Sunday, October 14, 2018

Recovering from Two Days on my Feet!

Tugie and me relaxing after two days of being on my feet!

Well, sadly, I did a live Facebook feed and was thinking I didn't need pics, as I had captured the scene yesterday but I totally forgot to take regular photos for the blog.  Everything happened so fast and then it was over.   

I'm so excited there was a lot of interest in our booth.  No sales yesterday but at least we are educating people so they know they have an option.  I've heard sometimes it takes people a year or so of watching and waiting before they finally commit.  It is a big step to take to change your life.  For me it was the doctor's news on my health numbers for the lab reports.  That made the decision for me.  

I bought some LulaRoe again, because my shirts are all too big now.  She was running a sale and so it was great!  I bought several things.   And also bought some jewelry and a scarf from Trades of Hope and Paparazzi jewelry.  We had a great time.  

After the party I crashed in a big way. Having been on feet for two days and then also helping carry supplies in and out, I was hurting literally from head to toe.  Where I dropped the laptop on my foot was hurting.  My back was hurting.  And for some reason my shoulders, neck, and on up into my cranium - hurt.  This morning even when I bend my neck - some muscle hurts all the way up into my temple.  I felt just sick last night too.  I'm sure that is from partaking in some of the rich foods with mayo.  I stayed away from the sugar, as I just don't crave it anymore - but I ate some chicken salad, pimiento and cheese, kettle chips dipped into the dill dip.  It's fun to splurge sometimes.  But I was so exhausted from the whole two days of trying to pull this off.  It was a lot of work and much harder doing one with several vendors.  I had to work on the sun room and get that space cleared out all in one day and that nearly killed me!  lol  I was still working on that most of the morning yesterday.  So by days end I was done.  

George and Dillon and Don hung out for several hours - a long time after the party was over.  They were just getting started with a party of their own.  lol He got home about 8.  

My lower back is still very sore this morning and my muscles are so sore.  It actually feels like a skeletal thing like my actual skeletal frame is just hurting and out of kilter. 

It'll take me several days to recover.  

And then I am thinking about going back to work tomorrow and then I remembered how hard I worked to get ads running, interviews set, drive 1.5 hours to do them, and leaving my desk behind and people waiting on things from me, finally get someone to hire, only for them to be turned down as we "didn't need them", and the 1.5 hour drive back, and the ire and the ice just kinda ran through my veins from the wasted day.  But it's ok. I know what to do now.  And I also know what I am NOT going to do.  ;-) 

On a different note, or is it, lol....if the shoe fits...

Have you ever been part of a $hit$torm, lol? You know when you are in one.  I mean really.  And I don't even curse. 

But today we are going to have some more fun.  I'm not sure my body can endure any more fun we are going to try.  

More on that tomorrow!  


  1. Watched part of your video yesterday. Everything looked really good. A nice job of setting up and presenting each of the products. Glad it was a success as far as getting your information out to possible new customers.

  2. A fun day after working getting ready for your party seems just the thing you need. Hope it is relaxing, what ever you do ! Happy Sunday!

  3. Prayers for your Mother. Sounds like you need a day to just rest. It is hard when one gets older we can't do all we want or use to do without paying for it. I am the same way.

  4. sounds like the perfect sales party. glad you were able to get a few new things.


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