Monday, October 15, 2018

Rainy Day with Good Friends at the Titans Game

We went to the Titan's game with our friends.  Was so grateful to be invited and hang out with them.  Was sad to see their business that had burned - I think back in August or September.  Just very sad.  One side of the business remained.  We met on the property since it is close to downtown and rode their Titan van to the stadium.  

They had tents so we partially remained dry except for cracks in between.  I was actually thankful for the plastic storage bag to put my phone in (due to security).   George and Jack - oh my gosh.  They love spoofing on my pics, acting all "merry and gay".  lol  So back at ya dudes - you made the blog all merry and gay.  lol  It needed some cheer, eh?

The helmut came by and gave us some gifts and took some pics. 

Across the way we could see Jesus.  Was disappointed to find he was a Ravens fan.  lol

He may have been talking to the devil there, not sure.  I hope God has a sense of humor as I'm not trying to make fun of the spirit or the gospel or anything.  But it did look like Jesus! 

As the tents came down toward game time, so did the water it accumulated.  One had to laugh.  I wasn't sure how these tents worked so I stuck with folding up chairs. 

Here is Jack and Kim and George and me.  We should have posed in front of the stadium.  lol  We were about to head into the stadium. 

George only packed me one of my light beers (so glad he thought of me)  - he did pack some wine, but I didn't really want wine.  I did get a pineapple vodka drink b/c I was curious.  It was very sweet and I had to let the ice melt.  I don't drink sweet drinks.  It was good after the ice melted some.  

Always showing out for t he cam.  Pretty sure any make up I had on and any hair product was gone at that point.  I'd been soaked from head to toe.

These folks got engaged on the field and well, we realized "hey that is the couple that was seated in front of us".  lol

Our seats were under the overhang at the stadium so we were dryer in the stadium than at the tail party.  After the game instead of hanging out for a while, we just hopped on in and came back.   I took a pic of Nashville, looking out the back.  

And in the car on our way to Mount Juliet, the rain began again.  I snapped a pic of Nashville as we were leaving.

Nice night.  Just kinda wanted to be quiet when we got home.  I watched Keep Your Daydream and Traveling Robert.  And then finally went to bed.  

It was raining very heavy this morning.  But the dogs went out fine.  Tugie didn't want to but if I go out with them, they will go (darn it).  I will have to take them again here soon. 

So my foot is fine now.  No problems really.  I little funny walk at times when shoes are off on bare floor but felt great in my tennis shoes yesterday.  I think we'll be good on that issue.  However, I have a muscle or gland or something in my neck that is really sore.  I have concluded it is most likely a muscle.  But it is right where my gland is and is sore.  Gland is not swollen but I believe I've pulled a muscle and the nerves are just showing up in that area hurting.  When I move my neck and shoulders around it hurts so I think when trying to get a jar open Friday night and moving stuff around and lifting stuff on Saturday may have done something.  It has been slightly sore all weekend but still sore this morning so a little concerning.  I got better during the day yesterday.  I'll keep watch on it and pray over it.  So hopefully no issues.  It could also be something sinus related in b/w my throat and ear.  I just don't know but want it to go away.

I've not had time to make any lists for this week.  But they keep rolling around in my head.  I didn't want to think about lists yesterday but I will be making them today as I think of them as I'll already have pen and paper nearby.  I don't like making lists on my phone b/c there are too many other apps that call my attention and I never make it over to the to do app, lol.  But there is plenty to do and try and work out.  

Also was quite surprised that while I slept last night, I cycled again.  I love this getting paid while I sleep and getting paid on Monday's.  I realize that if I do what I have done 30 or 40 more times - I will be able to retire early and a few more times beyond that can buy the RV.  Which will come first the chicken or the egg?  Well really it's having people under you too, building your team and duplicating your efforts.  I love MLM.  It's amazing.  When you have a consumable product that is helping people solve first their health and wellness issues by putting natural and nutritious food in the bodies and clearing out the toxins, and then helping them to be financial free thus helping yourself too?  How sweet is that. 

Well, a lot of work on the front end though but really not that bad.  I mean we talk about movies we want to see, restaurants to go to - we market that all the time and don't get paid for it.  I market this and do!  That is it.  I'm excited for my goals to be met, but it is touching when you watch other people on the system and it changes their lives in so many ways - not just weight loss, but how they view themselves and others, and a positive spirit and lots of energy and they learn to value themselves. 

And I am going to get off so I can finish getting ready for work.  Going to listen to the Girl on the Train.  I had to renew it.  I have spent a lot of my road time on the phone and haven't been able to listen.  Anyway, off of here.  It's cleanse day today.  I've indulged a bit due to two parties this weekend.  I could have been worse but wasn't perfect by any means.  

Gotta go!


  1. It looks like you had a fun and relaxing Sunday ! Hope the week ahead is a great one for you ! Happy Monday!

  2. looks like the titan tailgating was fun. cool about the engaged couple sitting in front of you.


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