful!  

I have also started my next challenge.  Which is just entering photos and your start weight.  It goes for 16 weeks I think.  Then you post after photos and weight and a short essay of what the system means to you.  You get a t-shirt, and $200 in free product. 

I also worked some on my index card project on a ring - my cheat notes.  lol  
I did a bit of laundry and washed dishes - whatever didn't fit in the dishwasher - so it was a productive night and I slept well. 

So they found a body at Centennial Hospital in the construction zone in Nashville.  I guess we walked right by it yesterday as our parking was right there at it.  Don't know all the details yet, but that is freaky.  

So glad Mom is ok!  Just continue to be thankful that she will not need further surgery.

I am still having issues with my tummy.  I thought it was better but not so much.  So I'm going to have to really get serious about having to fix this or figure out what is going wrong.  So I guess this weekend I'll be getting lots of yogurt, turmeric, and who knows what else.  This is odd - usually have the opposite issues.  lol  

Anyway, I am going to take myself to lunch today as I'm craving salmon!  I'm also craving a steak - which George says we can have soon!  I kinda liked doing Cleanse day Wednesday midweek instead of a Monday. 

Well, this week certainly has moved quickly.  I'm no longer worried about the car.  I was tired from not enough sleep from the night before and just needed rest I think.  We are looking into a better security system though.  So maybe it was someone just looking for an address and on the wrong street. Although our street signs are very clear and prominent.  The person didn't look like an evil person but it was weird how they were definitely checking out the house as if to see if someone home - but maybe they were looking for a street number on our house.  But why? Who knows.  So odd.  Was weird I happened to be looking out the window at the time.  Some day I'll see that car again and will get the license plate.  A very unique car color and if they are from around here it's a matter of time.  

Well, I need to get going.  I'll have to leave work a bit early today as I just learned I have dog duty but I have to be done with that by 6 as I have a call.  I wish I'd made it 6:30 but I didn't know I'd have dog duty.  So I'll head in a bit early today and he can do dog duty this morning since he is going in later.  

George just gave me some Probiotics to take.  They are expired.  But will take them anyway as it's what I have.  He said it won't hurt me.  I am just not sure if something I ate at the Titan's game did it.  Or did I pick up a bug at the game?  I don't feel sick at all but I'm ready for life to be normal if you know what I mean. lol 

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. Glad you had a good day getting lots done. That is always a good feeling. Hope you do start feeling better soon. Take care and have a great day!

  2. I hope the day went quickly and the ...issues....are getting less. If not a visit to the Dr is the order I think take care. God. Bless xx


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